Accelq vs Provar | Which One You Should Choose?

July 2, 2024Priyanka
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The scope of test automation is expanding day by day, to adapt to the market changes test automation tools are also evolving. Modern test automation tools provide the features considering specific use cases in mind. Rather than generalizing the automation tool for testing, they are providing specific use-case-based features such as Salesforce Test automation, SAP technology automation, Workday automation, etc. This helps testers rapidly build the automation framework and increase the test coverage. 

When it comes to Salesforce automation, Accelq and Provar both are strongly competing. Let’s understand which is the better tool for you by comparing Accelq vs Provar.

Accelq vs Provar – Overview

Accelq and Provar both are test automation tools, where Provar mainly releases features to automate the Salesforce application, Accelq provides the features to automate any application along with the specific feature for Salesforce test automation. 

What is Accelq


Accelq is an AI-based no-code automation tool.

  • It supports a variety of features in its platform such as web automation, API automation, mobile platform support, and cloud execution support. 
  • Accelq is a SaaS platform that doesn’t require any installation in your local system. 
  • It has an exclusive feature for Salesforce automation which helps to accelerate the automation coverage for Salesforce testing. 
  • It is a commercial tool, and you need to pay for the license.

What is Provar


Provar is an automation testing tool.

  • It is mainly built for Salesforce application test automation. It provides powerful features for Salesforce test automation. 
  • Beyond that, it also supports cloud execution. 
  • It mainly concentrates on supporting the Salesforce desktop web version. 
  • Provar is a commercial tool, you need to pay for the license.

Accelq vs Provar – Comparison Table

Both Accelq and Provar provide good features when it comes to Salesforce test automation. However, Accelq provides more features by supporting other applications in addition to Salesforce. Let’s compare Provar vs Accelq in the table.

Cost/LicenseCommercial/Free TrialCommercial/Free Trial
Automation TypeSupports different types of automationKeyword based automation
Ease of AdoptionRich web-based interface with natural language editor and IntelliSenseProvides good UI with limited features
Ease of maintenanceFollows good architecture and lower maintenanceMaintenance is average
In-Sprint Automation SupportIt supports intelligent abstraction and functional virtual that helps in sprint automationInSprint, the automation feature is not supported
Test design supportFollows modular and reusable business process object model-based designNo support for test design
Test case generationAI-powered design with automated generation of test cases with different permutations and combinationNo automatic test case generation feature
Source control/Version ControlIn-built supportOnly external source control support
Test ManagementSupports in-built traceability management and readinessNo support for Test management 
ReportingDetails HTML reports with slideshows, defect integration, perspectives, etc.Supports basic reporting feature
Support for non-Salesforce-based applicationSupportedLimited support
Native mobile testing supportSupportedSupported via third-party tools

As you can see in the above table Accelq and Provar provide customized features for Salesforce automation, though it looks like Accelq provides more features than Provar. Even Accelq lacks many features when it comes to test automation. 

Testsigma is a popular tool for test automation with its exclusive Salesforce Test automation feature it has become a more powerful tool and it can serve all of your automation testing needs.

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Provar vs ACCELQ Comparison In Detail

In the previous section, we have compared Provar vs Accelq, which gives insights on their features. Let’s understand in depth with additional key pointers.

Technical Details

Accelq supports Salesforce automation with no-code natural language specification. Provar also supports Salesforce automation with a keyword-driven approach. 

Both Provar and Accelq can be used by large-scale, medium-scale, and small-scale organizations. 

Provar supports SaaS and web platforms however it lacks mobile platform support. Accelq supports SaaS, web, and mobile platforms. 

When it comes to customer support, Provar provides online support during business hours, and Accelq provides 24/7 online support. 

Both Accelq and Provar support API testing. 

Testsigma is the best alternative to Provar and Accelq as it provides the best features in terms of Support, Platform, and Automation testing.

Reviews & Ratings

Provar has received a 4.5 star rating, whereas Accelq received a 4.8 star rating (data as per saasworthy ). Accelq has a major share for excellent ratings. Provar has a less excellent rating in comparison with Accelq. Testsigma an alternative to these tools has got 4.6 rating with a 60% excellent rating.

Comparing the market share of Provar and Accelq

As per 6sense data, Provar has a 1.11% market share and Accelq has a 0.47% market share. This data shows that Provar has more customers than Accelq. 

Compare Provar vs Accelq customers by geography

As per 6sense  data, Provar has many customers in different regions such as the United States, Sweden, and Brazil, while Accelq customers are mostly based in the United States.

Which is the best alternative tool for Accelq and Provar

Testsigma - best alternative tool for Accelq and Provar

We have seen a detailed comparison of Accelq and Provar in previous sections. Accelq has a lot of features however it has fewer customers. 

Provar features are limited to Salesforce testing however based on the data it seems to be performing well with the large customer base and market share.  

Testsigma is the best alternative for Accelq and Provar. Testsigma has already proven as a popular tool in the no-code test automation tool market. 

Recently, Testsigma also released support for Salesforce test automation with easy configuration and integration to the Salesforce application. It also has many different features exclusively for Salesforce. 

Testsigma is known for its simplicity, and because of that, it has less or no learning curve. As it is a no-code automation feature, no matter how complex your application is, or how complex your integration is you can do it with few UI clicks. These features make Testsigma stand out from other tools. With all these rich features it also supports customization, you can customize the report and dashboard as per your needs.

