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Why automated API testing with Testsigma

Scriptless API testing

Simple setup, no coding

Avoid the hassle of setting up environments and writing code. Just sign up and start automating API tests & validate responses with our intuitive UI.

API Call sequence

Automate your API sequences

Customize & automate your API call sequences to match your application workflow and prevent encountering unexpected errors.

Functional testing

Seamlessly integrated end-to-end testing

Testsigma’s unified, test automation platform allows you to bring Functional UI testing and API testing under one roof.

Create REST API tests using an intuitive user interface

With Testsigma you can create API test cases without writing scripts. Enter the endpoint, choose your API method, add your header content, set your status code and run the test. It's that easy!
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Test all your API methods continuously

Validate APIs using different REST API methods (GET,PUT,POST,DELETE, HEAD) either through separate tests for each method or one integrated test.
Testing with API methods

Parameterized REST API testing on auto-pilot

Run your API test for multiple test data sets without making script changes every time by storing parameters as data profiles in Testsigma.

Validate API responses with different comparison modes

Choose the rigidity(Strict,Lenient, Non-extensible, Strict order, JSON schema) of comparing actual response values with your expected API response.
Read more about comparison modes

Store & reuse API response data automatically

Gain more control and flexibility over your tests by automatically capturing specific run time data from your API responses to reuse in subsequent tests.

API method response API parameters Validate API API response data

Testsigma fits right into your Dev and QA toolchain by integrating with JIRA, Jenkins and several
other essential applications to help facilitate an automated CI/CD pipeline.