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PerfectMind automates 90% of its regression suite with Testsigma

PerfectMind, a SaaS platform, accelerates its delivery pipeline by automating smoke and regression test suites with Testsigma


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Vancouver, Canada

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Automated Regression Coverage

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Faster Test Execution

About PerfectMind

PerfectMind is a leading provider of cloud-based Parks & Recreation Management Software, designed to help university campuses, sports centers, and recreation organizations grow their communities. As the first platform as a service (PaaS) in the parks and recreation industry, PerfectMind simplifies daily operations, making them efficient and enjoyable. With more than 500,000 users in 21 countries, PerfectMind is a trusted name in the Health & Fitness market.

QA Landscape at PerfectMind

PerfectMind’s QA team followed a structured testing process to ensure the quality of their software:

  • Regression Tests: Conducted for each release cycle.
  • Smoke Tests: Performed for initial acceptability and sign-offs.
  • New Feature Testing: Ensuring new features are integrated smoothly and function correctly.

When we were evaluating Testsigma, what came across was how easy it was to use without any technical knowledge. Any QA who comes on board can automate any test cases. The ease of use, intuitive UI & simple product flows helped our team automate testing

Saif Sayani

QA Manager, PerfectMind

Challenges: Manual Testing Bottlenecks

Before automation, manually executing over 500 test cases took up to 10 days, delaying release cycles. Saif Sayani, PerfectMind’s QA Manager, knew that automating their regression test suites was crucial to reduce the manual testing burden and improve efficiency.

  • Lengthy Manual Testing: The process of manually running over 500 test cases was extremely time-consuming, taking up to 10 days for each release cycle.
  • High Maintenance Burden: Maintaining manual test scripts required significant time and effort, diverting resources from other critical tasks.
  • Inclusivity in Test Automation: Saif needed a test automation tool that all project stakeholders could understand and participate in, regardless of their technical background

Enhanced Efficiency and Collaboration with Testsigma

Rapid Test Development and Execution: With Testsigma’s low-code authoring and execution capabilities, the QA team could develop and automate test scenarios within a few hours. This made the process of building and executing test cases much more efficient, freeing up the team to improve test coverage and software quality.

Simplified Maintenance with AI: One of the standout features of Testsigma was its AI capabilities, which simplified the maintenance of test scripts. This reduced the time and effort required to keep their automated tests up to date, allowing the team to focus on other important aspects of QA.

Collaborative and Efficient Testing: PerfectMind was able to automate the majority of its regression tests, reduce manual testing time significantly, and foster a more inclusive and efficient QA environment. The transition to Testsigma accelerated their release cycles and ensured that they could deliver high-quality software with ease and confidence.

Testsigma is an excellent collaborative tool that all team members, regardless of technical skills can use.

Saif Sayani

QA Manager, PerfectMind

Using Testsigma, Saif and his team at PerfectMind reduced their test execution time from 10 days to just 2 days. They managed to automate 90% of their regression test suite, drastically cutting down on manual efforts.

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