Organise and Optimize your Testing with Integrated Automated Test Plans

Easily manage test development and execution across projects, applications, and versions. Enhance your testing efficiency with Testsigma’s built-in automated testing plan.
Centralised and Streamlined
Automated Test Plans
Collaboratively create and map your requirements to tests, execution plan, and results.

Granular User Access Control

Network Simulation

Manage testing resources for multiple related apps and their versions. Assign users to projects by and customise their access levels as test developer, manager, admin, and more. 

Granular User Access Control

Test Suite Management

Network Simulation

Organize and categorize your test cases into logical test suites, making it easy to manage and execute related tests efficiently.

Test Suite Management

Parallelisation and cross browser/device testing

Network Simulation

Reduce test execution time by running tests in parallel on 3000+ devices and OS/browser combinations across Testsigma Test Lab.

Parallelisation and cross browser/device testing

Test Scheduling

Network Simulation

Plan and schedule test runs ahead of time to minimise manual intervention and run regression tests regularly to maintain application health.

Test Scheduling

Replace multiple tools in your test stack with one low-code platform.

Test management

  • TestOps

  • Test versioning

  • User and role management

  • Requirement management

Test authoring

  • Plain English scripting

  • Testsigma Recorder

  • Reusable step groups

Test execution

  • Scheduled test runs

  • Parallel testing

  • Cross browser and device testing

  • Local testing


  • Drill-down test reports

  • Screenshots and videos

  • Text logs

Advanced features

  • AI Suggestion Engine

  • Productivity trends

  • Visual testing

  • Centralized agent control

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