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A unified test automation platform built for Agile and DevOps teams. Testsigma enables everyone on your team
to automate testing for web, mobile web, android, iOS apps, and APIs easily. No coding skills required.

Start automating right away, no setup required

Stop investing time setting up & configuring IDEs, SDKs and web drivers on your workstation. Testsigma’s cloud-hosted platform lets you sign up and start testing right away!

Write tests 5X faster using simple English

Enable everyone from test engineers to SMEs and business users to write automated tests—in plain English—with Testsigma’s intuitive UI and NLP-based test authoring.
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Increase test coverage efficiently on the cloud

Run parallel tests across 800+ desktop browser/OS combinations & 2000+ real iOS and Android devices with Testsigma’s built-in test lab.
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Eliminate maintenance & flaky tests with AI

Revolutionary AI eliminates flakiness from test suites at every build update or code change by dynamically modifying elements in your test cases.
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    Anand Mahalingam
    Senior Engineering Manager


    "While other tools we evaluated required programming skills, high initial time and investment, Testsigma's scriptless approach enabled us to start automating from week one and achieve 100% smoke coverage in just a couple of months"

  • get_started_with_test_automation

    Nathan Lalich
    Senior Product Tester


    "Testsigma has allowed our team to go from zero automation to very high levels of automation coverage in a relatively short space of time."

  • get_started_with_test_automation

    Monica Bramuzzi
    UX and QA Specialist


    "Using Testsigma’s automated UI tests enables us to deploy our web & mobile app with much more confidence on Friday nights"

Single, cross-platform automated testing
for modern QA teams

Bring all your test automation use-cases and scenarios into a single web-based platform.
Testsigma replaces multiple software testing tools in your agile delivery pipeline with a single,
zero-setup platform built for:

automated web application testing

Web Application Testing

Create stable and reliable tests at speed using simple English & reusable UI identifiers with robust page element recognition.

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Mobile testing

Mobile App Testing

Simplify your mobile(iOS & Android) test automation setup and execution with the intuitive mobile inspector.

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REST api testing

API Testing

Make shift-left a reality with automated API tests written intuitively from the beginning using a simple UI interface.

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Cross Browser Testing

Create and run tests across 800 browsers on desktop, iOS and Android devices with our integrated Test lab on the cloud.

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Continuous Testing

Shift-left towards in-sprint test automation & continuous testing with CI/CD and bug reporting integrations to enable continuous feedback.

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Regression Testing

Automated testing tool that enables QAs, SMEs, and anyone else in your team to write regression tests in plain English(NLP).

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Data-Driven Testing

Achieve greater test coverage and test functionality using multiple data sets with our robust test data management module.

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Robust features for a complete test automation experience

Testing results

Real-time results

Get access to your automation test results in real-time. Track the outcome of every test step as it happens.
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Integrated reports

Integrated reporting

Integrated reporting allows you to take a closer look at your test results, drill down into priority test cases and debug failures with efficiency.
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Test Management tools

Test management

Built-in test management helps you effectively create test plans, manage requirements, categorize and prioritize test cases and much more.
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Test data management tool

Test data management

Manage your test data profiles at scale, increase test coverage through parameterized test runs with multiple data sets.
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Explore more features

Testsigma integrates with your favorite dev and testing tools such as Jira, Jenkins & Bugzilla for efficient bug
tracking & enabling a complete CI/CD pipeline + collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


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