ACCELQ vs Tosca – Which One You Should Choose?

June 27, 2024Priyanka
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The demand and scope for test automation is growing. Earlier we had only desktop applications and web applications. However now it has changed to web, mobile, and API.

As the demand for automation has increased, new tools are emerging into the market. One of the good things is new tools are coming up with different architecture and approaches. The test automation task is getting easier day by day. 

A no-code tool is one of the best examples of test automation tools evolution. There are open-source test automation tools and commercial test automation. However, open-source tools are still stuck with the old code-based automation approach, which requires a lot of time and effort to automate the scenarios. Commercial tools like ACCELQ and Testsigma have already adopted the no-code-based model and Salesforce workflow testing which helps reduce the complexity involved in the Salesforce test automation. Tosca is another test automation tool that also provides enterprise-level automation capability and Salesforce testing support. 

Let’s compare ACCELQ vs Tosca.

ACCELQ vs Tosca – A Snapshot

ACCELQ and Tosca both are test automation tools, they both support different types of test automation such as mobile, web, API automation, etc. They help to automate the enterprise-level application with ease. They both provide exclusive support for Salesforce test automation which helps to reduce the complexity of Salesforce test automation.

What is ACCELQ?


ACCELQ is a cloud-based no-code test automation tool that supports the automation of different use cases such as web, mobile, API, etc. It is a commercial tool hence the application is priced. However, it helps to save the cost in a later stage as it offers no-code automation features. Interestingly, ACCELQ offers manual testing capability with tracing and integration features. Though it is a modern tool, it is trusted by many large/medium/small-scale enterprises. 

 As ACCELQ provides dedicated support for Salesforce test automation it’s gaining more users.

What is Tosca?


Tosca is an automation tool that offers an easy way to automate enterprise-level applications. It comes with a rich IDE which helps to automate the application faster. 

Tosca is owned by Tricentis and powered by AI. As Tosca claims it has an AI-based automation platform that can help produce stable and reliable automation tests. Tosca is a commercial tool, you need to pay for the tool. It offers a trial version that can be used to evaluate the tool. 

Tosca supports Salesforce test automation which makes this tool complete by supporting all major technologies in the market. Additionally, if your organization has a mix of desktop, web, and mobile-based applications then Tosca can support all of these platforms with ease. You also benefit from the ease of management as all of your tests will be in a single platform.

Alternative Tool for ACCELQ and Tosca: Testsigma

Testsigma Dashboard

Testsigma is similar to ACCELQ and Tosca. It is a great alternative to both of these tools. 

Testsigma is AI-powered low-code SaaS-based automation platform. Supports almost all major types of testing. 

Some of the notable features of Testisgma are: 

  • Special support for Salesforce
  • End to End Testing
  • single click Visual Regression testing support
  • data-driven testing, API testing, mobile testing
  • cloud testing support with both native and third-party tools integration
  • integration with CI/CD tools
  • integration with many software management tools: the list is non-exhaustive. 
  • It doesn’t require any installation as it is a cloud-based tool.

The automation tests can be started from day one as it is low-code test automation and the UI is very friendly and helps in self-learning. 

Testsigma offers a trial for evaluation purposes, one can just sign up with their email and start using it.  

Testsigma is used by many large-scale organizations and they like it. Testsigma has all required testing features in one tool, no need to rely on third-party tools for core testing needs. 

Additionally, Testsigma has made tools integration also very simple, that can be done without any technical knowledge. Testsigma can be considered as the best alternative to Tosca and ACCELQ and a budget-friendly tool, more so if you are considering these for salesforce test automation.

Explore Testsigma for your test automation needs

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ACCELQ and Tosca Similarities

ACCELQ and Tosca both aim to provide the automation testing feature for web, mobile, and API, as well as special support for salesforce test automation. As both of the tools are targeting the same consumer base there are many similarities. 

They are a commercial tool, and though they offer a free trial it is for evaluation purposes only, beyond that you need to purchase a commercial license by paying a subscription fee. 

They offer a wide range of testing solutions such as functional testing, API testing, mobile UI testing, etc. The modern no-code features help non-technical users to automate easily without much bother about coding. 

Though the learning curve varies from person to person, these tools have considerably less learning curve. They offer cloud testing tools integration which helps to execute compatibility testing. Especially when you are required to run for mobile devices these features are very helpful.

Both ACCELQ and Tosca have dedicated support for the Salesforce test automation. These features help to automate the Salesforce application with ease. Considering the open source framework like Selenium, which requires a lot of coding knowledge and expertise especially, when you want to automate the Salesforce test case

As Tosca and ACCELQ tuned their feature for Salesforce it reduces all the complexities involved in the setup and configuration phase. It also makes the test automation development smoother, by supporting the Salesforce dynamic page support.

ACCELQ vs Tosca vs Testsigma – Key Differences

As we discussed earlier, like ACCELQ and Tosca, Testsigma also competes with the same market space by providing many additional features to the users. Below we have listed some of the features that may be helpful to choose the right tool.

