Best Codeless Automation Testing Tools

In this list, we cover the top codeless automation testing tools, with a brief overview of each tool′s features, pricing, and benefits to help readers make an informed decision.


With the advent of agile and DevOps culture, we’re already embracing digital transformation. Organizations globally are looking for newer technologies and tools to innovate, enhance productivity and deliver faster.

If we talk about testing itself — automation has taken us several leaps ahead; QA teams have solidified test efficiency and coverage even further. Gone are the days when automation testers had to learn coding to write test scripts. Enter codeless automation testing, which is one of the latest software trends to look out for.

As per Onometra’s software testing trends, codeless automation testing will witness an increase. Let’s understand what codeless automation testing is and why you should adopt it if you haven’t yet.

Before proceeding, if you’re interested in understanding software testing trends , check our article out.

What is Codeless Automation Testing?

What is Codeless Automation Testing

As the name suggests, codeless automation testing is a testing methodology that doesn’t require writing the code. As a QA tester, if you’re able to write your test cases in English, it’s what codeless test automation is. Testers don’t have to learn to code as codeless automation testing tools can translate their inputs into scripts.

With codeless automation testing, we can exponentially reduce the time and effort to automate. Plus, we don’t always have to learn new languages. That’s a brownie point, right there!

For successful codeless automation testing, tools are of immense value. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best codeless automation testing tools and why you should choose them. Before that, let’s look at some ideal features these tools should have:

  • Should be easy to use

  • Should have features that make test maintenance easier

  • Should be platform-agnostic

  • Should help you save time, money, and resources

For an in-depth understanding of codeless automation testing, read A Guide to Codeless Testing.

For the best codeless automation testing tools for your needs, check out our analysis below.

The Evolution Of Codeless Automation Testing Tools

Every machine, every tool, every software evolves in terms of user-friendliness. Their main aim is to make things easier for the user. The same has been with testing.

Codeless Automation Testing Tools Evolution
  • Automation Testing was introduced to make the lives of testers easier by automating mundane tasks. It became popular with the launch of open-source automation framework Selenium. Selenium greatly simplified interaction with websites that made automation a lot easier but it also needed the help of a programming language for successful execution.

  • Later on, there were tools that enabled record and playback of test cases. Selenium also got an IDE in 2006 that enabled recording of test cases and conversion of them to supported programming languages. These record and playback IDEs helped manual testers to record their test cases while performing the test steps and play them to execute the test cases whenever needed.

  • The problem was that these test cases were not scalable, these could not be edited to change or update or add more complex scenarios. To edit them, they needed to be exported in some supported language and then worked on by a person that knew how to code.

  • From then to now, a few codeless automation tools have been launched that allow users to create test cases without learning any programming language and also allow them to editthe test cases when needed.

Top 14 Codeless Automation Testing Tools List


While you can still customize the platform using Java, for the most part, you can just write, run, debug, and analyze self-healing tests in simple English for web, mobile apps, APIs, databases, and more using Testsigma, making it a one-stop shop for everything you need to set up and scale codeless test automation.

Testsigma - codeless-automation-testing-tools


  • Easy Test Creation: Testsigma’s codeless test automation platform allows users to create tests using natural language without requiring any coding skills. This feature makes test creation quick and easy for testers and non-technical team members alike.
  • Scalability: Testsigma offers a built-in test lab with 3000+ real devices and browsers on high availability cloud, making it easy to scale your test automation efforts. You can run tests simultaneously across multiple devices, reducing your chances of critical compatibility bugs slipping to production as well as your overall test execution time.
  • Self-Healing Tests: Testsigma’s intelligent algorithm automatically detects and fixes page elements. This feature saves time and effort in maintaining test scripts and ensures that tests continue to run smoothly, even when changes are made to the application under test.
  • Comprehensive Test Reports: You can generate detailed test reports that include information about test results, test execution time, device details, and other important testing metrics. These reports help in identifying quality trends over time.
  • Built-In Integrations: Testsigma has native integrations with popular tools like Jira, Jenkins, GitHub, Slack, and other tools commonly used by development teams. This integration provides better collaboration among team members and ensures continuous delivery and testing.
  • Visual Testing: Testsigma offers visual testing features that help in identifying visual changes across different browsers, devices, and operating systems. The visual testing feature captures screenshots of your application and compares them with baseline images, highlighting any differences that need to be addressed.

