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‘Cloud’ is not a new concept. Read . Today, applications are becoming cloud-based aiming for better productivity with scalable resources. The cloud can overcome the existing QA infrastructure limitations and simulate real system behaviour to eliminate system test dependencies and the need of setting up traditional testing environments.

Cloud QA environments speed up the test automation process and accelerates software delivery and allows scaling up or down the resources any time. It also allows for parallel development with shared test environments and integration suites across teams without any geographical constraints.

If disparate teams are working on the same app, their progress can be easily monitored, reducing the potential for redundancies and errors in the system.

Cloud testing is ideal for DevOps as it boosts automation and allows for iterative deployments and, facilitate agile ideas like continuous integration. Being able to constantly test ensures that new pieces of code can be deployed much faster than ever before. The tests can be run in customized test environments without the pain of setting each combination for the individual user and this has no limit.

The era of cloud computing provides the ability to match automation with resource capacity as and when required. It is important to ensure that this capacity matches closely with business demands, thus eliminating the cost of unused resources between spikes in workloads. Doing this ensures an optimal workload and reduce the overall cost.

Read to know the various Benefits of Cloud-Based Automated Testing Tools in detail.

Now, let us see how the cloud-based automation testing tool, Testsigma addresses the problems of cloudless testing and how Testsigma offers a dedicated testing environment to testing teams for Continuous Delivery.

What is Testsigma?

A cloud-based Automation Testing tool on the cloud. Not just on the cloud,  Testsigma allows for testing of your locally hosted applications as well as cloud applications.

What benefits does Testsigma offer:

Get started on the go

Testsigma requires near-zero initial time and cost investment to get started without any setup or installation hassle. You just need to login to your Testsigma account to get started.

Testsigma provides a test automation ecosystem with all the elements required for continuous testing of your application. You need not vest time and energy setting up devices for every device out there! When there is an update, all of the devices are added automatically letting you focus on your tests.

Testsigma makes it possible to seamlessly automate tests and allows for unlimited parallel executions on a wide variety of device/OS/browser combinations to save time and improve test quality.


This is the most valuable and predominant feature of cloud computing. Since the infrastructure is virtual, all your cloud resources can be scaled up easily with a few changes in the configuration.

Testsigma lets you increase your existing resources to accommodate increased business needs or changes. This will allow you to support your business growth without expensive changes to your existing situations.

If you are searching for a scalable Test Automation Solution, Testsigma is here.

Support for multiple test environments and platforms

Testing of applications using different browser/OS/device combinations has become easier with the advent of the cloud. Cloud makes it easier to carry out tests across different platforms in parallel at the same time.

With Testsigma, you can bid goodbye to your test lab with devices and internal Selenium grid. You can schedule your tests simultaneously in multiple execution environments and configure notifications for the status of execution.

Reduces error due to improper setup of Test Environments

It is identified that 30% of defects caused at the time of test automation is as a result of wrongly configured test environments. Setting up tests on different configurations to test against different browser/OS devices in-house is time-intensive and expensive. This also demands a lot of resources.

In such a scenario, the traditional/on-premise applications are tested by deploying them on the cloud.

You may run into any issues during test environment setup as it requires the installation of various device/OS drivers and plugins. Cloud-based automation testing tools provide the virtual infrastructure required for testing and such issues don’t stand a chance.

In Testsigma, after creating your test cases for a certain platform (web, mobile, or APIs), simply select the operating system, OS version, browser types, and browser version and click on Create and Run. It’s that easy.

24/7 access to resources

Cloud-based automated testing tools provide the flexibility to get the resources exactly as per need and you need to pay only for what you use. With the cloud, the user no longer has to maintain physical servers/devices instead, you pay a subscription to access an already developed test automation solution via a web browser. You need not worry about maintaining this solution but the vendor takes care of it.

Testsigma is an ecosystem of all necessary components required to automate tests 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

You and your team members who are assigned to the project can use a common repository, shared reusable data at a time without any manual setup.

Better Team Collaboration

Testsigma offers collaboration with your favourite instant communication tools like Slack to communicate uncertainties, track progress and performance of the tests regardless of the geographical constraints.

