Top 5 Tricentis Tosca Alternatives List to Look For

Tricentis Tosca Alternatives

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It is frustrating enough to pull an all-nighter to write a code or test case. But what if you realize that it has endless errors that need debugging while your go-to software tester is unavailable?

If you need to find Tricentis Tosca alternatives, follow this guide to decide which one to choose from a list of the five best applications we put together.

What is Tricentis Tosca Tool?

Tricentis Tosca is an automation testing tool that supports end-to-end testing for software applications, including test case design, test automation, test data provisioning, and test execution. It is developed by Tricentis with the focus on optimizing and accelerating the complete testing process of any application.

The primary features of Tosca are its AI-based approach toward testing that provides codeless test case creation, intuitive interface, and the ability to scale the tests as and when needed.

Additionally, Tosca can be deployed locally or on the Cloud, making it an ideal testing partner for different scenarios and systems. Its integration capabilities with multiple third-party tools, many of which are popularly used by most of the enterprises, is yet another reason why Tosca is highly sought after by testers.

Why Look for Tosca Alternatives?

While Tosca is a great test automation tool, it might not always fulfill all your testing requirements. 

Despite being codeless, Tosca brings a feature-rich testing approach that can prove to be quite complex for some of the testers who are just beginning. Not to mention that it can be challenging to replicate complex test scenarios using a scriptless approach, if the tool does not provide the ease of handling such situations within its platform. Cost is yet another concern that many small enterprises encounter when settling down on Tosca for their testing partner.

To avoid running into any of these problems, in the present or in the future, it is a wise idea to keep a list of Tosca alternatives handy. It might help you make an informed decision if you ever think of moving on from Tosca to one of its competitors.

5 Best Tosca Alternatives — Which One is for You?

No single software has all features, so it is your responsibility to figure out which of the following will suit your needs most appropriately. We have presented forth an unbiased set of reviews for the top alternatives:

1. Testsigma

Testsigma is a test automation tool that allows simplified continuous testing of code for mobile and web apps, and APIs. It doesn’t require any framework — meaning anybody can do this.

The platform requires minimal setup among other software testing tools. You can run your tests without worrying too much about configuring the algorithm.

Testsigma enables you to develop and execute test scripts in plain English for a more humanized approach to test automation and test maintenance.

Testsigma Vs. Tosca: Which One Is Better and Why?

Although both of these have very similar user ratings, we need to analyze why Testsigma is one of the best among Tricentis Tosca alternatives:

i. Testsigma Is for Everyone

Testsigma is an excellent tool for everyone, from beginners to advanced. Whether a businessman or a coder, you will find it easy to automate your scripts as the smart AI converts the automated testing scripts from manual mode. Meanwhile, Tosca focuses on automation testing and agile testing.

ii. Testsigma Offers Scheduling

Both Tosca and Testsigma offer data import features. However, the latter allows scheduling and makes the best utilization of your time by sending notifications. 

Testsigma is well-known for usability testing and performance testing that increase the quality and refinement of your mobile or desktop applications.

iii. Testsigma Has Bug Tracking Capabilities and Multi-Platform Presence

Another significant distinguishing feature is that Testsigma has a bug tracking system, unlike Tosca. Furthermore, Testsigma is available on Android and iOS devices.

iv. Testsigma Offers Cloud-based Cross-Browser Testing

Testsigma offers cloud-based cross-browser testing of test cases and test suites. It also provides users with mobile testing abilities and the scope to develop refined mobile apps. 

The codeless approach allows quick end-to-end testing of your entire virtual scenario, making it stand out among other Tosca alternatives.

Both tools allow multi-host use and editing across on-cloud devices. These are dedicated to SMEs, start-ups, and individual freelancers.

Testsigma -Best Tosca Alternative

Automate your tests for Web, Mobile, Desktop and APIs on Cloud with Testsigma. No setup required.

2. TestComplete

Developed by SmartBear software, TestComplete is another automated testing tool. This one promises to uphold the quality of your software using AI-based agile testing. Your application can be tested flawlessly by TestComplete regardless of whether it is desktop, mobile or web-based.

