Why Testsigma for cloud automation testing?

June 17, 2024Mohammad Adil
Why Testsigma for cloud automation testing?

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Cloud testing, in simple terms, means testing software applications using the resources provided by the cloud. Resources can be any element i.e., hardware, software, or infrastructure which are necessary to carry out tests. Cloud testing helps an organization gain competitiveness by reducing the cost of testing.

By using cloud computing services for testing, organizations or businesses can shorten the provisioning time. This is due to the fact that the cloud enables the provisioning of test servers on demand. This also ensures unused servers are not sitting idle.

When the cloud is used for automation testing of an application, it is called cloud automation testing. In this article, we will discuss what features make Testsigma a recommended tool for cloud automation testing.

Introduction to Testsigma

Testsigma is a unified test automation platform on the cloud that simplifies and accelerates automation testing for web apps, mobile apps, and APIs. This tool provides the user with the ease of writing the test cases in simple English.

With Testsigma, test engineers, QA teams, and business users can create, run and maintain automated tests easily so you can build high-quality applications faster.

The best part of Testsigma is that it needs ‘zero-coding skills” to do it.

In simple terms, it requires:

➔        No Frameworks

➔        No set-up

➔        No coding

Why Testsigma for cloud automation testing?

Now, let’s go through the feature that makes Testsigma a recommended tool for cloud automation testing.

1. All components essential for test automation are available on the cloud

Testsigma is completely cloud-based. Users can automate, debug and execute test cases for their websites as well as mobile from the same place. Since everything is available on the cloud, time to set up is almost negligible.

In simple terms, all the components required by the user for test automation are available on the cloud-like the below:

i. Automate test cases on cloud

Testsigma uses natural language for writing automated tests and hence anyone can start writing them with zero or less coding skills. Testsigma has multiple supporting features to ensure that the tests are stable, fast and reliable. And the tests only break when there is a bug in the code.

ii. Automate your test cases for web, mobile as well as APIs from the same place

With Testsigma, the test automation for web, mobile and APIs happens from the same place and with the same ease and efficiency.

iii. Execute test cases on cloud

You can create executions with multiple test environments to run test suites simultaneously. It has a feature with which you can schedule your executions once or periodically on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. You can also run tests automatically in the background without manual intervention.

These test cases can also be executed in parallel which again saves a lot of test execution time.

Testsigma also supports headless browser automation. With headless browser automation, test cases are executed on the browser without rendering the UI. Thus, the complexity of UI interactions is minimized and actions are performed quickly. This feature can further speed up your test case execution.

iv. Debug test cases on cloud

To help you debug the test cases easily, Testsigma provides logs, screenshots and videos of failures.

v. Generate reports on cloud

You can customize the reports for your test execution according to your needs and configure them to be sent according to your convenience.

Apart from these, Testsigma helps users to create bug reports automatically and send them to their favourite bug tracking tool.

vi. Review on cloud

Quality is everyone’s responsibility. Hence, Testsigma comes built with review and collaboration features. This enables multiple members of the team to be a part of the test automation process thus keeping the quality at high levels at all times.

vii. Easily integrate with CI/CD tools on the cloud

Testsigma supports integration with all possible CI/CD tools.

2. Scalable – reduce or expand according to your needs

Testsigma is highly scalable. It simply means that since Testsigma is on the cloud, we can increase or decrease the user’s or servers’ capacity according to your needs.

Apart from this, using Testsigma, users can run their automated tests on hundreds of combinations of browsers and operating systems and over 2,000 iOS and Android devices on the cloud.

3. Access your tests from anywhere anytime

With Testsigma, being remote is 100% supported. Testsigma allows the users to access test cases, execution stats reports, etc at any time, from any place easily.

Testsigma is giving a 21-day free trial – review all features before you decide

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Why Testsigma?

Testsigma is built to give ROI on your test automation as soon as possible. And below is how Testsigma’s features can be summarized: 


In 2020, the total worth of the cloud market was $371.4 billion. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.5 percent, it’s projected that the market will amount to $832.1 billion by 2025. There is no doubt that cloud is set to grow.

When you move your test automation to the cloud you also need to have a tool that you can trust and that also fulfils all your needs at the same time.

Hope, this article helped you out in knowing how Testsigma can help you with your cloud automation testin

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