New Era of Smart Test Automation

November 8, 2023Lavanya Chandrasekharan
New era of Smart Test Automation

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There’s been a shift from Manual Testing to Automated Testing in recent yearsAs compared to Manual Test practices, Test Automation offers improved test coverage and quality and allows for a speedy delivery of software into the market.

However, with huge scripting and several other integrations, the automated testing process is not an easy one. It takes huge initial setup and ramp-up time that require huge investments and a long wait to see the outcome.

Thus, there is a need for a smart test automation framework or a tool that can bring all the resources together for better test management and increased test coverage at low cost in less time.

With development becoming Agile and Continuous, Testing needs to keep up and this is best possible with the help of a Cloud based Test Automation process.

Such is our approach on cloud to test any software product easily anytime, anywhere!

A SaaS AI-driven test automation software for Web and Mobile applications to achieve continuous testing with a Shift-left approach, Testsigma addresses the shortcomings of existing automated testing tools that demand huge initial time and cost, high execution time, high maintenance, slow test script development process and require a longer payback time.

How Testsigma is a Smart Test Automation Tool?

Let us see how Testsigma makes it to being among the top test automation tools on the cloud to make Test Automation Simpler, Better and Affordable.

Zero ramp-up time and cost

Test Automation requires heavy scripting which is rather time-consuming. The time to ramp up the test automation process, the cost involved in selecting the right automated testing tools, setting them up and training the team, all of it is indispensable.

Setting up close to real execution environments for every tester also adds to the delay. But, today with cloud based Test Automation with over thousands of real devices and the systematic Behavior Driven Development(BDD) type script development using natural language makes it easier for just anyone to write complex tests easily.

With Testsigma, you can get started with automated testing right away! There’s no setup or installation required. You can start testing your application with just any browser on your preferred devices.

Test Development made faster using simple English grammar

Choose your preferred test step(grammar) from a list of available natural language statements or create your own personalized grammar to perform a particular test activity.

Testsigma uses simple natural language to write automated tests. Here’s how.

Developers, Testers, SMEs, or just anyone can create and execute automated tests easily, without knowing any complex programming!

Let your manual testers take charge of automation testing with no additional programming knowledge.

Achieve better quality faster than ever with the help of functional testers for automation testing.

AI to Reduce Test Execution Time and Cost

Testsigma uses Artificial Intelligence to build stable and reliable tests faster and to speed up the execution and maintenance of automated tests.

The AI suggest improvements in test runs to include relevant or affected test cases to avoid failures due to dependencies and saves execution time and cost.

Testsigma uses ‘dynamic locator strategy’ that can identify and fix failed objects and ui identifiers and save maintenance time and effort by 70%.

Increased Automation Coverage

Testsigma allows both manual and automated testing to avoid duplicate efforts and speed up the test process for increased test coverage.

Scalable, distributed execution options and testware management is a must to reduce feedback time and increase the test coverage across different platforms, operating system and browsers.

Testsigma supports automated testing for multiple application types and executes numerous complex tests on multiple devices both local and on cloud with different configurations providing a good test coverage.

Actionable Results

Cryptic test results will not help analyze and debug failures. Testsigma provides detailed failure reports with cross-links to rectify the errors.
There is no technical effort required to identify and fix a failure.

Actionable results will help the team fix all issues immediately without much technical effort. The AI identifies other tests which may as well be affected and tries auto-correcting these automated tests to some extent.

Identify potential failures upfront and save execution time and cost with Testsigma.

Team Collaboration

There should be a proper communication between Manual and Automation testers and within the Automation Testing team to increase the reusability and avoid duplicate efforts.

Testsigma provides a single corporate account and multiple logins for all your team members. You can share updates, reports, plan, etc easily with all those who can contribute to the project.

Prioritize your tests, track progress and share valuable feedback irrespective of where you are!

Test Management within the automated testing tool

For effective automated testing, there should be a proper plan for test coverage and a complete record of your test progress.

Testsigma provides Test Management within your automated testing tool for Agile and Continuous Delivery teams.

All your resources can be managed within Testsigma with unique settings for every Project.

Test Data Management

Test data are a major part of Test designing.
Many different inputs might be necessary to analyze the tests, positive or negative.

Testsigma supports multiple test data types that may be used across versions of the same application, across multiple execution environments, to invoke data returned from custom functions and so on.

Some test data types that Testsigma supports include:
Parameter Test Data(scope is limited to a single application version), Global Parameter Test Data(scope throughout a Project), Run-time Test Data(at the time of Test case execution), Function Parameter Test Data(returned from custom function) and Random Test Data(random data for test case executions).

Testsigma also provides Enterprise-class test data management with support for import from multiple test data sources.

Parallel Test executions on cloud and local devices

Testsigma provides a unique platform for parallel execution of tests which otherwise require multiple platforms and environments.

Run your tests in parallel, sequential and remotely across different browsers, operating systems and devices to increase test coverage and to reduce feedback time.

Distributing the tests across multiple test environments can reduce the feedback time considerably and help analyze the build quality faster.

You can also execute your tests on local devices if you do not wish to execute them on the cloud. With any device, it would be easy to test an application in very less time!

Cross Browser/OS/Device Testing

Choose test environments to execute tests from thousands of devices available on cloud!

With the wide range of devices, OS and browser versions of web and mobile phones with different screen sizes and orientations available, it is a complex task to test the working of an application in all of these device/browser combinations.

There is a need for developers to optimize their applications for each of these devices for every version.

Testsigma can easily set up and manage all of these device/OS combinations and is highly cost-effective having to only pay for the desired devices in use. Testsigma Lab makes it possible to run your tests on thousands of devices with different operating systems, browsers, and devices available on the cloud.

Less Maintenance effort

Automated tests should take very less upgrade and maintenance efforts for your application changes. As changes in the application increases, maintenance efforts further increases.

Testsigma adopts a simplified and automatic approach with less manual intervention. There are no Maintenance or product upgrade tailbacks.

Short wait to see ROI

There are various cost factors involved in Test Automation like the selection of the right automated testing tools, framework development, test data management, cost to maintain test environments, integration with test management tools and other tool integrations.

With the right Test Automation method, ROI is sure but gradually.
You need to build, execute and analyze your automated tests right from day one to see ROI immediately and this is exactly what Testsigma offers.

Testsigma saves time and maintenance efforts to create reliable tests with well-managed test data to see ROI right from the beginning, instead of years!

Learn more about this #SmartTestAutomation tool on cloud and join us on our journey towards Smart Testing!

Schedule a demo or reach out to us at support@testsigma.com to know more!

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