With features like parallel test execution, continuous testing, and comprehensive test reports, Testsigma helps teams achieve faster release cycles and faster feedback loops.

See how Testsigma’s ease of use enabled PerfectMind to reach 90% automated test coverage in less than 12 months.


Mabl - codeless-automation-testing-tools

Mabl is a codeless automation testing tool that provides end-to-end testing solutions. This cloud-based testing tool can be seamlessly integrated with CI/CD tools.

On Mabl, tests can be run on emulators; it also has a feature that mimics desktops or mobile devices, and you’ve got the flexibility to choose screen orientation and devices (for instance, OnePlus 7, iPhone 12, etc.) that you’d like to perform tests on.


  • Auto healing: Mabl is an AI-powered test automation tool that combines human and machine intelligence to auto-heal.
  • API testing: You can automate API tests and browser tests simultaneously.
  • Cloud-based: This doesn’t require any additional setup; can be scaled up or down based on the project requirement.
  • Parallel test execution: Time-saving and cost-effective as tests can be run at the same time.
  • Analytics dashboard: Generates reports for analyzing test reports, statistics, etc.
  • Data-driven testing
  • Supports regression testing
  • Bug management:Can be integrated with Jenkins, Slack, Bamboo, JIRA, etc. to quickly collaborate, communicate, and fix bugs with teams.
  • Tests for web, cross-browser, mobile, hybrid apps can be automated from the same place.
  • Price:Custom plan; get in touch with them for a quote.


perfecto - codeless-automation-testing-tools

Formerly known as TestCraft, Perfecto is a scriptless automation testing tool that is powered by AI. Perfecto’s cloud comes with hundreds of real devices with various browser and OS combinations. It can be integrated with CI/CD tools.

This codeless testing tool is simple to learn and AI automatically corrects errors wherever necessary. Plus, Perfecto generates Selenium test scripts after you write tests in English.


  • Auto healing: AI is capable of healing 97% of broken tests.
  • API testing: API testing on Perfecto is quick, offers advanced validation and scalability.
  • Cloud-based: It is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Parallel test execution: You can run tests simultaneously on various platforms and environments.
  • Analytics & reports: Perfecto sends out insightful reports after every run.
  • Behaviour-driven testing
  • Supports regression testing
  • Bug management:Bug reports and crashes are reported via logs and screenshots along with recommendations for bug fixes.
  • You can automate tests for mobile, web, app, hybrid apps, cross-browser, etc. from the same place.
  • Price:Custom plan for no-code automation; you can contact Perfecto for a quote


Leapwork - codeless-automation-testing-tools

Whether your background is technical or not — Leapwork lets you learn and automate test cases quite quickly. This codeless automation testing tool allows building test cases virtually via design flow charts.

You can automate a wide range of apps, including desktop, SAP, Citrix, mobile, web, and cloud-based ones. It supports CI/CD tools. You can run tests by importing data from spreadsheets, web services, and databases.


  • Auto healing: Utilizes NLP and AI for self-healing
  • API testing: Supports API testing and it comes with a REST API that lets third-party systems automate any flows on Leapwork.
  • Cloud-based
  • Parallel test execution:Supports running tests in multiple environments via Selenium Grid or cloud-based tools like BrowserStack and Sauce Labs.
  • Analytics & reports:Leapwork has an exhaustive analytics dashboard that fetches performance reports; it’s also customizable and can be integrated with Tableau and Power BI.
  • Data-driven testing
  • Supports regression testing
  • Bug management:Leapwork offers a hyper-visual bug management system where it shows bugs in three forms: activity log, video recordings of the bugs, and a debug version of the automation flow with data insights.
  • This tool supports testing mobile, web, cross-browser, hybrid apps, etc., from the same place.
  • Price:Custom quote

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex-Studio - codeless-automation-testing-tools

Ranorex Studio is a codeless test automation tool that supports tech stacks such as .NET, C#, HTML5, Java, etc. It can be integrated with major CI/CD tools, and it’s particularly great for GUI testing. Like most codeless automation testing tools, Ranorex also comes with features like drag and drop, capture and replay, and recording, etc.


