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“We have a lot of functional requirements to be deployed every month, Testing them used to take us nearly 15 to 20 days of manual effort.”

Srabani Upadhyaya

Test Automation Specialist, Hansard

See why Agile teams choose to simplify test automation with Testsigma

Founded in 1987 and listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006, Hansard Global PL provides life assurance and investment solutions. It administers assets of over £1 billion for over 40,000 policyholders across the world who can access their policy information through Hansard Online, an award-winning, mobile-friendly, localized, and secure digital platform that was tested—manually—by a QA team of 8.

Low code test automation that sticks

Hansard chose Testsigma for its ease of use. “Testsigma is a very easy tool to learn,” Srabani says. “Creating a test takes us less than five minutes since we do not have to think about which language to use to write test code. It's just plain English. We don't have to think about integrations, CI/CD, or anything else in the toolchain. It is a complete package.

“We have scaled our automation practices with the help of Testsigma” says Holly Pennington, Test Manager at Hansard.

Today, Hansard uses Testsigma to automate regression, sanity, and smoke testing for their web apps, APIs, and integrations.

Scaling test automation, confidently

Through reliable, low-code test automation, Hansard reduced regression testing time by 3x. ''We used to spend 15-20 days on smoke, sanity, and regression testing new items for monthly release,” Srabani says. “With Testsigma, we publish the sanity results in less than 30 minutes, and regression testing takes less than a week.”

“The time has reduced greatly in the space of a year,” Holly says. “What would take eight weeks to test now takes less than five weeks.”

Holly says “The reusability of Testsigma test cases, along with the built-in test data creation and management abilities, enables the team to scale automation for critical business cases rapidly. In each sprint, 75% of all regression testing we need to do is automated 25% of that will be manual,’' Holly says. “The only manual tests we have are for new items or new requirements."

Srabani adds “Testsigma has helped us improve our sprint timings for new products," Holly says.“The team is now much more engaged in automation. We now have other teams asking us about Testsigma. And as we scale, we anticipate that there'll be more users across the business."

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