Accelq and Provar Similarities

Accelq and Provar both support test automation and API automation. 

They both support Salesforce test automation with specifically designed feature sets. 

They both help to reduce the complexity involved in Salesforce automation. 

Beyond Salesforce Automation, they both Support other technology stacks such as SAP, Workday, NetSuite, etc. 

They both support the integration of third-party tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, Bamboo, Version Control tools, Software life cycle Management tools, etc. 

Both of these tools offer scheduled test execution with cloud execution support. 

Testsigma also provides similar features, in fact, it provides additional features in comparison with Accelq and Provar. 

Many people are of the opinion that Testsigma is the best alternative to Accelq and Provar when it comes to Salesforce, Mobile, and Web test automation.

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Why does Salesforce Testing require a specialized Automation tool?

Salesforce is an enterprise tool, which offers a high degree of customization and configuration. That means it can be tuned as per the organization’s requirements though it helps the organization and makes it more user-friendly, it creates challenges to automate the Salesforce application testing. 

The main reason is that the more and more you customize the Salesforce, it becomes more complex, and automating it would be more challenging. 

Considering open-source frameworks like Selenium, you may find difficulties starting from configuration, and that even increases difficulties in the test case development phase. 

Specialized tools like Testsigma help to eliminate such difficulties by providing the visual configuration option. 

Additionally, Salesforce flow-supported automation tools are tuned with additional features that are required to automate the Salesforce application. This can help in automating edge case scenarios as well. 

Hence specialized tools have more advantage over general-purpose automation tools when you consider Salesforce automation.

Features to consider while you pick for Salesforce Test automation

When it comes to Salesforce automation you should be very careful to choose the test automation tool, as Salesforce is data-heavy and to provide a smooth user experience it follows complex user interface design. 

Additionally, Salesforce testing involves complex end-to-end flows which can bring a lot of challenges while automating. If you do not choose the right automation tool you will not be able to achieve the desired automation testing coverage. 

Below are the general features to look for apart from organization-specific requirements.

  • The tool should have exclusive support for Salesforce automation
  • It should be easy to integrate with Salesforce Testing and easy to use
  • It should be capable of performing cross-browser testing across different platforms such as Windows, Mac, etc.
  • It should have a modern AI feature that helps to accelerate the Salesforce automation
  • The tool should provide an easy way to maintain the test cases
  • It should provide a rich and customizable report
  • The tool should produce sufficient debugging logs which helps to quickly fix the errors in the test scripts
  • It should be capable of handling the dynamic contents as Salesforce pages are dynamic in nature
  • Finally, the tool should be capable of supporting legacy UI and modern UI that involves Shadow DOM, iFrame, pop-ups, etc.

Many automation tools claim they have many useful features, however, unless you evaluate, you will not be able to conclude them. Tools like Testsigma already proved their capability in terms of test automation and they provide dedicated technical support. While evaluating, you can consider Testsigma.

Explore Testsigma Salesforce features [Start Here]


Accelq and Provar both are good tools in the market for Salesforce test automation. 

Accelq goes beyond the Salesforce test automation by supporting the General web application and SAP, Workday, NetSuite other technologies integration. 

Provar mainly concentrates on Salesforce test automation with a major market share. It also supports other technologies such as Oracle Apps, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, etc however features might be limited. It doesn’t support native mobile application testing natively in its platform. 

Accelq is an AI-based tool and it’s still developing many features. 

When you think of alternative tools, Testsigma can be the best choice, as it has plentiful features in its platform and features are not limited to any technologies. Testsigma also introduced support for Salesforce test automation, and with that, it has become more powerful than ever. However, the best tool can be chosen only after careful evaluation of your requirements. Especially, when it comes to Salesforce automation, Salesforce is highly customizable and configurable. An organization’s requirement and the nature of the application play crucial role in choosing the right automation tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different markets in which Provar and Accelq compete against each other?

Accelq and Provar compete in the Test automation market. However, Provar is mainly focused on the Salesforce test automation market, whereas Accelq is focused on general web and mobile applications as well. Testsigma also focuses on similar markets, it also covers much broader features to compete with other testing markets such as cloud testing, API testing mobile testing, etc. Testsigma’s most awaited feature Salesforce test automation is out now, that encourages anyone to automate the Salesforce testing. 

Can we migrate test data from Accelq and Provar to Testsigma?

While you cannot directly migrate the test cases and test data from Accelq and Provar, you can use the Testsigma record and playback feature to migrate. It is a more powerful tool with AI capabilities which helps to migrate faster. Migrating to Testsigma from any tool is easier with this approach. Testsigma also offers API Test automation migration from Postman. 

Does Testsigma support Salesforce test automation?

Testsigma is an all in one tool for test automation. It supports many features under its platform such as Mobile, Web, Cloud Execution, Cross-Browser Testing, Visual Regression Testing, etc. Testsigma team constantly takes feedback from users and it makes frequent releases to fulfill the user requirement. Recently, Testsigma has released a powerful feature set for Salesforce Test Automation. The feature allows configuration of the Salesforce and Testsigma tools using the rich user interface. It’s so simple, even non-technical users can set up and automate the Salesforce testing.


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