  • Auto healing:Ranorex self heals using object recognition to dodge exceptions and decrease manual maintenance
  • Supports API testing
  • Cloud-based:It’s fully cloud-based and offers a remote working functionality called ‘Ranorex Remote’ for teams to collaborate and work from anywhere.
  • Parallel test execution:You can run tests parallelly on physical servers, virtual servers, or Selenium grids.
  • Analytics & reports:With Ranorex, you can analyze test results via an XML-based test run report; the dashboard can be customized based on your preference
  • Data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing
  • Supports regression testing
  • Bug management:This tool reports bugs via screenshots and logs. For UI testing, it comes with an in-built image comparison feature that helps you identify errors quickly.
  • You can automate tests for mobile, web, cross-browser, hybrid apps, etc., from the same platform.
  • Price:Very expensive, it begins at $3,590.


Katalon - codeless-automation-testing-tools

Katalon is a codeless testing platform that can be integrated with multiple CI/CD tools, DevOps, and any cloud-based services. While it is great for beginners, it offers extensive script extension and customization for experts.

Apart from the cloud, it can be used on local machines too. Katalon’s store offers myriad plugins that can effectively improve the testing capabilities too.


  • Auto healing:Katalon uses AI-powered XPath options for auto-healing, object location, and adapting to changes.
  • API testing:Katalon is API-centric, and it supports REST, SOAP/1.1, and SOAP/1.2 requests.
  • Cloud-based:It can be accessed via the cloud and on local machines.
  • Parallel test execution:You can run tests on multiple devices, browsers, and environments simultaneously.
  • Analytics & reports:Generates status reports and performance reports with a visual demonstration of test runs, crashes, performance, etc.
  • Data-driven testing, behaviour-driven testing
  • Supports regression testing
  • Bug management:This tool has an advanced debugger that accelerates ad hoc inspection and catches any bugs, changes, etc. easily.
  • You can perform web, mobile, and desktop testing from the same project.
  • Price:It begins at $599 per year.


ACCELQ - codeless-automation-testing-tools

ACCELQ is a cutting-edge codeless test automation tool designed for next-gen software systems. Its unique feature lies in its AI-driven test automation capabilities, empowering users to create and execute tests effortlessly. The tool′s best feature is the intuitive interface that allows testers to design automated tests without delving into complex coding. ACCELQ further adapts to changes in the application, ensuring robust test coverage and efficient collaboration among testing teams.


  • Auto healing:Utilizes AI for smarter and adaptive test automation.
  • Cloud-based:Facilitates testing in a cloud environment for enhanced scalability and accessibility.
  • Parallel test execution:You can run tests on multiple devices, browsers, and environments simultaneously.
  • Analytics & reports:Provides visual modeling and analytics for efficient test insights.
  • Supports web and API testing.
  • Bug management:Offers collaborative bug management for streamlined issue resolution.
  • Price:Varies based on the choice of testing device, i.e., web, API, and mobile.


ACCELQ - codeless-automation-testing-tools

When you have to write multiple lines of code just to test a simple feature, TOSCA MBTA comes to the rescue. It emerges as a formidable codeless test automation tool whose distinctive feature lies in its model-based test automation approach. The tool enables users to create reusable test modules and design complex test scenarios without scripting. But there’s more! It comes with robust test data management and analytics capabilities that contribute to comprehensive test coverage.


  • Auto healing:Integrates model-based testing for efficient and adaptive test automation.
  • Cloud-based:Utilizes a cloud infrastructure for scalable and distributed testing environments.
  • Parallel test execution:Enhances test efficiency with reusable test modules and parallel execution.
  • Analytics & reports:Delivers insights through integrated analytics and customizable reports.
  • Bug management:Supports comprehensive bug management with graphical modeling.Offers scanning of the application’s UI or APIs to create a business-readable automation model.
  • Dynamic object identification.
  • Price:Request pricing on the website.


