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Powering over 25 Million automated tests

Shift-left testing, create tests right from the design phase

Testsigma doesn’t depend on the application availability to start automating your testing. Testsigma uses simple natural language to write automated tests right from the design phase. No setup & coding skills required.

Scalable test environments on cloud to run tests continuously

Run your tests continuously on thousands of OS/Browser/Version combos and real mobile devices available on cloud. Select any browser or mobile device to run your tests continuously.

Faster feedback time to avoid unnecessary waiting time to fix the bugs

Run all your tests in parallel on Testsigma Lab to reduce the feedback time by many times. Select any number of devices to distribute your tests for faster feedback. Share the feedback immediately with your development team to start fixing bugs, if there are any.

Actionable feedback to improve the quality continuously

Testsigma automatically notifies all the stakeholders immediately with actionable feedback for appropriate action.

Continuous integration to run tests automatically

Integrate all your test executions with your favorite CI tools to trigger test runs automatically once the build is ready. Help you put test automation also part of delivery pipeline automatically.

Unified platform to improve participation and avoid redundant efforts

Testsigma’s simple natural language approach allows all your SMEs, QA Analysts, Automation Testers, Developers and other stakeholders to collaborate and contribute to automation testing.

AI to automatically maintain your tests

Testsigma uses AI to automatically include relevant or affected test cases to run when application changes, uses dynamic locator strategy to save maintenance time and efforts by 70%. Also, Testsigma uses AI to identify potential failures upfront to save execution time and cost.

Other Cool Features