Advantages of Automated Scriptless Testing Tools

Advantages Of Automated Scriptless Testing Tools

In the evolving Testing phase, Automated Testing has been in the limelight. The benefits are obvious. Check out Why Automated Testing is necessary. A lot of companies are rummaging through automated testing tools to achieve their business objectives. While some find success, many still fail to make the most out of the ‘automated’ approach to testing.

Does that mean that automated testing is not the right way? Do automated testing tools fail to maximize the ROI? A common reason why the time to market is not stepping up is due to maintenance issues. Whenever a change is introduced in the product, the entire automated testing script needs to be updated.

This calls for an increased time and cost investment to be utilized for running the automated testing. It also requires other in-project investments like training for the testers on various scripting languages and familiarizing with new testing tools to create an ideal framework to perform automated testing.

Thankfully, there exists a way which can save product companies from this dilemma and make full use of automated testing techniques. This with the help of Scriptless Automated Testing. If you are new to the term, Scriptless Automated Testing reduces the time taken to create automated test scripts with less/no coding. Testers can simply compose tests by choosing objects from dropdown menus and visually create test conditions without writing complex lines of code.

By going scriptless, you will definitely experience a significant rise in productivity as compared to the traditional way of script based automated testing. Although there is no denying the fact that test automation will work the way it is, Scriptless Automated Testing can reduce the scripting time by many folds and can maintain and manage objects and identifiers automatically.

The success of Automated Testing majorly depends on the automated testing tools. The article, “Select the right automation testing tool for Agile and Continuous Delivery” explains the important points to consider while choosing an Automated Testing tool.


How does an Automated Scriptless Testing Tool Work?

Scriptless test automation comes as a revolutionized approach that offers a very minimal yet powerful interface for testing. You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning a new coding style or a programming language. All you need to do is to operate a drop-down mechanism and you can utilize all the basic fundamentals of automated testing such as modularity and keyword driving. Along with test case management and reporting, you can also fix bugs within the automated script setup.

Easy To Use Interface

Scriptless automated testing test automation brings together the best concepts of test automation together. This includes data driving, keyword driving, sequence of keyword, data per step, the sequence of keyword, UI object definition, and modularity. All these come in an easy to use interface.

Reduces Time-To-Automate

The quicker your automated testing concludes, the faster will be your time to market. Scriptless automated testing enables you to easily automate large test suites and fasten the product delivery speed. This saved time can be invested in detecting and fixing the bugs in the earlier phases of the product development lifecycle.

Reduces Cost Of Automation

You would see yourself spending a considerable amount of money to train your in-house resources on automated scripting skills. But if you go scriptless, you save yourself from investing in training sessions.

Functional Testers who have sound product understanding can perform the will find this effective. While the manual testers make use of the scriptless testing, automation engineers can focus on other important aspects such as DevOps, white box testing, unit testing, select the right test cases and create test suites for the scriptless automated testing approach.

Easy To Maintain Scripts

Scriptless Automated Testing is a comprehensive way of running automated tests. Scriptless test suites are easy to maintain  – which is important as the maintenance phase is one of the critical aspects of the product development lifecycle. Ease of optimization for the product under test accounts for agility and quick response times. Moreover, you might have experienced that scripts created for automated testing often break during the maintenance phase. This is simply because the framework is generally not created from a reusability or traceability standpoint. On the other hand, scriptless automated testing features traceability of all reusable components.

Removes Tool-Specific Coding

If you successfully remove the tool dependency from automated testing, the overall process of QA and automated testing becomes more efficient. Scriptless automated testing removes the need for dedicated Selenium or QTP professionals and lets your testers create scripts through objects and actions. Later, when there is a need to change technologies in your project, your testers do not need to go through the fuss of any tool or language complexities.

Participation Of Business Analyst And Experts

Non-technical people such as Business Analysts and stakeholders are often far from coding.  You would rarely see these people from sharing their thoughts on the highly complex automated testing environments. However, with the help of scriptless automated testing, business analysts and subject matter experts can actively contribute and track progress. This way, you get a perfect blend of technical knowledge and the non-technical domain expert.

Scriptless Automated Testing Advantages In A Nutshell:

  • Your automation engineers would need a one-time effort to create the architecture and workflow of the solution, define class libraries, and set keywords
  • You can write automated tests on the go
  • You can always stay up front with the increased workload without adding any extra resources
  • Improved execution of automated tests
  • Highly customized keyword and data-driven approach
  • Applicable to smoke testing, regression testing, and user-acceptance testing
  • Easy maintenance

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