Eye catching dashboards that can be personalized to focus on the key business indicators that are driving your project. Motivate the team by creating a personalized dashboard for each role to track progress.

Latest Run Details

View recent execution results quickly to take necessary actions, if required.

Latest Activities

Quick view of your recent activities to be in sync with the planned activities.

Scheduled Executions

Be prepared for upcoming scheduled executions to avoid surprise.

Test Plan

All you need for better test planning. Single platform for multiple projects.

You can plan for your Web Applications, Android Web Applications, Android Native Applications, iOS Web Applications, iOS Native Applications and Web Services.

Now migrating automated tests is easier than ever just by a click.

Manage users by giving them a proper role and assigning users to the projects.

Testsigma allows you to create your own artifacts like Requirement Categories, Test Case Types and Test Case Priorities.


Manage multiple projects with ease by using user management and role management.

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Automate Web, Android Web, Android Native, iOS Web, iOS Native applications and Web Services.

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Managing and migrating tests and resources for newer version is just a click away.

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Better way to manage all your requirements in each version.

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Assign Projects

Assign projects to multiple users with custom user roles.

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Requirement Categories

Create custom requirement categories to manage your resources easier.

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Test Case Types

Create custom test case types to manage your resources easier.

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Test Case Priorities

Create custom test case priorities to manage your resources easier.

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Test Development

Everything you need to develop automated tests using simple English. No programming knowledge is required. Use simple and intuitive user interface to write automated tests. Easy way to use parameterized test data, environment test data and global test data.

Test Cases

Simple and intuitive interface to manage all your test cases and write automated tests using simple English.

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Test Data Management

Simple and intuitive user interface to manage test data and to run data driven tests.

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UI Identifiers

Migrating automated tests for changes in applications is just a click away.

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Global Parameters

Simple user interface to manage global test data and run tests using this data.

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Test Lab

Group your tests for executions and run your tests across browsers, devices and operating systems. You can also schedule your executions. Run your tests in parallel to reduce execution time by many folds.

Test Suite

Create Test Suite by grouping test cases to manage tests better in executions.

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Create executions to run tests in multiple execution environments and configure notifications for status.

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Schedule Execution

Schedule executions for future. Run your tests daily, weekly, monthly seamlessly.

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Cross Browser Testing

Make sure your tests are working across different browsers on different platforms.

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Cross Device Testing

Make sure your tests are working across different devices with different operating systems.

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Parallel Execution

Run your tests in parallel to improve feedback time significantly.

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Dynamic and context driven reports to help you understand the test results better. Slice and dice the information with powerful filters to help you create a custom report for your interest. Reports with drill-down options to help users at different levels(Test Manager, Test Lead, Developer, Testers etc..)

Execution Results

Look at execution trend across multiple runs and result summary for each run.

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Environment Results

Each run result for multiple environments and result summary for each environment.

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Test Suite Results

View all test suites results and test cases results in each environment.

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Test Case Results

Summary of your test case results and detailed step results with screenshots and videos.

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Automatic Bug Reporting

Never miss reporting a bug with lack of time. Use integrations with bug reporting tool to report a bug automatically from the test case result page.

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Everything you need to manage and customize your Testsigma account. Use Testsigma to manage your users and their access levels. Integrations/Plugins will enable you to integrate Testsigma with multiple other tools to achieve continuous testing.

User Role Management

Helps you to define custom access levels for all your users to protect data in your Testsigma account.

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User Management

Bring all your users in to common platform and manage them with different access levels to your projects.

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Custom Fields

Customize your Projects, Applications, Versions, Requirements, Test Cases by adding more relevant fields for your business.

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Integrate other tools with Testsigma to bring all your testing resources together to achieve continuous testing.

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Test Environments

Manage all your test environments in one place to make these devices available for execution.

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