A Different Codeless Test Automation Approach.
Simple, Scalable, Reliable And Flexible

Testsigma is a test automation ecosystem to plan, design, develop, execute, analyze, and report for continuous testing in Agile and DevOps

Key Differentiators

Codeless automation, not just for basic tests

Many codeless test automation tools work best when test scripts are created for simple and static websites. Testsigma works well with basic as well as complex test scenarios.

Everyone, including QAs &SMEs, can automate testing

To start automating in Testsigma, you just need to know the functionality of your application. Automating is as easy as writing test cases in simple English.

Platform with all the essential elements for continuous testing

Plan, design, develop, execute, analyze, and report your tests all in one place. Integrations with CI/CD tools, bug tracking, and collaboration tools to bring all your testing resources together.

AI to improve the team’s efficiency beyond auto-healing

Notifies of affected resources due to a failure and creates test plans with impacted tests automatically for any change in your application. Auto-heals failing test cases. Testsigma’s suggestion engine looks for potential fixes to an error.

In sprint test automation for fast-paced Agile and DevOps teams

The Agile and DevOps approach allows no time between code complete and release. With Testsigma, you can start writing automated tests right from the design phase.

Customizable object spy to make your tests robust

Every website is different. Testsigma lets you customize the browser extension to capture specific attributes to create stable and reliable test cases.

Unified Platform for Web, Mobile, Android, iOS Apps, and API testing

With Testsigma, you can effortlessly automate end-to-end scenarios for web, mobile, desktop, APIs, and many more. You don’t need multiple tools for testing different aspects of your application.

Enhance the platform’s automation capabilities

Every project is different and has some unique needs. A specific tool may not support all your workflows. And, that is why Testsigma gives you the capabilities to add customizations to the platform to make it work for your project.

End-to-end automation including UI, API, DB and many more

With Testsigma, you can easily automate all parts of your workflow by automating tests for UI elements, APIs in the frontend and the databases in the backend, etc.

Enterprise-class test data management, not just limited to excel sheets

With support for both internal and external data sources and in-built dynamic test data generation, Testsigma makes end-to-end test data management easy and helps keep test coverage high.

Inbuilt test management for planning and designing

In Testsigma, you can map your test cases to corresponding business requirements, assign them to testers, add priorities to them, and set them up for reviews. You also have the flexibility to organize them by or projects, requirements, versions.

End to end testing capabilities including Visual Testing

Now your test cases will also be able to capture any visual change in your website to the accuracy of a pixel. This will prove useful to capture any UI bugs including displacement of elements.

Continuous Integration with every tool in the testing ecosystem

Testsigma can readily integrate with all majorly used continuous integration tools and can fit into your CI/CD pipeline seamlessly.

Visual Testing to enhance end-to-end testing capabilities

Now your test cases will also be able to capture any visual change in the website to the accuracy of a pixel. This proves useful to catch any UI bugs, including the displacement of elements.

Integrations with other tools in the test automation ecosystem

Testsigma has integrations with collaboration tools, bug tracking tools, project management tools, cloud based test labs, and APIs to integrate with other custom tools.

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Compared to other tools Testsigma is 5X faster and saves 70% cost

100% Savings

Initial setup & ramp-up

Testsigma, with a complete cloud-based solution, lets you get started without any setup delay. A unique approach for test case creation in simple English takes almost zero ramp-up time for anyone in your team to start authoring the test cases. You only need to login with your favorite browser and start creating your test cases.

5X Faster

Test Script Development

With the best in class reusability and simple natural language based approach of test script development, everyone in your team can automate tests 5X faster using Testsigma.

80% Savings

Test Executions

Testsigma caters to all your test execution woes - time, cost, and resources by supporting parallel execution of test cases on an integrated test lab that is equipped with thousands of devices, OS and browser version combinations.

Testsigma Enterprise Testing Ecosystem

100% Savings

Framework Development

Testsigma is already built with all the components needed for a test automation framework for continuous testing in DevOps. It supports modular development and the reuse of test steps with minimum maintenance hassles.

70% Savings

AI-Driven Maintenance

New changes in an application can make maintenance of already automated test cases overwhelming for a tester. With features like ‘self-heal’ and ‘affected resources’ corresponding to a change, Testsigma has made maintenance of automated test cases upto 3 times easier

40% Savings

Test Planning & Designing

Testsigma doubles up as your test management tool and can track your manual and automated testing efforts at the same place. With additional features like modularity and reusability, the test designing cost and efforts can be significantly reduced.

30% Savings

Collaboration & Review

With Testsigma, share projects, test cases, and data sources with different team members according to their roles. Let all your users create test cases and managers review them on the same platform. Save up to 30% of your time and efforts spent on collaboration and review.

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