ACCELQ - codeless-automation-testing-tools

TestRigor defines itself as an innovative codeless test automation tool designed for the intricacies of testing complex systems with ease. Its standout feature is the NLP technology, enabling testers to articulate test scenarios in plain language and making it accessible to non-technical team members. And it has got self-healing capabilities as well.


  • Auto healing:Adapts to changes in the application with AI-driven self-healing capabilities.
  • Cloud-based:Facilitates collaboration between testers and developers on a shared testing platform.
  • Provides copy-paste of manual test cases into the tool.
  • Covers web, mobile, API, emails, 2F authentication, and SMS + Calls testing.
  • Parallel test execution:Optimizes testing speed with the ability to run tests in parallel, enhancing efficiency.
  • Analytics & reports:Provides valuable insights through comprehensive analytics and reporting.
  • Bug management:Offers collaborative bug management for efficient issue tracking.
  • Price:Free open source and private options start from $900/month.


ACCELQ - codeless-automation-testing-tools

TestComplete establishes itself as a versatile codeless test automation tool catering to the demands of modern software systems. It supports cross-platform testing capability across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. TestComplete’s object recognition technology facilitates robust test creation without extensive scripting. Yet the tool supports a wide range of scripting languages for users who prefer code-based automation.


  • Auto healing:Adapts to changes in the application with object recognition technology.
  • Cloud-based:Ensures cross-platform testing with support for desktop, web, and mobile platforms.
  • Parallel test execution:Optimizes testing efficiency with support for various scripting languages.
  • Integrate with project management andCI/CD tools.
  • Analytics & reports:Provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for efficient test design.
  • Bug management:Offers extensive integrations for versatile testing workflows.
  • Price:Starts from $1,940 fixed price.


ACCELQ - codeless-automation-testing-tools

Testim is an intuitive, codeless test automation tool designed for the complexities of new-gen software systems. What makes Testim a part of this list for automation testing tools without coding is its AI-driven testing capabilities that support automatic test creation and maintenance. Testim’s Smart Locators technology adapts to changes in the application, equipping testers with the ability to create robust and stable tests. With its ability to run tests in parallel, Testim optimizes testing speed which is every tester’s dream come true.


  • Auto healing:Employs AI for automatic test creation and maintenance.
  • Cloud-based:Utilizes a cloud infrastructure for scalable and distributed testing environments.
  • Parallel test execution:Optimizes testing speed with the ability to run tests in parallel, enhancing efficiency.
  • Analytics & reports:Offers smart locators for adaptive testing and detailed reporting.
  • Bug management:Provides collaborative bug management for efficient issue tracking.
  • AI-powered element locators.
  • Supports scalability with TestOps.
  • Data-driven improvements in managing tests.
  • Price:Contact them to get a customized plan; free trial of 14 days.


ACCELQ - codeless-automation-testing-tools

autoMagiQ is tailored to generate and execute codeless test scripts for modern software systems using NLP technology. The tool comes equipped with AI-driven self-healing capabilities, a simple visual interface, and continuous integration and delivery.


  • Auto healing:Leverages natural language processing (NLP) and AI for seamless self-healing of test scripts.
  • AI-powered failure prediction.
  • Comprehensive API testing.
  • Cloud-based:Operates on cloud infrastructure, providing flexibility and scalability for testing needs.
  • Parallel test execution:Optimizes testing speed with the ability to run tests in parallel, enhancing efficiency.
  • Analytics & reports:Provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features for valuable insights.
  • Bug management:Employs a hyper-visual bug management system for efficient tracking and resolution.
  • Price:Custom quote; contact their team.

Virtuoso QA

ACCELQ - codeless-automation-testing-tools

A comprehensive codeless test automation tool, Virtuoso QA is an all-in-one platform that combines test automation, performance testing, and robotic process automation (RPA). The visual scripting interface of the tool allows users to create tests effortlessly without delving into scripting complexities. Another best feature of the tool is its integrated analytics and reporting, which provides insights into test results and application performance.


