Know your run result trend

Quick analysis as to how your tests are performing over a period of time.

Check all test runs at one place and drill down to a particular run result that matters to you to know more details on that failed test.

See how your tests are performing in multiple test environments

Find failed tests, drill down to the environment with failures and take a close look at the failed test suites.

Be sure that your application runs on every device, OS and browser combinations.

Summary of your Test Suite results

Know all your test suite results across different environments in each run. Result summary at the Test Suite level will help you get to the failed test quicker.

Drill down to find more details on the failed tests.

Test Case Results

Know every possible detail needed to analyze your test case results including test environment and environment configuration being used.

Know the details of each step result with screenshots, videos, text logs and much more.

Automatic Bug Reporting

Never leave a test failure unattended!

Integrations with bug reporting tools to report a bug automatically from the test case result page.

Testsigma helps you create bug reports automatically and sends it to your favourite bug tracking tool.