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Enables everyone including SMEs & QAs to write automated
tests using simple English. No coding skills required.
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Deliver best quality mobile apps using Testsigma’s
all in one test automation ecosystem

Testsigma isn’t just a mobile app testing tool. It is a unified test automation ecosystem
for your web, mobile apps and APIs.

  • Test like an automation pro from day one
  • Build resilient mobile application tests
    with Testsigma’s smart
  • All your app updates handled automatically
  • Test your apps across all the devices that
    your customers use
  • Continuous testing approach for more frequent
Create Automated Tests In Simple English Using Testsigma

Write complex automated tests for your mobile application testing now easily in simple English. Spend no time maintaining flaky tests!

Testsigma’s Intelligent Mobile Inspector

Testsigma’s in-built element inspector identifies all the necessary information of the elements in your mobile application in just one click!

Stable Resilient Automated Mobile Tests Testsigma

Forget device update overheads. Testsigma's AI engine keeps your mobile application tests up and running unaffected for any changes in the app.

Mobile Cross Browser Testing Real Devices Testsigma

Why settle for emulators & simulators? We give you complete access to 2000+ real Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets that are fast, accurate, always available.

Mobile Automated Testing Continuous Delivery Testsigma

Shift left approach to start testing right from the design phase. Seamless integrations with Jenkins, Bamboo, Circle CI etc, for Continuous Delivery & DevOps workflows

Mobile Testing as easy as it can get!
Testsigma ensures your mobile applications showcase the highest quality!

Test automation no longer a stand alone process

Seamless integrations with project management tools (ex. JIRA, ALM), communication tools (Microsoft Teams, Slack), bug reporting tools(ex. JIRA, Azure DevOps, Bugzilla), CI/CD tools (ex. Jenkins, Bamboo, Circle CI).

Test on a secure, scalable testing cloud

Replace the overhead of maintaining in-house infrastructure with effortless scalability. Scale up or down as you need with your choice of real mobile devices.

Don’t leave any affected areas untested

With Testsigma, you can identify the other affected mobile application tests that are affected by any change and group them for a smooth regression testing experience.

Get real time notifications delivered via Slack, Teams, Chat, Email etc

Easily send summary reports of your tests via Slack channels, Email, Chat. Communicate your test results with your team members quickly, allowing fast feedback and issue resolution.

Manage your automated tests just like your manual tests

No complex integrations with test management tools are needed to manage your automated mobile application tests. Testsigma has inbuilt test management to take care of it.

Test Your Mobile App With Various Data Inputs For Complete Coverage

Effortlessly run your automated mobile application testing with different permutations of input data using Testsigma’s test data management.

Debug and collect evidences to fix issues faster

Videos, screenshots, logs so you can dive deep and solve problems quickly.

Other Cool Features