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When can Testsigma be your perfect Scriptless Test Automation Solution?

When can Testsigma be your perfect Scriptless Test Automation Solution?

Scriptless test automation might mean different things to different people but the motive with which is made is to get better results in less time. Scriptless removes the barrier of learning and implementing a scripting language while you can automate the same scenarios. Today, test automation is moving towards scriptless. 

While there are multiple approaches to scriptless test automation, in this article we will discuss what makes Testsigma a perfect scriptless test automation solution.

Below are a few scenarios:

1. There is a lack of time & resources to learn to code for automating complex scenarios

Unlike many other tools which allow the recording of simple test cases but require coding skills to automate complex scenarios, Testsigma makes automation of complex scenarios as simple as writing a test case in simple English.

Additionally, most of the tools require you to spend a significant amount of time in test creation, set up, automation, training, and maintenance, which shoots up the overall cost to automate.

Testsigma doesn’t require any training for test case creation and minimal effort & time goes into maintenance.

2. You want to implement insprint test automation

When you want to implement insprint test automation, you need to automate test cases for the developed features in the same sprint. For this, you would need a tool that can make test case creation and maintenance really easy and quick for you.

Testsigma is a tool that has been built with that requirement in mind and becomes the perfect tool that could help you with the efficient implementation of insprint test automation.

3. You also want to include non-technical members of the team in the test automation process

Testsigma lets you automate in simple English. Thus, the members of your team like, clients, project managers, product managers can also be included in the test case creation and review process.

4. You want to save money, time as well as space

When you are talking about test automation, it can only be successful if you are able to automate it and execute it at a cost that is less than the manual testing cost. For this, you need to look at the costs involved from all angles.

Testsigma as a tool saves your money as you don’t need a big and skilled team for test automation, your manual testers can easily get to scale your test automation.

In terms of time – because Testsigma is a scriptless test automation solution built-in with a lot of automatic test maintenance mechanisms – it saves a lot of time. In terms of space, you don’t need to spend a penny on infrastructure setup because Testsigma gives you all you need on the cloud.

5. You need support for loops and conditional statements

When you start with test automation, you start with basic scenarios. During those moments, you might not need any loops or conditional statements. But as your test suite would grow, you would need to include some complex functionalities.

Testsigma comes prepared for those scenarios and lets you implement loops and conditional statements while keeping the approach completely scriptless.

6. You need to increase the range of browsers and devices for testing

Not all customers are ultra-modern to upgrade their browsers and devices as soon as an update is available. Some like to go with what they have in hand, and you can’t change that.

The best way forward is to change your approach instead by testing your application across all the browsers. Testsigma offers 5 test labs having thousands of browsers and devices, including both old and new browsers to test your software on and maximize your test coverage significantly. 

7. You need a framework that allows you to easily reuse objects or test steps

Before selecting your automation tool, it is crucial to check whether the tool allows reusability of the objects or test steps. If it doesn’t, you have to put in the same amount of time and effort every time you create a test case.

Testsigma has included a myriad of features such as add step groups, copy test steps, test clones, and share UI identifiers in order to promote reusability and improve efficiency as much as possible.

8. You have security concerns pertaining to cloud

A Cloud-based solution is the need of the hour as it allows the teams to develop and test from any part of the world. But, a lot of companies avoid it due to security-related concerns. While dealing with a platform hosted on the cloud, security is one of the top priorities for any organization.

Testsigma is sensitive towards the security and privacy of your data and has considered all the possible security-related concerns for your data on the backend in order to safeguard your data from all the possible attacks on the frontend.

9. Basic record and play tools don’t let you automate key functionalities due to a lack of customization

In most cases, organizations have some unique components which might not be automatable through simple website automation tools. There can be a gamut of key functionalities which you won’t be able to automate. TestSigma offers you custom functions to give you the ability to automate such scenarios on all such components.

10. Your testing team needs to wait for the features to work seamlessly before initiating test automation

More often than not, testers have to wait for the features to be implemented completely to be able to start with automation which unnecessarily delays the automated testing which could have started with the development.

Testsigma helps you create test cases before the development begins, according to the automation. The test cases can then be linked with the developed product as soon as the development is completed.

11. You need a tool that can integrate with your CI/CD and bug tracking workflows

Tracking and reporting of bugs are the most crucial parts of a software testing life cycle (STLC) as it provides pivotal data for drawing key insights regarding the critical bugs on time. If you use a tool to report bugs and failures, it is important that these bugs get reported in a timely manner.

Testsigma seamlessly integrates with all the popular bug tracking tools and actively reports all the failures as a bug to help the developer and the management mitigate the key issues on time.

Get started with a free trial of Testsigma and see all of these features for yourself.

It is imperative to check the availability of all the above-listed features in your scriptless test automation solution before making a final selection in order to ensure smooth testing of the functionalities of your product or application.

Testsigma can be your reliable partner having the potential to fulfil all your key testing-related requirements and ensure you release top-quality products fast. 

Which feature from this list is the most important to you? Do let us know in the comments.

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