  • Auto healing:Supports auto healing for dynamic application and environment changes.
  • Integrates test automation, performance testing, and robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Cloud-based:Leverages a cloud-based testing infrastructure for scalable and distributed testing environments.
  • Parallel test execution:Optimizes testing efficiency with a visual scripting interface.
  • Analytics & reports:Provides integrated analytics and reporting for insights into test results and application performance.
  • Built-in debugging feature for accelerated test creation.
  • Bug management:Acts as a centralized hub for testing processes with holistic quality assurance.
  • Price:Offers Growth, Business, and Enterprise pricing options.

Cloud QA

ACCELQ - codeless-automation-testing-tools

Cloud QA is a dynamic codeless test automation tool that supports cloud-based testing infrastructure. Its visual test creation interface simplifies the test design process, and the parallel testing feature accelerates the testing lifecycle. With its focus on cloud resources, Cloud QA offers flexibility and scalability.


  • Auto healing:Adapts to changes in the application with AI-driven self-healing capabilities.
  • Cloud-based:Leverages a cloud-based infrastructure for scalable and distributed testing environments.
  • Data-driven and API testing.
  • Offers cross-platform test coverage.
  • Parallel test execution:Optimizes test execution times by supporting parallel testing on the cloud.
  • Analytics & reports:Provides valuable insights through comprehensive analytics and reporting.
  • Bug management:Facilitates efficient bug management with visual test creation.
  • Price:Varies as per the Standard, Enterprise, and Extended versions; offers free trial.

Now that we’ve discussed the best codeless automation testing tools, tell us which one you’re keen on exploring. And if you’ve been using any other tool, tell us about it in the comments section.

Start automating your tests for web, mobile, desktop applications and APIs, from the same place, with the codeless test automation tool Testsigma

What are some important/must-have features every codeless test automation tool should offer?

As also discussed above under section “Top features every codeless test automation tool must have” , below are some important features that a codeless test automation tool must have:

  • Advanced Object Recognition: The most basic and important step during the automation of test cases for an application is the recognition of objects in the application. A good tool that is able to capture these objects correctly in the first attempt and allows capture of multiple attributes and related structures, to ease correction of the test case in the future, is what is the need of the hour.
  • Support for looping and control structures: If the tool does not have support for looping eg. for and while loops. And does not have support for structures that could control the flow of the test steps as needed, the translation of every test step to an automated one will be tough. Examples of such steps include going over the same step multiple times and changing the flow depending on the result from one step.
  • Smart Wait: Majority of problems that arise after a test case is automated are related to waits. Sometimes, the page is not able to complete loading and sometimes the site is slow. The tool should incorporate such conditions automatically without the need of the tester to figure out the reasons for failing.
  • Support for Assert statements: A test case is always composed of 2 types of steps. One is an action step that does things and one is a verify step that actually checks if the result is as expected. Sometimes, if a tool does not support assert statements, a tester does some workarounds which can affect the reporting quality. Thus, a codeless testing tool should support the assert statements for better test execution and reporting.
  • Easy edits and maintenance of test cases: The principal offering of a codeless testing tool is ease. So it has to make sure that not only the test creation but the test editing and maintenance are also an easy process. To aid this, the test cases should be able to self-heal if there is any minor change in the property of some object because of the recent development changes.
  • Cross-Browser and device testing: These days most of the softwares is made with the intention of supporting multiple browsers and devices. If the execution of the automated test cases is not possible on multiple browsers and devices it won’t be serving its purpose.
  • Advanced Reporting: Only reporting pass and fail is not enough, the reporting should also provide any possible reasons for failure and impacted test cases. All needed material for debugging including screenshots, videos and logs should be readily available.
  • Support for Integration with multiple CI/CD tools being used in the market: This is such that the codeless testing tool can easily integrate with the existing processes of an organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

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While choosing a test management tool, consider factors such as adaptability to different development approaches, usability, integration support, version control, budget, and security features when making your final decision. Read the comparison criteria discussed in the article.

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