Cost/LicensingCommercial LicenseCommercial LicenseCommercial
SaaS toolYesNoYes
Set up Complexity As it is a cloud-based tool, no setup is required.One needs to install the tool on the system to start automationNo setup is required.
User interfaceGood and modern user interfaceLegacy user interfaceA rich user interface that promotes self-learning and accelerates productivity
Salesforce SupportSales Cloud, Services Cloud, Financial Services Cloud. Health Cloud, CommunitiesSales Cloud,Services Cloud,Marketing Cloud,Commerce Cloud,Community Cloud,Analytics, Einstein AI,Tableau, MuleSoft, Velocity,Entire Salesforce ecosystem
Browser supportChrome, Edge, Safari, FirefoxEdge, Chrome, FirefoxEdge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari
Cross-platform supportThe saaS-based tool requires only a browserSupports Windows machines and limited support for MacThe saaS-based tool requires only a browser
Mobile Testing supportYes, Supported Android and iOSYes, Supported Android and iOSYes, Supported Android and iOS
Desktop Application Testing SupportNo, Supports only web and mobileYes, supports Web, Mobile, and DesktopYes, supports Web, Mobile, and Desktop
AI and MLBuilt with AI and ML which helps to process the code across Web, API, and Mobile automationOnly some features are AI-drivenPowered by AI helps to reduce the flakiness in tests
Shift left Testing and In sprint automationSupportedLimited supportSupported
Automation Script developmentNo-code script less automation with readymade locators and logical validationsThough it supports no-code automation there is a considerable amount of work required to automate the test cases.No-code script less automation with readymade locators and logical validations
Automation ExecutionSupports local and cloud-based executionSupports local execution natively. Cloud execution requires further configurationsSupports local and cloud-based execution
CI/CD integrationIn-built integration with CI/CD toolsRequires technical knowledge to integrate the CI/CD toolsIn-built integration with CI/CD tools
Extensibility and CustomizationSupports a good level of customization and extensibilityLimited support for extensibilitySupports good level customization and extensibility. 
ReportingProvides good reporting with screenshotsSupports reporting however reporting is static style with less informationProvides comprehensive reports with detailed debugging information and additionally provides screenshots, videos, and guides to fix the issues. Furthermore, it also provides a customizable dashboard.
Learning curveModerateHighLow
DocumentationGood documentationModerate documentationVery good documentation. All the documentation is available for the public helps to perform the evaluation quickly.

Which is better – TOSCA vs ACCELQ?

Tosca and ACCELQ both are good automation tools. Considering Tosca vs ACCELQ, Latter has latest technology with a rich UI. ACCELQ supports no-code automation natively, the testers can just record and playback. 

Though Tosca supports no-code automation it requires a good amount of technical knowledge to write the complete script. However, Tosca is backed by Tricentis. Tosca has been a known player in the market for many years. Tosca also has a high market share compared to ACCELQ. Tosca has more features when it comes to Salesforce Testing, it supports broader Salesforce solutions compared to ACCELQ.  

Though ACCELQ has good features in terms of Salesforce testing, they are yet to prove by large market share. 

As both of these tools have similar features you can evaluate the feature as per your organization’s requirements and decide the best fit. 

When it comes to Salesforce testing you need to be careful while picking the right automation tool, as it involves organization-specific features and Salesforce testing is more challenging it can only performed with specialized tools. Additionally, You may also need to explore similar and budget-friendly tools like Testsigma. 

Testsigma is one of the best low-code automation tools, it is growing rapidly and it is known for its budget-friendliness, customer support, and wide range of features. As mentioned earlier Testsigma is used by many companies which belong to small, mid, and large scale companies.

 Testsigma recently released exclusive support for Salesforce testing. This makes Testsigma a complete testing solution.  Remember while choosing the best automation tool, always evaluate with your use case, required features and future roadmap. Just because some tools are popular in the market there is no guarantee that they fulfill your needs. 

Explore Testsigma for your test automation needs

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The modern automation testing scope and approach are changing. No-code automation is the modern trend of automation. No-code automation tools have evolved a lot, it is no longer just a record and playback tool. 

With the invention of AI/ML, the no-code tools are now intelligent enough to handle the dynamic locators and reduce the flakiness in your tests. Rather than just testing, modern tools focus on specific use cases such as Salesforce Testing, SAP testing etc. This brings out the true benefit of commercial tools. 

Tosca, ACCELQ, and Testsigma – all of these tools offer no-code automation support for Salesforce automation however when we consider other features they have many distinct features.

 Testsigma stands out with many unique features such as inbuilt visual regression testing, Salesforce test automation integration with existing cloud testing tools, rich user interface, customizable reporting, and dashboard support for different types of testing approaches such as Data driven, end-to-end testing, UI testing, mobile testing, etc. 

The best tool can be chosen as per your requirements by carefully evaluating every single tool that matches most of your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I migrate test data from ACCELQ and Tosca to Testsigma?

Testsigma is a low-code test automation platform. If you need to migrate from any tools you do not need to worry much. As long as you have test cases ready you can simply execute them manually and start recording one by one. All locator-related complex jobs are taken for you by Testsigma in the background. 

Does ACCELQ support performance testing?

ACCELQ is built for UI, functional, and API testing. That can help to identify the functional and data flaws in the web or mobile application. Performance testing requires a load simulator and performance metrics capture feature, that requires architecture-level implementation. Today, ACCELQ is not capable of supporting performance testing requirements. However, tools like JMeter, and K6 can be used for performance testing.

Is Selenium better than Tosca?

The best tool depends on your requirements and specific use case. Selenium is the most extensible and customizable tool. It is capable of automating any edge case scenarios and Selenium is available as Free. 

When it comes to Salesforce testing, Selenium doesn’t provide any feature exclusively for Salesforce test automation. Selenium requires good technical skills, and proficient coding knowledge to develop the framework and automate the script. Whereas Tosca comes with the cost it eliminates the setup complexity of most of the features available with UI-based actions. It also limits the customization. Finally, In Selenium, you need to depend on community support, Tosca provides dedicated technical support which helps to resolve your issue faster.


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