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Why Testsigma for automated API testing

Testsigma helps Engineering Teams scale API testing automation

Empower everyone in your quality engineering teams to create a wide range of API tests — with minimal code.

Validating API

Save time by validating APIs in real-time

Invoke, validate, and debug APIs in real-time. Build complex test assertions with a few clicks and run them on the cloud.
Validating API

Improve Test Coverage with data-driven API testing

Test a variety of scenarios by storing input data as test data types and use it as parameters in your API requests.
Validating API

Test how UI and business layers interact

Interact with APIs as part of your web and mobile functional tests. Store API response objects and use them downstream in functional tests.
Validating API

Test APIs continuously across your release cycle

Set up tests to run automatically as part of your CI/CD pipeline. Testsigma supports native integrations with Jenkins, Circle CI, and other API lifecycle tools.
Validating API

Chain API tests for increased coverage

Create a wide range of API tests, including unit, integration, and contract tests to extend test coverage across the UI and API layers.
Validating API

Gain a clear understanding of your API and GUI quality

Get detailed insights into the status of your tests with detailed logs, screenshots, and other important data, making it easy to monitor application quality.
How to test APIs with Testsigma

Create API tests in minutes- without any coding

Store & reuse API response data

Effortlessly create API tests with Testsigma's user-friendly interface. Just enter the endpoint, select the method, add headers, set the status code, and run the test.

Store & reuse API response data
Create rest-API test

Test all API methods for continuous validation

Store & reuse API response data

Validate different REST API methods (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD) with separate tests or in one integrated test and ensure comprehensive test coverage.

API method response

Run parameterized REST API tests hasslefree

Store & reuse API response data

Verify multiple scenarios by testing APIs with multiple test data sets without making script changes every time by storing parameters as data profiles in Testsigma.

API parameters
Validate API responses

Validate API responses with different comparison modes

Store & reuse API response data

Make your API response validation more flexible by choosing between various schema modes to compare actual response values with expected responses.

Validate API
Store & reuse API response data

Store & reuse API response data automatically

Store & reuse API response data

Gain more control and flexibility over your tests by automatically capturing specific run time data from your API responses and reusing them in subsequent tests.

Store & reuse API response data
API response data

Unified platform for every testing team

Replace multiple tools in your test stack with one low-code platform.

Test management

  • TestOps

  • Test versioning

  • User and role management

  • Requirement management

Test authoring

  • Plain English scripting

  • Testsigma Recorder

  • Reusable step groups

Test execution

  • Scheduled test runs

  • Parallel testing

  • Cross browser and device testing

  • Local testing


  • Drill-down test reports

  • Screenshots and videos

  • Text logs

Advanced features

  • AI Suggestion Engine

  • Productivity trends

  • Visual testing

  • Centralized agent control

asked questions
API test automation involves the creation of automated test scripts that simulate different types of API requests and responses to validate their functionality, reliability, and performance. This helps to ensure that APIs are working as expected and meet the requirements of the software application being developed, while also reducing the risk of human error and increasing testing efficiency.
API testing is often a challenging and time-consuming task, particularly for testers with little or no coding experience. To familiarize yourself with API testing, learn how to send requests and analyze responses. Additionally, using an easy-to-use, low-code API testing tool like Testsigma with built-in test automation capabilities can also make the process easier and more efficient.
Automating API tests in Testsigma is a breeze - just create a new test case, choose "API test," and add your API endpoint. From there, add more details such as header content, status code, or parameters, and send the request. See the response and validate it automatically by adding codeless assertions. Create reusable components and automate even the most complex API workflows.
Yes, you can easily import a Postman collection into Testsigma. To do so, simply export your Postman collections and Environments as a JSON or ZIP file and upload it into Testsigma. Once your collection is imported, you can use it to create new API test cases or incorporate it into existing ones. Testsigma also allows you to customize your imported Postman collections and add additional test steps as needed.