Super Fast Test Development

Testsigma uses natural language processing to write stable and reliable automated tests, faster than ever.

Anyone can start writing automated tests using natural language. With Testsigma, writing automated tests is as simple as writing manual tests

Know What Tests to Run as Your Code Changes

For every change in the application, with minimum required inputs, Testsigma uses AI that suggests you the affected or relevant tests to be executed.

Save time and effort in identifying the affected tests for your application changes manually

Make Sure You Avoid Similar Failures with Other Tests

Whenever there is a test failure, Testsigma uses AI to identify other tests which may have been affected. Testsigma also tries to auto correct the tests to some extent.

Identify potential failures upfront and save execution time and cost.

Don’t Miss Out on Any Relevant Test in Your Test Run

Using AI, Testsigma helps you identify all relevant test cases to be included as part of your test run.

Avoid abrupt test failures that are likely to occur later in the release cycle.