May ’23 feature spotlight: The latest on Testsigma

June 5, 2024Payal Dinodia
May ’23 feature spotlight The latest on Testsigma

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Engineered with a focus on testing efficiency, our product team has introduced some really cool features this month. Let’s dive right in!

  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Advanced Text Extraction: The HTML canvas element is used to draw graphics, on the fly, via scripting. But during test automation of such DOM elements, users can neither rely on coordinates-based action nor on visual testing since it varies over screen sizes and does not assert any element inside the canvas image. With Testsigma’s OCR-based text extraction via add-ons, you can now extract content from inside the canvas tag. This powerful feature allows you to interact with any text/components inside the canvas image. Read here OCR Test.
  1. Disable Test Cases in a Test Plan: To address the challenges faced when running known-to-fail test cases, Testsigma now allows users to selectively disable test cases within a test plan. By disabling these cases, you save valuable execution time and achieve a result decoupled from the known failures, ensuring efficient and accurate testing.
  1. Support for Flutter Apps: Flutter is a crowd favorite for cross-platform app development, and Testsigma now supports recording and execution for apps built using the Flutter framework. Seamlessly record and execute tests on your Flutter mobile apps, enabling comprehensive testing for both iOS and Android platforms.
  1. Support for Shadow DOM Element Capturing and Execution: With Shadow DOM, hidden DOM trees can be attached to elements in the regular DOM tree, which allows for isolated testing of specific HTML document sections. Testsigma’s latest release introduces support for capturing and executing test cases on Shadow DOM elements.
  1. Mailbox Functions for URL Extraction and Verification: This new mailbox function lets you extract and verify URLs from emails. Whether you need to extract and click on specific URLs or validate email URLs, Testsigma provides flexible options such as text matching, partial URL matching, and regular expressions.

With these new feature updates, we’re continuing to make test automation a breeze.

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Start automating your tests 10X Faster in Simple English with Testsigma

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