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Hansard reduces regression testing time by 3x with Testsigma

Adopting low-code automation in their testing cycles improved sprint timings and enabled the team to deliver on time every time


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Isle of Man, London

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Faster Regression Testing

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Automated Test Coverage

About Hansard

Founded in 1987 and listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006, Hansard Global PLC provides life assurance and investment solutions.It administers assets of over £1 billion for over 40,000 policyholders worldwide, who can access their policy information through Hansard Online, a mobile-friendly platform.

Extended Testing Cycles Hindered Rapid Delivery

Hansard’s monthly functional deployments heavily relied on manual testing, which took 15-20 days for each cycle. In addition to the monthly releases, the team also had to retest all their systems for new patches.They had to do extensive testing in a very narrow timescale.

With code-heavy tools, it’d have taken us a long time to create a framework. We needed something easier, something our manual testers and the QA testers could automate with.


Test Automation Specialist, Hansard

Need for Efficiency in Testing

Hansard’s team recognized the urgent need for a more efficient and scalable solution in test automation. The goal was to drastically reduce testing time without compromising on the thoroughness and accuracy of the tests.

Hansard selected Testsigma for its low-code automation platform, which promised ease of use and quick test creation.

With Testsigma, creating tests became straightforward, taking less than five minutes per test.

With Testsigma, we’ve reduced our test execution time from 8 weeks to just 5 weeks per sprint.

Holly Pennington,

Test Manager, Hansard

Scaling Test Automation Confidently

  • Significant Time Reduction: Regression testing time has been reduced from three weeks to less than a week, and Sanity test results are now published in under 30 minutes.
  • High Automation Coverage: 75% of regression tests were automated.
  • Enhanced Team Engagement: Teams are more involved in automation, leading to better collaboration and efficiency.

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