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NTUC First Campus (NFC) improves automation efficiency by 30% with Testsigma

Singapore's largest childcare services provider sped up testing and accelerated release cycles with reliable low-code test automation.


Early childhood education


Mountbatten Square, Singapore

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Reduction in Test Maintenance

About NTUC First Campus

NTUC First Campus (NFC) is one of Singapore’s most trusted childcare service providers. With over 140 preschools and childcare centers across the island, they strive to deliver quality education and care to young children. NFC provides social and financial support to children, researches and develops curriculums, and offers professional development courses to educators.

Ensuring Quality for SkoolNet 2.0

SkoolNet is a portal for parents to keep track of their child’s development and learning activities. As part of NFC’s strong commitment to delivering a quality digital platform to its community, the SkoolNet 2.0 system goes through extensive manual and automated testing by the QA team.

However, due to the tight timelines and limited QA resources, the team encountered many challenges.

When we ran our own automation tests, we kept encountering issues,

Yohanes Stuart Ho,

Test Automation Engineer at NFC


  • Maintenance Challenges: Developing and maintaining tests with the existing test automation stacks was time-consuming, costly, and unstable.
  • Technical Knowledge Gaps: The QA team faced skill gaps, complicating internal movement and scaling test coverage.
  • Limited Resources: With only 2 SDETs in a QA team of 16, scaling test automation was slow

Testsigma enabled NFC to adopt the best practices of the software testing industry. It lets us automate GUI, API, and data-driven testing faster than ever.

Yohanes Stuart Ho,

Test Automation Engineer, NFC

Adopting low-code test automation

NFC needed a solution that would allow the team to write their own code while not being too complex for team members who were not strong in coding but had immense knowledge in the business domain.

Yohanes Stuart Ho, the QA leadership overseeing the software QA transformation at NFC, had a strong vision of automation. NFC’s automation framework should be in alignment with industry best practices, easy to implement and maintain, and flexible enough to adapt to NFC’s specific scenarios. The most important thing is that everyone (even those without technical backgrounds) should be able to contribute.

  • With the implementation of Testsigma, NFC found an all-in-one test automation solution that met their requirements.
  • Testsigma’s intuitive and user-friendly interface made it easy for NFC’s team members to create and maintain their automation tests in 30% less time.

Measurable impact of simplified test automation

Since adopting low-code test automation with Testsigma, NFC has delivered reliable feedback to developers faster. In the future, NFC plans to leverage Testsigma’s API testing capabilities to improve its API testing coverage.

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