Uncomplicate continuous testing across your release pipeline

Uncomplicate continuous testing across your release pipeline

Trusted by high-performing Quality Engineering teams

Main-imagePowering over 25 Million automated tests
Testsigma enables engineering teams to
test continuously—with minimal code

Test Development

Network Simulation

Say goodbye to complex scripting. Automate browser and device-agnostic tests for web, mobile apps, and APIs using plain English. Write using simple NLP commands, or record-and-generate test scripts using Testsigma Recorder.

Test Development

Automate testing on multiple environments

Network Simulation

Test builds seamlessly across dev and QA environments. Our environments API lets you dynamically update the URL of the Application under Test (AUT) after every build in your CI Pipeline

Automate testing on multiple environments

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

Network Simulation

Incorporate continuous testing into your CI/CD pipelines by integrating Testsigma with your CI/CD tools. Automatically trigger test executions, generate test reports, and obtain real-time feedback on the quality of your software at each stage of the development cycle.

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

Test Orchestration and Execution

Network Simulation

Easily schedule and trigger test runs, manage test data, and capture detailed test results. Testsigma's intuitive dashboard provides clear visibility into the progress and quality of your tests, so you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your testing efforts.

Test Orchestration and Execution

Advanced features for advanced test automation

Run tests on the cloud or locally across 3000+ cross-browser and mobile device environments

Optimize visual regression testing time with granular controls

Identify failures quickly with interactive debugging

Test for compatibility at every merge with CI/CD integrations

Get started on your low-code continuous testing automation journey today

Replace multiple tools in your test stack with one low-code platform.

Test management

  • TestOps

  • Test versioning

  • User and role management

  • Requirement management

Test authoring

  • Plain English scripting

  • Testsigma Recorder

  • Reusable step groups

Test execution

  • Scheduled test runs

  • Parallel testing

  • Cross browser and device testing

  • Local testing


  • Drill-down test reports

  • Screenshots and videos

  • Text logs

Advanced features

  • AI Suggestion Engine

  • Productivity trends

  • Visual testing

  • Centralized agent control

Integrations you'll love
Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack, including CI/CD, bug tracking, collaboration, and product management tools, to streamline your delivery pipeline from start to finish.

Powering 25 million+ tests and empowering 9000+ QAs with low-code test automation


“With Testsigma, we were able to accelerate Test Automation and shorten ourapplication deployment time by almost 35%”

“We were able to automate Android, web, iOS, and everything else in the span of 5 months, and the maintenance of test cases is negligible. This is possible only because of a platform like Testsigma.”

“Testsigma’s ease of use, even for non-technical members, allowed us to reach 90% automated test coverage in less than 12 months.”

“It would take anywhere between 2-5 days to design and automate a complex, multi-device E2E scenario using Selenium or Appium-based frameworks. With Testsigma, it takes us less than an hour.”

“We saved 2 hours of manual testing for 100-200 test cases by automating them in 20 mins with Testsigma.”

“With Testsigma, we were able to accelerate Test Automation and shorten ourapplication deployment time by almost 35%”