Why Choose Testsigma as your Automation Testing Tool?

June 5, 2024Mohammad Adil
Why Choose Testsigma as your Automation Testing Tool

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Though manual testing will always have its place, test automation is a necessary part of an organization’s testing process as it can help the business achieve larger business goals like high-quality products with less cost and reduced investment on resources. Also, there are other benefits such as quick test results, shortened release cycles among many others. 

The decision of whether to use an automation testing tool in an organization or not is in the hands of the upper management. It is important for the management to understand that adding automation testing to an organization’s manual testing operations is very important. When automation testing is adopted, increased test coverage can be achieved as resources can be free to do more productive tasks.

In this article, we will see how Testsigma helps the web and mobile dependent businesses to reduce the cost of  software releases and continuously release great quality software products faster.

How does Testsigma help shorten release cycles?

Businesses and organizations, usually release new features and updates without much delay. Testing is often considered as a bottleneck here because it can take a long time before giving a green signal for release. Automation is the ideal solution in such situations but if a tool takes up a lot of time to create, maintain and execute test cases, the ROI of test automation reduces.

Testsigma, as a test automation tool, help teams reduce the time taken for creation, maintenance, and execution of test cases as discussed below:

  • Quick creation of tests: Testsigma requires near-zero initial setup time and cost to get you started. With the help of a test automation framework, you can get a structure for the test automation tasks such as quick test creation, test execution, and reporting.
    The tests are simple to understand and write.
    Check out Testsigma’s Test Development approach.

  • Easy maintenance:  If the developer makes changes in the application, the existing automated test script also needs to be changed. This may take a lot of time and effort.

    The self-healing feature of Testsigma automatically fixes minor changes made to the source code and hence prevents the tests from failing. Further, affected resources, test cases can automatically be identified in case of a changed resource.
    Testsigma’s new Suggestion Engine feature will diagnose for alternative solutions for a failed step.

  • Parallel test execution: Parallel testing can speed up your testing to take it from days to hours.
    Testsigma allows you to execute tests in parallel. With effective parallelization, you can divide the time spent running tests by simultaneously testing in multiple browsers and devices in its Test Lab or on your local machine, at the same time, instead of waiting for one followed by another.

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How can Testsigma reduce your business cost?

  • It helps you detect bugs early in the development cycle, also known as Shift Left testing approach which can have a huge impact on reducing your business costs. The earlier you find bugs in development, the less costly they become for the company to resolve.

  • With Testsigma, you can create tests along with the development which saves a lot of time for testers after the development is done.

  • With Testsigma, you can make payment according to your usage. You do not have to pay additional money for Users, Test Development and Test Execution on local devices. With the cloud, you can get your own dedicated testing environment resources as per your need and only pay for what you use.

  • With Testsigma’s cloud-based infrastructure, there is no need for investment in setting up traditional testing environments. Cloud-based automation testing provides the virtual infrastructure needed for testing and can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

  • Automation can not only help you find bugs early in the software development lifecycle, but you can also find them quickly through readily available integrations with needed tools including Slack, Jira, and Github.

  • As Testsigma uses simple English to write automated tests without any requirement of tools or programming knowledge, everyone can create and execute automated tests five times faster using natural language and run tests on thousands of devices available on the cloud.

How will other teams benefit from the tool in addition to the testing team?

  • An automation script can help you cover large areas of code to check whether it passes or fails instead of manually executing a basic test case. 

  • Testsigma uses simple natural language to automate testing for all types of applications and the simple natural language automation allows non-technical team members to create/review the automated test cases, thus enhancing collaboration. This also facilitates the implementation of a DevOps approach and improves the communication between teams.

A clear test automation strategy should be developed

Having a clear test automation strategy is critical as it benefits the company as a whole. It not only allows for smoother implementation by maintaining quality during fast release cycles but also helps you set relevant KPIs beforehand. This will help the company achieve higher ROI.

If the management does not understand the importance of adding automation testing in the company’s testing operations or decides to stop test automation in the middle of the implementation process, both ways it can hurt both the testers as well as the company as a whole in the longer run. It is important for you to understand that automation testing bridges the gap between frequent software releases and maintaining a high-quality product.

Management mostly like numbers, graphs, and reports.

Testsigma provides detailed test reports for all the test case executions that consist of a powerful visual feedback system including screenshots and logs for easy understanding. In addition, Testsigma also provides a video of test execution. Suggestion engine in Testsigma helps diagnose and fix a test step failure. 

With tools like Testsigma, the future of test automation is bright as it comes as a complete package for a company who is looking to create quality products and also getting to the market in time. It unites all resources together on a single platform to give you faster results with minimal initial time and efforts.

With Testsigma, you can see ROI right from the beginning instead of years later.

Build and run tests 10x faster for web, mobile, desktop and APIs under Testsigma’s unified platform.

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