Best scriptless testing tools for angular based applications

Best scriptless testing tools for angular based applications

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A long time ago, we started building software, basic calculator stuff. Small, uncluttered, and light software. Then we increased the size, complexity, and dependencies.

As the complexities of the software applications increased, the need for software testing became more and more apparent. That was when Manual testing of software applications came into being.

Soon, when the software was big and hefty, manual testing became a hectic and time-consuming job too. And just like any other field, ways for automating it started being researched.

Automation was then soon implemented where manual work was done by the computer, the need was to write scripts that would mimic the user behaviour and run as configured. 

But, today, we are at a stage where we have grown so much that even automation scripts, which were introduced for saving time, are taking quite a lot of time. Hence, we add another dish to our menu which could speed up the process of automation: scriptless automation and scriptless testing tools.

Scriptless testing tools or codeless testing tools are sometimes confused with writing nothing at all which is a misconception. Scriptless testing is developed to minimize the script writing which took most of the time in automation.

As a result, we do not need people with x years of experience in a tool. Just a bit of reading and understanding the syntax would make everything work. And therefore, even business partners and stakeholders can contribute to the test automation process.

Scriptless testing tools or codeless testing tools convert the easy-to-understand-to-human-eye instructions written by the team into code behind the scene.

Scriptless testing is gaining market share rapidly as it provides multiple benefits such as faster developments, speeds up processes, saves a lot of time, and helps in scaling the software faster.

In this post, we will discuss the best scriptless testing tools available in the market that can help you automate your angular based applications with ease and efficiency.


Testsigma is an extremely efficient scriptless testing tool that not only works on all types of web applications (including angular based applications) but also Android and iOS mobile applications. Testsigma supports a very wide range of testing paradigms including continuous testing and cross-browser testing which makes it a complete solution for those looking for efficient scriptless test automation.

Testsigma contains powerful AI and NLP-based algorithms that help in automation test creation “scriptlessly” in less time and with more accuracy.



  • The artificial intelligence algorithm paces up the automation test creation very easily (up to 5 times as claimed by Testsigma). It also helps in identifying the UI identifiers with a dynamic locator strategy.
  • Testsigma lets its users create automated test cases in English which makes it easier for anyone including business stakeholders to test their angular application.


  • Testsigma is completely hosted on the cloud, thus you only need to signup and you can start with you test case automation process immediately
  • Testsigma offers a unique binding feature under which the testers can test the application even when the app is under development, thus shift left is really easy. Later on, after completion, the tests can be bound together with ease.
  • Testsigma offers self heal whenever there is a change in a related resource which saves the overall execution time. Also, it suggests changes for affected resources after such a change.
  • Testsigma also has an in-built CI/CD integration facility which helps setting up the complete testing workflow easily.
  • Testsigma gives you the option to connect to any of the 5 device labs on the cloud at the click of a button and perform your cross browser testing with ease.
  • There is no initial setup required for Testsigma. Just sign up and test your application based on angular on any other technology on the cloud.
  • Testsigma provides easy test maintenance as the test steps can be added anywhere in the script with Add Before and Add After features.
  • Testsigma excels in providing rich reports with screenshots and videos which can be shared with other members of the team for review and modifications in the tests.

Testsigma - Features

Testsigma generated report.

Along with above highlighted features, Testsigma offers much more contribution in this scriptless test automation world. To know more about these features, you can visit Testsgima Scriptless Testing Features or you can just start your scriptless test automation journey on your angular application right away.

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Perfecto Scriptless (formerly Testcraft) 

Perfecto Scriptless, is a scriptless tool for automated testing of web applications that cover angular based applications as well. Perfecto Scriptless is made on top of Selenium which is an added advantage because Selenium has already proven itself in the community.

Hence, Perfecto Scriptless becomes a trusted and reliable software. Perfecto Scriptless uses AI technology to create the tests as well as to minimize the overhead of test maintenance. 



