testsigma vs Testcraft

Testsigma vs TestCraft : What′s the right test automation tool for you?

Designing test cases via a tool that is heavy on the frontend is easy to start with but can get time consuming in the long run with all the processing it takes to select and match all corresponding elements. They also may not be easy to review for an outsider. But Testsigma, saves you in both these aspects - you are writing test cases in simple English with no overhead of drag, drop or designing and these test cases are easy to review for an outsider or a non-technical person too.


Why creators are making the switch
from TestCraft to Testsigma?

Scriptless automation for complex and dynamic scenarios

Unlike most of the scriptless test automation tools like TestCraft, Testsigma is not limited to just simple test case automation. It lets you automate conditional flows, loops, dynamic attributes, REST APIs, and complex business flows.

AI to improve the team's efficiency beyond auto-healing

In addition to auto-heal, Testsigma filters and notifies you of all the affected resources due to a failure. It automatically creates test plans to test impacted areas corresponding to a change.

Flexibility to extend the platform for your custom needs

Scriptless automation tools like TestCraft may not be able to address your custom needs. With Testsigma, you get all the simplicity in addition to all the flexibility to add custom functions when needed.

Unified test automation platform for all your applications

Testsigma is a unified automated testing platform where you can automate web, mobile applications (iOS & Android) as well as your APIs in the same place. You can also execute and see reports at the same place.

Test data management to increase test coverage

Manage your test data end to end. Generate test data, validate it, and use it in your tests - all in one place. With Testsigma you can supercharge your test scripts with comprehensive test data management and increase test coverage.

Continuous testing ready with a shift-left approach for in-sprint test automation

Testsigma lets you build your tests right from the design phase, leaves no automation backlogs for the next sprints. You can have your automation tests ready by the time you complete your coding.

One fit for all doesn′t work. Customize your reports

Every project is different and has different needs. With support for 30+ types of dynamic reports, Testsigma allows you to customize your test execution reports according to your needs and your role in the organization.

Readiness to scale as you grow.

As your company grows, your testing needs grow too. Testsigma comes equipped with all measures required to help you scale accordingly with features like test management, user management, version management, reporting and requirements tracking.

Its an ecosystem with all the essential elements for continuous testing

Testsigma enables successful implementation of continuous testing by integrating with all phases of your development lifecycle i.e. planning, designing, development, execution, reporting and analyzing.

Reusability to speed up the development and reduce maintenance efforts

Testsigma’s best in class step groups and centralized repositories speed up your test development process and reduce your maintenance efforts significantly.

Inbuilt test case management makes your test automation more inclusive

With Testsigma, you won’t need another tool to manage your test cases. Your manual and automated test cases can be managed and organized in the same place.

Testsigma is part of your testing ecosystem by default

With easy integration with bug reporting, test management, CI/CD, collaboration tools and test labs, Testsigma easily becomes a part of your DevOps ecosystem.