Benefits of Cloud based Automation Testing and Cloud based Testing Tools

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Enterprises are making a bold shift towards testing on the cloud. The benefits are already obvious. An increasing number of organizations are in the process or have plans to move their operations to the cloud in order to benefit from the availability of resources, flexibility in architecture and low costs offered by cloud environments and most importantly, the scalability.

However, only a few make confident decisions. The major factor that dissuades companies from implementing cloud based services are the concerns over security in the cloud. The right policies and easy Service Level Agreements will enable employees to take advantage of cloud computing without a feel of worry.

Why Cloud Based Automation Testing?

The most prominent benefit of cloud based automation testing as we discussed is the scalability to run automated tests without having to set up each and every device and testing environments manually. You save a lot of time and effort this way and need not compromise on setting up some devices without limiting the scope of automating the tests to a few devices.

You can run as many tests in parallel and need not wait for one test to complete for the infrastructure to be available. This way you get quick actionable results.

Compared to a traditional on-premises environment, cloud testing offers users pay-per-use pricing and a reduced time-to-market.

Let’s look at a few benefits of Cloud based Automation Testing:

  • Easy provisioning of ready to use test environments. The cloud makes it easy to scale up or down the resources anytime without installation hassles.
  • No need to update and maintain the servers as the cloud services provider will take care of this.
  • Eliminate resource management and maintenance
  • Execute tests on a wide range of device OS combinations
  • Cut down on the initial investment in infrastructure
  • Curb software licensing and support costs
  • Scale application workloads to concurrent users in order to identify performance issues before an application goes live
  • Standardization of testing methods across cross-functional teams
  • Increases efficiency and team collaboration
  • 24/7 access to shared resources equally for all ‘anytime, anywhere’
  • Pay per service on your usage minutes
  • Lets you started with automation testing without any delay with the test automation ecosystem of all essentials to get started with testing

How does a Cloud based Automation Testing tool incorporate the cloud?

Cloud is online

The cloud is an autonomous system that shares all testing resources alike for every tester and does not impact the speed due to sharing. There is no installation required to use the cloud. You just need to sign in to start testing. Conventional automation testing tools require a lot of effort and time to set this ecosystem for testing. Having to set it up for everyone in the team,outright, require huge initial investments. The cloud is accessible to all spread across different regions.

Pay only as you use

Cloud provides unlimited storage, you only need to pay for what you use and in some cases, depending on how long you use.

Anytime access

The resources needed for testing is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere irrespective of the geographical location. Thus it becomes easy to build the software and run tests anytime, anywhere.

Shop your device/OS combinations

Pick your Device/OS/Browser test environment combinations to test your application and only pay for the resources you use. There’s no installation hassle! One can test how an application performs on multiple combinations and varying screen resolutions be it a Web, Mobile or a Web services application.


For faster feedback, you may need to run tests on multiple devices at a time and this may not be the same case always. Many times you need only a few resources for basic testing.

With cloud, you can add or remove the number of test environments based on your testing requirements at any time since the infrastructure is virtual with a few changes in configuration from the cloud vendor’s side.

Easy Collaboration

The Cloud enables geographically spread teams to work on a project at once. A similar example would be the editing of Google Docs. This allows for easy sharing of common repositories and reusable data, to communicate the progress and uncertainties easier and faster.

Testsigma’s Cloud Based Automation Testing

A SaaS Cloud based automation testing tool, Testsigma implements all the benefits of Cloud to meet the Continuous Delivery demands of today including Test Parallelization, Cross Device/Browser/OS testing, Shift Left Approach to Automation Testing with the help of cloud, Access to thousands of test environments and platforms, Cloud run reports, Easy collaboration, hassle-free approach to automation and more.

Enterprises that execute tests as part of continuous delivery pipelines would find this effective as the results would be quick with better test coverage and easier it would be to troubleshoot.

Testsigma offers easy integrations with Jira and Github and also allows for easy collaboration with tools like Slack.

Coordinating, Maintaining and Scaling build deployments incrementally can eventually become overwhelming and is cost-intensive. Hence, testing on the cloud is an ideal solution. With Testsigma, you can perform tests on thousands of real devices available on the cloud. You can set up test environments tailored to your needs. New devices are added to the device cloud as they appear on the market. 

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Testsigma offers integrations for automating test flows across varying devices, platforms, browsers and its versions and lets you focus on your apps while keeping the test grid up-to-date.

Testsigma does not just offer cloud based automation testing but allows you to set up your tests on hybrid environments with a one-time Agent installation after which the Agent updates automatically.

It is easy to optimize applications for each device and its versions with the cloud.

The support team is always available and all you need to do is hit the chat icon or leave a message to our Customer Success Team and, we’ll be with you.

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