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Codeless Testing When is Testsigma recommended tool for you

Codeless Testing: When is Testsigma recommended tool for you

The software industry is undergoing numerous changes with the growth and advancement in technology and the emergence of Agile and DevOps.

Software testing has slowly transitioned from manual testing to record-and-playback testing to automated testing, and now codeless testing is disrupting the software testing approach in the industry.

The codeless automated testing involves the execution of automated testing without using any script. There are many key advantages using this approach for your test automation, let’s discuss them below:

Benefits of Codeless Testing

1. Requires Little to no Programming Language: As a tester, you would not want to be a coding expert to be able to use a testing tool. Tools that offer codeless testing have a mild learning curve as it takes considerably less time to learn them and to start automating.

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2. Fasten the Testing Process: Traditional automated testing requires the testers to manually create complex scripts, which takes a significant amount of time and effort. Codeless testing reduces the time significantly as scripting is done automatically without any coding effort.

3. Cost, Resource & Time-Friendly: As codeless testing does not require the testers to learn new coding languages or seek resources having coding expertise, it saves a significant amount of time and money. The testing team just needs to have an understanding of software testing and product development insights.

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4. Easy to Read and Review: As codeless tests are created without any programming language, these are easy to read and understand for even those who don’t have basic coding skills. Additionally, other non-technical stakeholders in your project can also easily access and review the tests.

5. Seamless test Reporting & Analytics: Most of the codeless test automation tools that facilitate codeless testing provide a built-in test reporting facility which means, there is minimal work in setting up reports as you automatically get a report of your test results after each test execution.

However, choosing the best codeless test automation solution for your enterprise is one of the most vital and, at the same time – a challenging decisions.

It is crucial to understand your testing landscape, challenges, and technology in order to select a codeless testing platform that ideally meets your specific business requirements.

If you are looking for a reliable tool for codeless testing, Testsigma – that lets you automate your test cases for web, mobile and API from the same place –  can be a good solution.

It lets you create codeless test cases in simple English, keeps them hosted on the cloud and runs them from anywhere across the globe and from any browser of your choice.

It has an experienced and dedicated team who are always ready to handhold you whenever you need assistance. Not only that, minor changes required in your app are automatically corrected, all thanks to its AI engine.

Most people assume that a codeless test automation tool will be limited in terms of functionality, and they won’t be able to add any custom functionality.

Testsigma understands that there could be scenarios where you may want to write custom code to add custom automation capabilities, and hence it gives you the power to add custom code along with the codeless scripts.

How Testsigma offers end-to-end codeless test automation with several key features?

i. Smart Wait – In most cases, the real culprit behind various problems after a test case is automated is ‘waits’ – which might be due to slow loading of the website or the page is unable to complete loading.

Testsigma incorporates such conditions automatically without any need for the testers to find out the reasons behind the failures. And in case, you feel the need to implement your own custom wait, there are multiple ways to do it. 

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ii. Support for Looping: Unlike many other codeless test automation tools, TestSigma provides support for looping (e.g., For and While loops) and control structures.

The absence of these features would make the automation of every step very challenging, and you may have to go over the same step multiple times and find it difficult to change the flow based on the results from one step.

To read more about how looping is supported by Testsigma read here: Adding for loop for repetitive Test Steps – Walk through

iii. Advanced Object Recognition: Object recognition in an application is one of the most crucial parts of test case automation. TestSigma allows you to capture objects correctly in the first attempt. It captures multiple attributes and related structures such that the test case correction is easier in the future.

iv. Reusable test steps: While you go about automating your test cases, there might be a time when you may have to write the same test steps for multiple test cases because they go through the same path. With Testsigma, you can easily save those steps and reuse them again in any other test case whenever required

v. Advanced Test Reporting: When it comes to test tracking and reporting, only sharing information on the pass and fail status of tests is not enough.

Testsigma gives you all the information related to the possible reasons for test failures along with the test cases that have been impacted through different mediums such as logs, screenshots, and videos.

vi. Self Healing: Ease of use is the foremost criterion for a codeless testing tool. To make your test editing and maintenance easy and seamless, Testsigma has the power to self-heal your test cases in case there is any minor change in an object due to the development changes.

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These were some of the unique features that rated Testsigma high among several other codeless automated testing tools.

While other tools demand coding skills, high initial setup time, and investment, Testsigma’s codeless testing approach helps both enterprises and startups in starting their automation testing from the very first week.

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