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Powering over 25 Million automated tests

Testsigma helps engineering teams ship quality mobile apps 5x faster than traditional frameworks.

No code automated regression tests

Platform-agnostic tests in English

No more platform-specific tests. Write, or record and generate one script for testing both Android and iOS apps, in plain English.

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AI driven automated regression testing tool

AI-powered test planning & maintenance

Make test maintenance obsolete. Testsigma AI updates UI elements and identifies regression-affected tests while you’re away.

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automated regression testing on cloud

3000+ devices in Integrated Test Lab

Reduce build times exponentially by parallelizing your automated mobile app test execution across 3000+ real Android and iOS devices.

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Advanced mobile app automation features

  • Test multi-device user journeys.
  • Test localization features with
    geolocation testing.
  • Optimize visual regression testing
    time with granular controls.
  • Identify failures quickly with
    interactive debugging.
Test multi-device user journeys
Test multi-device user journeys.

See how your application works, end to end, for users who switch between desktop and mobile devices.

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Optimize visual regression testing time with granular controls.
Optimize visual regression testing time with granular controls.

See how your mobile apps behave for users in different countries by enabling geolocation testing.

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Identify failures quickly with interactive debugging.
Identify failures quickly with interactive debugging.

Enable visual testing for entire tests, or only for steps that you need to test for visual regressions.

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Integrate With CI CD Pipelines In Testsigma To Ensure Continuous Delivery
Integrate With CI CD Pipelines In Testsigma To Ensure Continuous Delivery

Run your tests in debug mode to pause execution at failure and debug errors in real-time.

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Replace multiple tools in your test stack with an integrated low-code platform.


  • Requirement management

  • Test management

  • Versioning

  • User and role management

Test execution

  • Scheduled test runs

  • Local testing

  • Parallel testing

  • Cross browser and device testing


  • Interactive debugging

  • Drill-down test reports

  • Screenshots and videos

  • Text logs

Advanced features

  • AI Suggestion Engine

  • Productivity trends

  • Visual testing

  • Centralized agent control

Minimize manual intervention in SDLC with powerful integrations.

Automated testing integrations: Testsigma
build your own data-driven automated regression testing framework

Use Testsigma SDKs to create custom add-ons to automate scenarios unique to your application, generate test data programmatically, and more.

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Accelerate your release velocity with Testsigma

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The most frequently asked questions.

Mobile automation refers to using automation testing methods to test applications on mobile devices. This will help developers and testers to efficiently evaluate a mobile app's functionality, compatibility, and readiness before it is released to the public.

There are many tools available for mobile automation testing. However, Testsigma is considered one of the best and most popular open-source tools that support Android and iOS. It uses natural language processing to allow users to write test scripts in plain English, making it easy to use and understand.

Mobile automation testing is important to ensure that a mobile app's quality and usability meet standards. It helps thoroughly evaluate the app's functionality, compatibility, and performance on different devices and platforms. It also helps identify and fix issues/bugs before the app is released to the public.