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Enables everyone including SMEs & QAs to write automated
tests using simple English. No coding skills required.
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Regression testing is never a bottleneck with Testsigma in your pipeline.

No code automated regression tests

Rapid scriptless test authoring

Test creation in plain English (through NLP-based approach) enables QAs, SMEs, and everyone else in your team to automate regression tests—up to 5x faster. No coding expertise required.

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AI driven automated regression testing tool

AI-powered test planning & maintenance

A powerful AI keeps flakiness out of your test suites by auto-healing elements as your application evolves, reducing your test suite maintenance time and costs by up to 70%.

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automated regression testing on cloud

Continuously Available Test Lab on Cloud

Built-in, continuously available Test Lab on the cloud lets you parallelize your automated tests across 2000+ browsers and devices—reducing build time from hours to minutes.

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Test management

  • Requirement management

  • Test management

  • Test data management

  • Version management of test cases

Test execution

  • Scheduled test runs

  • Local test runs

  • Parallel test runs

  • Cross browser and device testing


  • Drill-down test reports

  • Visual logs (screenshots and videos)

  • Text logs


  • Email, Slack and Teams notifications

  • User and role management

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    Anand Mahalingam
    Senior Engineering Manager


    "While other tools we evaluated required programming skills, high initial time and investment, Testsigma's scriptless approach enabled us to start automating from week one and achieve 100% smoke coverage in just a couple of months"

  • get_started_with_test_automation

    Nathan Lalich
    Senior Product Tester


    "Testsigma has allowed our team to go from zero automation to very high levels of automation coverage in a relatively short space of time."

  • get_started_with_test_automation

    Monica Bramuzzi
    UX and QA Specialist


    "Using Testsigma’s automated UI tests enables us to deploy our web & mobile app with much more confidence on Friday nights"

Configure automated regression tests to run at different checkpoints in the delivery pipeline.
Integrate with bug reporting tools to automatically populate bug metadata in the tickets.
No manual intervention.

Automated testing integrations: Testsigma
build your own data-driven automated regression testing framework

Extensibility for edge scenarios

Scale automation of test scenarios unique to your application by building custom NLPs. Programmatically generate test data sets for data-driven testing.

 Regression testing analytics and reporting

Customizable test reports

Get a bird’s eye view of pass/fail rate. Drill-down into individual test runs for your team. Or use our reporting API to create your own test analytics dashboards.

Minimize manual intervention and stay release-ready by adopting these easy practices

  • Create reliable end-to-end regressions
    tests for web and mobile apps
  • Create lean, fast-feedback test
    suites out of full regression tests
  • Continuously eliminate test
    automation backlogs
  • Shorten feedback loop without compromising
    coverage for full regressions
  • Schedule and run automated regression
    tests for each build/ regularly
combining Functional and API tests in regression testing
combining Functional and API tests in regression testing

Combine functional/UI and API tests in a single, automated regression test suite to validate entire user stories, end-to-end.

create lean regression plans automatically
create lean regression plans automatically

Pick and prioritize regression tests to run by priority, critical modules/ requirements, test case types (unit, integration, functional, system), user-reported bugs, critical fixes to the software and more.

Using in-sprint test automation to tackle regression testing backlogs
Using in-sprint test automation to tackle regression testing backlogs

Keep pace with the development team with in-sprint test automation. Create automated regression tests for new features from the first line of code (or earlier).

parallel testing on cloud for faster regression testing
parallel testing on cloud for faster regression testing

Parallelize and bake in cross browser and device compatibility with every test run—on your local test labs, or on our continuously available cloud of 2000+ browsers and devices.

run automated regression testsuites continuously
run automated regression testsuites continuously

Trigger regression tests at every merge and build to avoid errors early. Run full regression test suites regularly to eliminate long-standing bugs and/or flaky scripts.

Simplify automated regression testing with Testsigma

No frameworks No setup No coding

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