TestComplete Vs. Tosca: Which One Should You Choose?

Here are a few rationalizations for one winning over the other:

i. TestComplete Requires Coding, Tosca Doesn’t

A minimum amount of scripting is needed to run TestComplete. But Tosca is codeless, making it a more generalized experience for users hailing from different niches. So, coding knowledge or lack thereof makes a distinction between the two.

ii. TestComplete Has a Better User Interface

Although Tosca is known for its fast output delivery, it might have a relatively shortened flexibility. TestComplete has a flexible UI that enables your somewhat inexperienced team to get the best out of it. 

Moreover, it also allows manual testers to carry out desktop testing and usability testing step by step. 

iii. TestComplete Offers Visual Aid

Output visualization is available in TestComplete, but not in Tosca. In a world where visual learning is a trend and tactic, Tosca can fall behind if image-based parameters are not introduced.

iv. Multi-Platform Presence and Versatile Testing Methods of TestComplete

TestComplete enables you to test via desktop or phone, where you can finish testing automatically without performing test steps. This is found to be a great time-saving and productive tool believed to boost software quality.

You can run tests in both keyword-driven and script-driven methods (TestComplete supports about five languages that you can work on). And we could visualize our test results by screen capturing.

v. TestComplete’s Cross-Browser Testing on a Simple Dashboard

With TestComplete, there is a scope for BDD testing and cross-browser testing. Its user interface is simple and beginner-friendly, with drop-down menus and demos that help with documentation of test scripts, which further require automation and provide functional tests.

TestComplete - Tosca Alternative
Source: smartbear.com

3. LambdaTest

LambdaTest is mainly known for its cross-browser testing abilities. This one does safe-keeping of your application by using integrated debugging and preventing bugs, mainly dedicated to QA engineers and business users.

LambdaTest Vs. Tosca: Which One Stacks Up for the Better?

LambdaTest has some key features unlike similar applications, which makes it the winning game among other Tosca alternatives:

i. LambdaTest offers Geolocation Testing

LambdaTest allows geographically networked testing. If you have ever used a VPN to experience the content of a particular geographical location, this is almost similar. LambdaTest will let you explore your test application from a global perspective.

ii. Cross-Browser Testing and Mobile-Based Automation

LambdaTest not only has cross-browser testing but is also the most efficient among software that does. In fact, Tosca also has a cross-browser testing feature that you can work with. Besides, LambdaTest allows you to perform mobile automation.

iii. Application Testing

LambdaTest supports both native app testing and web-based application testing. Similarly, Tosca also lets you do both native and web-based testing

The complete traceability feature is remarkable since it helps optimize the content of your initial setup. And it performs seamless integration of your test data and test planning.

iv. Parallel and Live Testing of LambdaTest

LambdaTest has a fantastic feature of parallel testing. We think it is contemporarily appropriate since the world has shifted into a virtual world of office work. And this will require team members to work from different demographic locations simultaneously.

This one is also great for live testing, the entirety of which is cloud-based, and we could interact with testers using any operating system in real-time. 

LambdaTest is the best tool for codeless automation that allows you to develop web and mobile applications.

v. You Get to Conquer Distance

If your products are international: you get to test the geographical function of your applications. You can be working both on the web and mobile, where you receive good support on performance testing across open-source software platforms.

LambdaTest - Tosca Alternative

4. Katalon

This is another one of Tosca’s alternatives since it is also codeless. Katalon offers a complete automation framework across all operating systems. Besides, it offers high-end recording features that are essential for some individuals. 

Katalon Vs. Tosca

Katalon and Tosca are automated tools that can save both time and effort wasted on performing manual testing. We will discuss their prominent features to see which stacks up for good:

i. Katalon Allows Web-Based Automation

Tosca wins the game in terms of the number of services being offered. Katalon gives a lot of importance to web test automation, while Tosca is a more commercial approach to integrating tech and industry. This software also offers performance testing and provides a load testing solution. 

ii. Katalon Is Equally Functional As Tosca

Both offer a hierarchical view and requirement selection. However, Tosca offers Unicode Compliance, unlike Katalon.  