Testsigma’s scriptless English grammar statements let anyone including SMEs, BAs and stakeholders to be a part of the automation process and share insights. This is particularly important as SMEs and QAs know the application functionality and customer requirements better than the Automation Testing team.

Enables comprehensive and thorough testing

Create executions with multiple test environments to run test suites simultaneously for fast feedback. Testsigma lets you use different test environments on the cloud with the same or different configuration to run all your tests for cross-browser, cross-device testing and reduces the feedback time by distributing tests to multiple test environments.

Every customer-facing application interface needs to be thoroughly tested with all possible input data sets that the customer is likely to provide to ensure an error-free customer experience.

Testsigma’s Test Data Management system aids in storing and managing all your Test Data in one place to keep your tests clean, simple, readable and ready for data-driven testing. Clearly defined positive and negative Test Data Sets in each Test Data Profile helps you run the same scenario with all possible Test Data combinations.

User Roles

You have multiple people working on your project and at different locations or maybe working remotely. In addition to actionable results, team collaboration is also important in DevOps. Cross-functional teams across different geographical locations need a common platform to communicate ambiguities in the automated testing process.

Testsigma brings together Testers, Managers, SMEs or Product owners to contribute to test automation and to share valuable inputs or feedback on a common platform to increase collaboration and productivity. Different access levels can be assigned to users across all your projects.


Teams need clear actionable reports with every possible detail to analyze test cases. including test environment and environment configurations being used. Know all your test suite results across different environments in each run.

Test reports are available inside the tool and authorized members of the team can generate reports and share them online. View the test results of each test environment for any execution. Find failed tests, drill down to the environment with failures and take a close look at the failed test suites and identify how your tests are performing with daily, weekly reports.

Helps the application reach market faster

Cloud-based automation testing tool, Testsigma reduce the time-to-market to a great extent. The various perks it offers such as the in-built test automation ecosystem, easy test development , increased collaboration, real-time reports, etc speeds up the test automation process and help applications reach the market faster.

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Cloud-based Testing is continually evolving and has made a strong impression in the field of Software Test Automation. Testsigma’s approach helps Web and mobile dependent businesses to enjoy the full benefits of cloud-based test automation. Testsigma is among the top automation testing tools in the cloud today!

Other benefits that Testsigma offers include:

  • Unified platform for parallel execution of tests that otherwise require multiple platforms and environments
  • Dynamic locator strategy to automatically heal element changes on a web page saving maintenance efforts by 70%
  • AI that suggests the affected tests to look for the changes in the application under test
  • Dynamic reports to help identify errors or defects easily and fix them. Early actionable feedback help reduce the cost to quality and produce efficient tests. It is difficult to generate a lot of data by examining sporadic test failures which Testsigma handles effortlessly for you
  • With a Shift-Left approach, Testsigma is ready for Continuous Testing while eliminating huge initial cost and ramp up time. Testsigma’s approach to early testing even without the availability of the application is one noteworthy feature. Testsigma allows for instant onboarding and standard configurations across teams. This is especially important for teams looking to implement shift left test automation in parallel with development.
  • Testsigma uses no scripting but simple English grammar to automate complex tests. This enables testers write automated tests 10x faster using natural language with no additional automation resources.
  • Unified platform for both manual and automation testing of Web, Mobile applications and Web Services.
  • Test management within the automation testing tool to manage automated test cases better in a continuous testing environment
  • Enterprise-class Test Data Management with support for multiple Test Data sources
  • Team Collaboration with different access levels for each user to improve reusability and productivity.
  • A quick ROI guaranteed.
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    Research by Gartner highlights the potential of the cloud and streamlining business-oriented functional testing. Cloud enables you to build your custom infrastructure. You can obtain your own dedicated testing environment resources when you need them and only pay for what you use.

    Today, every application is moving to the cloud for more benefits. Cloud-based Testing is continually evolving and has made a strong impression in Test Automation. Testsigma has the experience to help a client plan, test, and optimize IT environments for the successful deployment of enterprise-wide business initiatives.

    Smart Automation. Testsigma.


    Start automating your tests 10X Faster in Simple English with Testsigma

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