Manage multiple projects

You may have multiple projects with different people working in different roles. Your test plan and test process may be different across all projects.

Testsigma helps you manage multiple projects with controlled and customized access for your team members for each project. Plan and implement tests differently for each project.

All your resources can be managed at the project level with unique Dashboard and Settings at the project level.

All your applications at one place

Many a time, you may have multiple applications to automate like Web, Android Web, Android Native, iOS Web, iOS Native and Web Services under each project with the same set of resources and test process.

Testsigma allows you to add all these applications under one project to reduce operational time and effort involved in managing multiple projects.

Manage multiple Versions at ease

As you plan a new version for your application while you modify or add new features, create a new version of your application under test with Testsigma.

Start automating the new version along with development without changing the test plan or tests for the current version. You can also import all your existing tests to the new version and start modifying them as per new requirements.

Changes made to tests in the new version will not be applied to the old or the current version. Tests in your old version will always remain the same for your reference.

Manage your requirements/modules at one place.

For each version, create as many requirements/modules as needed and choose what type it is.

Group test cases as per Requirements/modules and manage them easily.

Control user access to projects

Assign users to projects by setting customized access levels. Decide who gets access to what in your projects.

For instance, a user with super administrator access gets full access to the project, a user with developer access gets access just to the test development module, a user in Manager role can access both Test Development and Test Management modules.

This will help you manage your projects by providing full or limited access to the resources.

Manage your Requirement Types

Create Requirement Types based on your testing needs and assign appropriate types for each Requirement of your application to help create a better test plan.

Import Requirement types from a different project to reduce time and effort.

Test Case Types to help you categorize your tests

Add test case types as per your testing needs and assign appropriate types to test cases for creating a better test plan.

Set the right priority for your tests

Decide and set priorities for your test cases. Create custom priorities to manage test cases as per your testing needs.

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