  • Perfecto Scriptless makes use of artificial intelligence to adjust the test cases, automatically, when a change occurs which is a plus point during the automation of complex angular applications.
  • Perfecto Scriptless uses a visual modeling technique that is interactive, interesting and indulges testers for faster and better test creation.
  • Perfecto Scriptless eliminates the need to learn the programming language that creates opportunities for different people to indulge in test creation.
  • Perfecto Scriptless comes with CI/CD integration capabilities.
  • Selenium-based and hence can leverage open-source modules and Selenium powerful functionalities.


ZapTest is an easy-to-use scriptless automation testing tool for web applications including angular based applications.Unlike the above-mentioned software, ZapTest uses drag and drop features rather than artificial intelligence to build up the test cases.

This makes test creation easier and super fast. Just like any other scriptless test automation software, a background in a programming language is not a requirement to work on ZapTest.



  • ZapTest works on GUI-based pages (calling them GUI Maps). The tester can pick the elements directly from the GUI and place them on the scriptless test board. They can later make a testing flow out of it.
  • ZapTest uses a drag-and-drop feature which is very easy to use and understand.

Zaptest - features

  • ZapTest has a very simple user interface with the majority of tools available in the side toolbar or the header toolbar. This gives ZapTest a smaller learning curve compared to other tools.
  • ZapTest provides a detailed scriptless test automation report for your angular application so that testers and business stakeholders can carefully scrutinize the application’s performance.
  • ZapTest can also connect to multiple devices (such as desktop and iOS-based devices) and the tester can run the tests on all of them parallelly.


ACCELQ is a continuous test management tool focussing on “self-healing capabilities” and cutting down the testing time. The selling pitch of ACCELQ has always been the scriptless automation testing approach for test creation.

To test the web applications including angular based applications, ACCELQ takes care of overheads and provides a cloud-based smooth approach to the tester or business analyst (since the process is codeless/scriptless).



  • ACCELQ works in the natural English language and does not require coding in any programming language. Such methods bring business analysts and testers together to contribute their thoughts.
  • ACCELQ comes with self-healing capabilities that adapt to the changes done in the user interface. ACCELQ stands apart from other self-healing tools as it can detect synonym-based changes too.
  • ACCELQ has an in-built view analyzer that can analyze your angular web application page’s DOM structure. With DOM in our hand, it becomes extremely easy to pick up the elements from the application which could have been a hard job with complex angular applications.


TestComplete is the final software making it to our list of best scriptless testing tools that can be used with angular based applications.TestComplete is built by Smartbear and is a codeless tool focussing on the record and replay feature provided by it. TestComplete is a popular tool in the testing community adopted by big companies.



  • TestComplete brings a “record and replay” feature that can help build UI tests with the “point and click” test creation feature.
  • The recorded tests can then be played across a variety of other devices such as desktop, web, and even mobile applications. This is a good feature to test the cross-platform compatibility of our angular application.
  • TestComplete has an in-built GUI object recognition system that uses artificial intelligence to identify objects from GUI.
  • TestComplete also has self-healing capabilities as described among other tools. Self-healing capabilities are one feature that has become quite important these days.

Which one’s your favourite?

Scriptless testing is the future of test automation. You can accomplish your goals without writing those messy Java code lines that would take hours to rectify errors.

Scriptless test automation eliminates the process of learning a time-consuming course and applying those to the test automation. When you build a web app and “time” is one of the enemies, we need to play fast, and scriptless test automation works as a catalyst in the process. 

In a nutshell, it does not matter what scriptless test automation tool presents what at your doorstep. What matters is what increases your efficiency and blends in your work environment. Maybe you are fascinated by drag and drop and maybe you love the English-like instructions that Testsigma offers.

Hence, we invite your thoughts into our comment section and let the community know what, according to you, is heading the race and for what reasons. Till then, have a happy scriptless AI-packed testing!

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