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Enables everyone including SMEs & QAs to write automated tests using
simple English & run them on real devices we maintain for you.
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Why Testsigma for Automated Cross Browser Testing?

Instant access to everything required for end to end automated cross browser testing online.

  • Write Automated Tests Quickly
    Using Simple English
  • Run Tests on 1000+ Real Desktop
    & Mobile Browsers
  • Speed up Test Runs with Parallel
    Test Executions
  • Visual Testing to Deliver Pixel-perfect UI
  • Continuous Testing Approach for Agile
    and DevOps Teams
  • Comprehensive Reports and
    Debugging Tools
Create Automated Cross Browser Tests In Plain English And Run Across Browsers

Lets everyone write automated tests at least 5X faster using simple English

Create Automated Cross Browser Tests In Plain English And Run Across Browsers

No coding skills required. Testsigma allows rveryone including SMEs, functional testers, QAs, and automation engineers write automated tests using simple English quickly. Also, runs reliably on all the supported browsers and versions and remains stable even with minor changes in the application UI.

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Choose From 2000+ Real Devices In Testsigma

Run your tests over 1000 OS and browser combinations instantly available on the cloud

Choose From 2000+ Real Devices In Testsigma

Simple and intuitive execution configuration helps you easily select the device configuration from 1000+ OS/Device/Browser/Version combos available online. Automated cross browser testing tool to perform test runs on all popular browsers online including Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE, Android, iOS in their latest and widely-used legacy versions.

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Speed up Test Runs with Parallel Test Executions In Testsigma

Run tests in parallel across many different test environments to cut down your build times

Speed up Test Runs with Parallel Test Executions In Testsigma

Create multiple execution configurations to run your tests in parallel to reduce regression testing time from weeks to minutes. Scalable Test Lab in the cloud with thousands of devices to run your automated cross browser tests in parallel for faster feedback.

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Integrate With CI CD Pipelines In Testsigma To Ensure Continuous Delivery

Shift-left approach to speed up the continuous delivery process

Integrate With CI CD Pipelines In Testsigma To Ensure Continuous Delivery

Supports Shift-left approach to start test automation right from the beginning of the sprint. Easily integrate all your executions With Testsigma, optimize your tests for the CI pipeline. Easily integrate all your executions with your favorite CI/CD tools, ensure continuous delivery of your applications.

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Customizable Reports With Relevant Information Of Each Browser Run

Text logs, screenshots, video recordings and many more to help you analyze results faster

Customizable Reports With Relevant Information Of Each Browser Run

Dynamic and customizable reports with hierarchical and organized Test Results that pins down environment specific results to higher levels and clear-cut debugging instructions with what went wrong in each browser-version combination for each Test step to lower levels.

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Customizable Reports With Relevant Information Of Each Browser Run

Make sure your app looks perfect visually on all browsers.

Customizable Reports With Relevant Information Of Each Browser Run

Along with functional testing, this cross browser testing tool enables you to perform multi browser testing to validate your apps visually across all browsers and versions.
No additional efforts are needed! Testsigma compares the latest image of your application against the baseline to find any visual differences.

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Test Applications Using Real Desktop and Mobile Devices

Execute your automated tests on Testsigma's cross browser testing cloud online. 2000+ real Desktop and mobile devices and their versions including the latest ones.

Testsigma also allows you to test your application in your actual devices locally with different browser-version configurations all that we maintain for you.

Dev, Test Environments & Local Apps

Testsigma Agent lets you run tests on your local test machines. Also, our secure tunnel options lets you test your locally hosted applications or applications behind firewalls in our cloud devices.

Say goodbye to your internal test lab, local VMs, and maintenance hassles

Perform cross browser testing online on Testsigma’s massive number of desktop browsers and real mobile devices available on the cloud.

Ensure your apps work for everyone every time!

Get started with your go-to testing solution today!

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The most frequently asked questions.

Major browsers release new improvised versions frequently. Even modern responsive design codes may perform differently in different screen resolutions. Your potential user may be using any combination of device/browser configuration. With the help of cross browser testing tools, you can run through your entire test suite in only a fraction of the time for improved coverage. Here's a good read on why cross browser compatibility testing is essential.

Testsigma has over 2000+ OS/Device/Browser version combo of test environments on cloud that we maintain. Starting from writing test scripts in simple English, Testsigma covers the test automation process end to end. And, requires no additional setup. You can create cross browser tests once and run them on all available environment combos easily. Testsigma:

  • Provides immediate access to thousands of environments. All the environments are available on the cloud and can be accessed immediately.

  • Lets you write automated tests in plain English language.

  • Parallel testing: We can just add the multiple environments to our testing and easily run parallel testing to save time and effort.

  • Supports continuous integration & Third-party integrations with JIRA, Github, Slack,and more.

  • Test on local machines using Testsigma cloud

  • Gives access to thousands of real devices is available to aid testing, you just need to select them.

  • Is highly scalable: As and when a new version of browser or OS is released in the market, we update and maintain them for you.

  • Supports functional testing as well as visual testing of User Interface(UI). It checks the latest image of the application to the baselined image and then reports the differences.

  • Offers customizable reports as per the user’s requirements. Provides screenshots, logs, video recordings, detailed reports as part of reporting.

  • Support Team: Prompt and expert support team to help and provide you with the best solutions 24/7

Here's a blog that explains why in detail

Testsigma simplifies the job by providing multiple browser environments which are easier to manage. It also assists in managing a cloud infrastructure if you don't have the physical infrastructure for running parallel browser sessions on multiple devices. Here's how Testsigma gets it done in a few quick steps.

Testsigma logoNew to cross browser testing? Here's a complete guide that explains it!

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