testsigma vs Testproject

Looking for a TestProject Alternative?

Replace your TestProject installation with Testsigma - a powerful, robust low-code Test automation solution that helps you eliminate your manual testing woes


How is Testsigma different from TestProject?

Limited support for mobile and API automation testing and the need to integrate with external lab providers make TestProject much more challenging to use, both timewise and financially. Here are the feature and product differences between the companies.


3 reasons Testsigma is the best TestProject alternatives

Open Source, Forever!

While TestProject was free to use and required users to have an API key to use their open source SDK, Testsigma takes an open source and community-driven approach. You don’t need a contingency plan with Testsigma, be rest assured that the platform will always be accessible.

Support for Mobile App Testing

One of the biggest challenges for TestProject or Testim users is the support for mobile app testing. With Testsigma, write complex automated tests for your mobile application testing now easily in simple English.

Automate Tests End-to-End

With Testsigma, you can effortlessly automate test scenarios across your workflows such as web, mobile, desktop, REST-APIs, Database, and visual elements. You no longer need different stacks for testing different parts of your application.

Benefits of using Testsigma


Reduction in Test
Development Time


Reduction in
Release Cycle


Testing Effort

Don’t just take our word for it!

Testsigma replaced Testproject at Ovaledge and we can’t be happier with this decision. The speed, stability and support are unparalleled compared to Testproject. If you are looking to replace Testproject for your test automation, look no further - Testsigma is probably the best out there.

Sampath Maka
Mohan Krishna

Director - QA, OvalEdge


Testsigma vs TestProject: A Comparison

Platform Overview
Supported use casesWeb, Mobile apps and APIsWeb Apps, Mobile apps, Desktop apps, database, API , and Visual testing
InstallationLocal agent + cloud-based UI managerNo installation, on the cloud
ParallelizationDifficult - parallel execution requires agent configurationEasy - scale parallel executions on the cloud
Test ManagementNot availableAvailable, Built-in
Customized ReportsNot availableAvailable, Modular level customizations

Supported by using API key

Not Supported

Only Slack

CI/CD: Seamless integrations with Jenkins, Circle CI

Bug Tracking: JIRA, Freshrelease, Bugzilla

Collaboration: Integration with Slack, Teams

Free/PremiumTraining from solution experts & 24/7 tech supportOnly knowledgebase and online help
Web Application Test Automation
Test AuthoringSlightly complex; Record and playback authoringRe-usable step groups; Flexible authoring in simple English for complex scenarios, and Selenium and JS-based custom functions for your custom requirements.
Reusable Step GroupsNot AvailableReusable step groups for different scenarios to eliminate rework and repetition
Dynamic Object handlingEasy-MediumEasy
Test ExecutionOnly sequential executions on limited browsersParallel cloud executions across 800+ Browser/OS combinations
Auto-healing scriptsSupportedSupported
AI-powered MaintenanceNot availableSupported, AI suggests solutions to fix errors in failed tests
Automated regressionsNot availableSupported, AI-engine identifies affected tests after failed regressions
Custom NLPsNot SupportedSupport for edge scenarios with custom NLP functions
2FA enabled Testing2FA enabled testing not supportedTest with 2FA enabled for your applications
Mobile App Test Automation
Automation setupRequires local device setup and configurationNo frameworks or setup required, directly on the cloud
Contextual testingNot specifiedSupports testing for native, hybrid and web apps for iOS and Android
Testing InfrastructureLimited, Only local devices2000+ iOS and Android real devices available on the cloud
Geo-specific testingComplex, Requires installing add-onsEasy, Simple drop down options for locations
Automated API Testing
SetupRequires installing API add-onZero setup ,codeless UI-based API testing
REST API methodsSupportedSupported
Comparison modesNot SupportedAvailable
Store Runtime dataNot SupportedSupported , Capture run time data from API responses
Migrating from TestProject into Testsigma

Migrating from TestProject into Testsigma

Testsigma is a great fit for customers or users of TestProject looking for alternative options. TestProject is a well-known test automation platform for users looking for non-commercial, low-code options. But, there are some limitations with such tools over the long run in terms of business sustainability, resulting in its situation.

That is not the case with open source, and we emphasize being an open source and community-driven platform. Since we are open source, you will never have to be in this situation again. Moreover, with Testsigma, you’ll not need to think of a business continuity scenario. So, here we are, offering you the flexibility to choose a model that is perfect for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is TestProject, and how does it compare to Testsigma?

TestProject is a free, cloud-based test automation platform that allows users to create, execute, and manage automated tests for web, mobile, and API testing.

Testsigma is a similar open-source, low-code test automation platform that provides a natural language interface to automate testing. It's designed to make test automation simple, fast, and accessible to everyone. Compared to TestProject, Testsigma has some advantages:

  • Testsigma offers a unique community-driven approach, providing an open-source solution that prioritizes sustainability over a limited free model. that puts sustainability over a limited free model. This means you can get a reliable, constantly improving platform supported by a community of users and developers.
  • Plus, you can use Testsigma on any platform - web, mobile, or API - no matter what you use!
  • It has a natural language interface, so it's effortless for you to understand what the tests are doing.
  • Testsigma's an AI-based approach that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make complex test automation easier and faster.

In conclusion, Testsigma offers a unique approach to test automation and provides an easier, faster, and more accessible way to automate tests compared to TestProject.

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