20th April, 2023

Mailbox functions

Get URL from emails using text matching / partial URL matching / Regex

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10th April, 2023

Optical character recognition

Extract text from images through OCR-based text extraction add-on

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5th April, 2023

Test data concatenation

Perform multiple concatenations in a single step

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21st March, 2023

Rerun custom testcases

Now you can rerun your custom test cases directly from the Testsigma interface

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28th February, 2023

Export test reports to PDF [Enterprise]

Export the results of your test plans into a PDF (Note: This feature works only in the enterprise edition)

16th January, 2023

Azure devops integration

With the Testsigma-Azure DevOps Integration, you can access all your test reports and results from your Azure DevOps dashboard. Push a bug, epic, task, or story directly from Testsigma while testing. Automatically display the fields populated in Testsigma on the corresponding work item in Azure DevOps.

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9th January, 2023

Create nested step groups

Create nested step groups of upto three levels from existing step groups and steps in a test case

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26th December, 2022

Disable Testcases in a test plan

Selectively disable test cases in a test suit while creating or editing a test plan

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20th December, 2022

Support for on-premise testing [Enterprise]

Perform hassle-free, proactive testing, now on-premise

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14th December, 2022

Update Test Data Profile values using NLP

Now you can add values to Test data profile during test case execution using NLP.
Now you can leverage NLP to add values to the Test data profile during test case execution

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14th December, 2022

Support for flutter apps

Testsigma’s mobile recording and execution capabilities now supports testing flutter apps

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14th November, 2022

Slack notification updates for test plans

Receive realtime updates on the status of your test plans directly on your preferred Slack channel

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10th October, 2022

Test data profile filtering in for loop

Filter test data profiles in for loop on the basis of certain logical conditions

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10th October, 2022

Desktop recorder to record windows elements

Add new UI elements to your desktop windows project by recording them with Testsigma's desktop recorder

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26th September, 2022

Testsigma recorder 4.0

Record test steps blazer-fast with the all new, powerful, intuitive recorder

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29th August, 2022

Mobile debugger [Beta]

Step by step debugging of issues on your local mobile devices

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12th August, 2022

Shadow-DOM element capture and execution

Capture and execute test cases on hidden DOM elements

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12th August, 2022

Execute mobile Test suites in parallel

Testsigma's parallel execution capabilities have now been extended to mobile. With this, execute multiple mobile (Android / iOS) test suites in parallel

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20th July, 2022

Execute on-demand partial runs of Test plans

Create & schedule on-demand runs of partial test plans / test plan subsets

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12th July, 2022

Jira-Xray Integration

Monitor test progress and deployment readiness in a faster, more proactive manner with the Testsigma Jira-Xray integration

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6th June, 2022

LambdaTest integration

Run Testsigma tests on LambdaTest with the all new LambdaTest integration

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23th May, 2022

multi-device user journey testing

Integrate and build one test flow for an application that works across multiple devices where the user journey starts on one platform (like a website or android app) but spans other devices

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17th May, 2022

Unique Email generator

Generate unlimited emails for your address inputs in test cases so you can run them as many times as you need.

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9th May, 2022

Introducing Mirror Mode

Directly interact with your mobile applications just like you would use a real device by using mirror mode in the mobile inspector.

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9th May, 2022

Bulk update

Update specific step settings and details for all your test steps in one go. That’s it! That’s the update!

2nd May, 2022

Step level visual testing

Visual testing is now a step-level setting. Enable visual testing for any or all test steps based on your specific scenario and use cases.

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27th April, 2022

Data profiles in step groups

Create a repeatable data-driven pattern across test cases by associating data proifles with step groups helping reduce test creation time.

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27th April, 2022

One-click step editing

To edit a test step all you have to do is click on the test step to make it editable.

4th April, 2022

Upload versioning

Stay organized with all your application files and other uploads by versioning your right before adding them to your repository.

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15th March, 2022

Search NLPs/Actions

Search all your relevant NLPs and actions within your test case so you know exactly what action you need.

24th February, 2022

Network throttling

Check the performance of your applications on several mobile devices by varying network speed and latency.

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10th February, 2022

Data generators

Generate random data to parallelize and scale your data-driven tests for values across numeric, alphabetic, and alphanumeric formats. You can also build your own generators.

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4th January, 2022

Introducing Addons

Extend Testsigma’s capabilities by installing various functions and automation actions and using them as NLPs in your test case with Addons.

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5th December, 2021

Github login/sign-up support

Now you can sign in to Testsigma using your Github account so you can seamlessly connect your repository with your tests.

20th November, 2021

Mobile recorder now live

Now also capture mobile test steps with the recorder by performing simple user actions in your application through the mobile inspector.

20th November, 2021

UI identifiers changed to ‘Elements’

We’ve officially changed the name of UI identifiers in Testsigma to ‘Elements’ to make it simpler for all different types of users to understand the nomenclature when capturing and using page elements.

31st October, 2021

Test Step recorder launched

Writing tests became a whole lot easier with the step recorder, which records user actions in your application and converts them into editable NLP test steps.

23rd Sept, 2021

Review management for Elements/UI identifiers

You can now review the UI Identifiers created by your fellow developers and QA engineers and as part of your review workflow. You can request for a rework of any UI Identifier that does not meet test criteria.

22nd Aug, 2021

Execute agent-less Mobile automation on the cloud

Mobile automation is now agent-less & can be completely executed end-to-end on the cloud . Write tests, capture elements with the Mobile inspector and run your test on any device or browser from the test lab.

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15 July, 2021

Kobiton test lab now available as a plug in

Test your mobile applications on a wider selection of real mobile devices - for both iOS and Android with our Kobiton Test Lab Plugin

23rd June, 2021

OTP verification with Email and Phone number

We’ve expanded our 2FA testing capabilities to enable verifying OTPs through Email and Phone using customized NLP commands and a built-in OTP generator.

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30th May, 2021

Two factor authentication (TFA) compatibility

Testsigma is now the only platform that supports Mobile or Web application tests that includes Two Factor authentication. Capture OTPs sent to real phone numbers in your test automation workflow and execute them in both dev and testing environments with TFA enabled.

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9th May, 2021

Integration with Lambdatest

Our latest integration enables you and your teams to connect and test on Browsers, OS & real devices provided by Lambdatest.

9th May, 2021

Hybrid mobile inspection support

Testsigma now supports Mobile Hybrid Inspection & Execution both on local and Cloud for Android and iOS devices.

3rd April, 2021

Browser and Network logs

We’ve made it easier for you to identify Javascript errors and track API calls to validate server response and loading times through Browser and Network logs along with the existing Selenium logs.

3rd April, 2021

Conditional Loops

Users can create iterative test steps with ‘While Loop’ NLP command for scenarios that require testing a set of conditions multiple times.

3rd April, 2021

Geo-location tagging

Use the Geo-location tagging to test cases for specific geographies to ensure the app works reliably and handles location based information precisely.

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