Katalon and Tosca are capable of complete automated testing across the web and mobile applications. It is a smart option for running automated tests across applications while debugging them.

iii. Scheduling and Bug Tracking Feature of Katalon

Katalon allows users to schedule and track bugs as an additional feature, which is absent in Tosca. 

Another alternative is open source software Worksoft Certify, which is the perfect rival for Katalon. The former offers more machine learning language that Katalon fails to provide. 

iv. Comprehensive Efforts

With Katalon, you receive comprehensive support on functional and continuous testing. This can be useful for developing mobile apps, web apps, and desktop applications. 

Katalon is an aggregation of several sub-genres of applications such as Katalon Studio, Katalon TestOps, Katalon TestCloud, etc. Parallel testing and end-to-end testing are other features exclusive to this.

v. Codeless Approach to a Cloud-Based Office

A TestCloud feature is a tool that comes in handy for cloud testing experiences. The environment is a digital world set up for on-demand test runs for working from the web and mobile. Katalon Studio, particularly, offers a codeless testing solution and test automation framework

If you need to run commercial level automation tests as found in Micro Focus software, TestCloud is an alternative to that as well.


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5. Ranorex

Like other alternatives on the list, Ranorex is an automated testing tool that works for the web, desktop, and mobile apps. The distinctive feature of this one is GUI-based testing. 

If you want a tool that revolves around other services such as API, QA, and corporate applications, then you should head to Micro Focus. This application allows low-code to no-code level testing with IDE-based extensions.

Ranorex Vs. Tosca: Up for the Debate

Here are the points that differentiate Ranorex from Tosca:

i. A Codeless Task, or Is It?

Ranorex does not require coding, so even if you are not a coder, you will be able to run your automated tests. There is one loophole despite claiming to be an automation tool. Sometimes, you may face a situation where Ranorex fails to automate a specific piece based on unpredictable factors.

ii. Ranorex Is an All-Rounder, Tosca Is Not

Ranorex is an intuitive application that performs extensive operations across platforms, while Tosca does not allow users to integrate the cloud and a particular project.

iii. Tosca Wins: with Two Features, Over Ranorex

Apart from common features across both applications, such as move and copy, hierarchical view, parameter selection, etc., Tosca offers two additional features that Ranorex does not: security testing and Unicode compliance.

iv. Ranorex Is Functionally More Versatile

If you want to access Selenium testing across Selenium grades for testing GUI- based code and creating API tests, then Ranorex is a good choice. You also get an object repository for storing huge chunks of data.


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Which is the Best Tosca Alternative?

The one that truly aligns with your software testing needs. It can be Testsigma or TestComplete or Katalon or LambdaTest.

No one single tool can be said to be better than Tricentis Tosca alternatives because as the requirements of the testing change and evolve, so do the testing tools.

If your choice is a beginner-friendly, AI-powered, codeless test automation platform, Testsigma is the best choice. It offers end-to-end testing capabilities, including the ability to create and execute tests written in plain English. You can further debug the tests and share the results with your teammates through the tool. If that’s not enough, Testsigma also provides the option to integrate with task and bug management and tracking tools that make it easier for the entire team to access and communicate the issue easily.

However, if you wish to use a tool that also lets you run your manual tests on browsers, then Browserstack or Lambdatest could be your choice.

The best tool just depends on what you are looking to do with that tool.

Tosca AlternativesFinal Words

Now that we have reviewed the 5 Tricentis Tosca alternatives in detail, it should be easy for you or your company to choose one that you will enjoy the benefits most.

Since none of the applications mentioned above is a master of all trade, you might sometimes need to switch between platforms, which should be easy if your preferred application allows on-cloud file sharing.

Build and run tests 10x faster for web, mobile, desktop and APIs under Testsigma’s unified platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tosca replace Selenium?

While Tosca offers features like model-based testing and scriptless automation, Selenium is highly popular for its open-source nature, flexibility, and widespread adoption. Organizations may choose Tosca for its comprehensive testing capabilities, but Selenium’s versatility and large community ensure its continued relevance in the testing landscape.

So, it’s unlikely that Tosca will replace Selenium.


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