Why choose Testsigma as your Scriptless Test Automation tool?

Towards the end of last year, Angie put forward a set of guidelines that Scriptless Test Automation tools like Testsigma can follow to address the concerns of the Testing community.

Taking a look at the guidelines – 10 features every scriptless test automation tool should offer, we are glad to see that our philosophies match well and to be frank, these are some of the reasons that initially led us to the inception of a tool like Testsigma.

Let us do a point-by-point analysis.

1. Smart Element Locators – AI driven scriptless test automation

Once the tests are created and ready, test maintenance is the next hurdle a tester has to go through. Undesirable Test maintenance wastes productive time that could be used for manual feature checks and increasing test coverage.

Scriptless Test Automation tools like Testsigma helps in this regard with intelligent ui identifiers(Testsigma’s synonym for element locators) by employing a dynamic locator strategy. It ensures that the functional tests don’t break even if the product undergoes some structural changes.

If even one of the multiple strategies used for locating Elements stays the same, the tests will stay strong in the tide of code changes.

2. Conditional Waiting

Conditional waits allow us to avoid ‘dead waits’ that pauses the Execution for a specified amount of time even if the condition we are waiting for becomes true halfway.

Therefore, Testsigma has an extensive set of Conditional Wait statements which helps to add waits based on user-defined conditions.

  • Wait until the current page is loaded completely
  • Wait until the element ui identifier is clickable
  • Wait until the element ui identifier is selected
  • Wait until the element ui identifier is visible

And many more…

3. Conditional Flow and Control Structures

Controls Structures provided by the programming languages is one of the most powerful features available in Selenium. This allows defining different tests flows based on conditions or loop a set of test steps multiple times.

Imagine the same set of features available in a codeless tool without the added complexity. A modern scriptless test automation tool like Testsigma should provide these features out of the box.

We can either loop on a whole test case with a set of parameters(data-driven approach) or loop on a subset of test steps. This is especially useful if we want to simply repeat a step multiple times with/without an available test data set.

If Conditional steps in Testsigma allow you to define multiple test flows as mentioned earlier.

FOR Loop
(For loops)
IF-Else conditional steps
(If Else Conditional Steps)

4. Easy Assertions in scriptless test automation

Creating the navigation steps alone doesn’t add any value to the Tests. The real value comes with the Assertions. Assertion verifies that the required business logic is implemented properly and works in a way the Product owner wants it to.

Adding Assertions is similar to adding Conditional waits – using already available Verification statements.

Here’s a set of Assertions available by default –

  • Verify that an Alert with text test data is displayed
  • Verify that the ui identifier checkbox is disabled
  • Verify that the ui identifier list has option with text test data selected
  • Verify that the Alert displays the message test data
  • Verify that the count of elements identified by locator ui identifier is test data

And lot more…

5. Modification without redo

Record-and-playback tools do not permit easy editing of recorded tests. The tester has no choice but to re-record the test steps from the beginning if the flow if the applications changes even slightly or need to hard code them. This is far from ideal.

Like we mentioned earlier, Test Maintenance or modification is a piece of cake with Scriptless Test Automation tools like Testsigma due to the Add After, Add Before features that permit to add test steps at the beginning, end or anywhere in between.

Add Before
(Add Before Step)
Add After
(Add After Step)
Reorder Steps
(Reorder Steps)

We can reorder the steps with ease if the action flow changes in the App. We can also delete a set of steps in batch if it gets invalidated by a product change.

Testsigma Batch Delete Steps
(Batch Delete Steps)

6. Reusable steps in scriptless test automation

In scenarios similar to Login, it would be a redundant effort to create the same steps for each of the Test Cases. Therefore, it is necessary to provide some mechanism with which we can group a set of Test Steps for reuse.

Scriptless Test Automation tools like Testsigma materialises this using Reusable Step Groups feature. We can create a Step Group in a way similar to that of a Test Case. We can then add this step group in any of the Test Cases at any position as many times as we need.

Adding step group
(Adding Step Group)
(Using Step Group within Test Steps)

7. Cross-browser Support

With a plethora of devices(Desktop or Mobile) used by the End Users, we need to make sure the App functions as intended on all those devices or at least on a set of most popular devices. You may use Analytics tools such as Google Analytics to find out device usage patterns.

In Scriptless Test Automation tools like Testsigma, we can execute any of our created Test Cases on a Cross Browser Environment easily to check the Cross browser compatibility. Testsigma presents a Test Lab that contains over 800+ OS/Browser/Version combo and 2000+ real mobile devices through its association with industry leader Sauce Labs.

Testsigma test environment
(Test Environments in Test Plan)

8. Test Reporting and Analytics – Scriptless test automation

Testsigma provides a detailed Test Report for all the Test Case executions that consists of a powerful visual feedback system.

Step by step visual reports

Each of the Test Step has a passed/failed status indicator and screenshots that denote the state of the Application when the failure occured.

In some cases, the Test Case can fail at a step and the error might propagate down unnoticed until the next assertion. Step by step analysis in Scriptless Test Automation tools like Testsigma includes Screenshots and logs that helps us to understand the actual step where the Test failed.

Test Results 1
(Test Results 1)
Test Result 2
(Test Results 2)

Test Execution Video logs

We can easily figure out what went wrong using the Test Execution Video logs that helps us pinpoint the step which deviated from the actual Test Case.

Test Results Trend Analysis

Quick analysis as to how our tests are performing over a period of time.

Drill-down approach for filtering Test Results

We can view the Test Results on Test Suite > Test Environment > Test Case > Test Step levels. This feature abstracts the information and provides a high-level result initially, allowing us to drill down to the actual failure reason easily later.

9. Ability to insert code

All of the most common scenarios and even edge cases that need to be automated are realisable using Testsigma’s built in NLP Engine. However, if you need to use the power and flexibility of Code, you can create Custom Functions.

We can create Custom Functions using the most common languages such as Java(Selenium Code is also supported).

10. Continuous Integration

It is possible to integrate necessary third-party tools with Testsigma to bring all your testing resources together thereby achieving continuous testing. Testsigma has inbuilt integrations with Team Collaboration tools, Bug Tracking tools, ALM tools and CI tools.

We have already integrated some of your favourite tools like Slack, JIRA, GitHub, Jenkins, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs. Our tech support team can add additional integrations that are feasible as requested by you.

Honourable Additions

Apart from all of the above, we have a couple of additional features that make us the only tool that offers all of them under one roof.

  • Natural Language Test Steps creation
  • Possible Failure Detection – Affected Test Cases
  • Test Management Capabilities(Requirements, Test Suites, Test Case priorities e.t.c)
  • Automatic Bug Reporting(JIRA)
  • Shared Object Repository
  • State Management & more

Scriptless Test Automation Tool_Testsigma

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