How to Become an Automation Tester with No Stress?

May 25, 2023Mukta Sharma
How to become an automation tester with no stress?

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It has often been observed that a manual tester does not really know the direction he should take to start his career in automation testing. With many tools available today, getting distracted and unable to decide how to start learning test automation is obvious. In this blog, we shall see how to streamline things so that you can learn automation testing at ease and without any Stress.

It is evident that because of a lack of clarity on such things, you cannot take that first step towards learning test automation. If you are new to automation testing, you can relate to what I am saying here. But, if you already have some experience in automation testing, this would help your fellow aspiring testers who aim to make their career in automation testing, or you can refer them to this article so that it will be beneficial for them.

Mandatory Steps to Become an Automation Tester

To start learning automation testing, first, you must believe that you can do it. Nothing is impossible in this world if we are determined to do so. I know you won’t believe me. Keep reading, and you will see the answer. So, make up your mind before you continue reading the article.

Start your career in automation testing, and switch from a manual testing career to an automation testing profile by referring to this blog. 

In this article, you’ll learn the tips, techniques, and approaches to learning test automation. Based on my real-time experience working in Software Test Automation Industry, I will be jotting down all the points for you to take care of, which will help you make a start and make you confident. 

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Software Testing Concepts

Software Testing concepts are a MUST to know for any tester, whether you are a manual tester or an automation tester. It includes the below:

  1. Manual Testing concepts 
  2. Agile methodology, Scrum framework (widely used and known)
  3. Defect tracking tool
  4. Test Management tool

Programming Languages

Being a  tester, you must know at least one programming language. One such language is Java which is widely used worldwide. Learning the basics completes the first step.

If you know the basics of any programming language or if you have created a project in your college, you can prepare more on that specific language and get expertise. If you know Java already, it is suggested to learn another programming language which will act as a bonus for you. 

Having said that, if you are new to the programming world, then you can choose Python as your choice as it’s easy to learn comparatively. 

Automation Tools: 

Now, you must consider which tool you should learn to start your automation testing journey.

When you want to learn automation testing, you can go to any specific area like web automation, mobile application, API, Cloud, Performance, etc. There are automation tools available for each particular type of testing. 

Web Automation Testing:

For web automation testing, I can suggest going with Selenium or Cypress. Depending on your chosen programming language, you can pick up the tool. You can go with Selenium with Java or Selenium with Python etc. Similarly, you can decide on other combinations as per your learning pace. 

Mobile Automation Testing:

If you are inclined toward Mobile automation, you can start learning the Appium tool. But, again, if you are serious about making a career in mobile automation, you must understand mobile application testing (manually) before moving to mobile automation testing. 

Performance Testing: 

For Performance testing, we have JMeter, Neoload, etc. In contrast, NeoLoad is a powerful load and performance testing software solution designed for web and mobile applications. Jmeter is used for application’s load or performance testing. It is used to identify the bottleneck in the performance and improve the user experience. 

CI/CD Pipeline:

To be good at automation testing, you must know what CI/CD is. What does it entail? The purpose and the requirement should be clear to you first before understanding the basics of these tools. We have Jenkins available with us for CI. You also need to know about Maven, Gradle, GitHub, Git, Docker, etc.

Approach to Learning Automation Testing:

Let me share my approach, which I implemented when learning automation testing. Please note that the below points are not in order, and try to follow them daily. 

1. Be strongly determined that you want to learn it.

2. Dedicate 1–2 hrs. each day to learn it.

3. Start from the very basics of any tool because when your basics are strong, you can quickly learn all advanced concepts.

4. While learning some concepts, make notes and explore more learning materials on the StuDocu platform parallelly irrespective of whether it is basic knowledge, a programming language, or any automation tool, for example, Selenium.

5. If you are not working, then you can’t complain about timings. Spend 2–4 hrs. daily to learn.

6. After you learn, do hands-on on your personal computer without looking into a solution. It’s okay to go slow but don’t cheat. Remember, you are learning for yourself, not for others.

7. Next day, when you start a new topic, practice and revise what you learned on day 1. Check your hands-on exercises.

8. Keep following the same routine until you feel confident about yourself or for a minimum 3–4 months (religiously study).

9. Be serious about it. Have a goal in life and achieve it. It’s your life. Design the way you want it to be.


You can save these tips and share them with your friends looking to make a career in automation testing or who want to be automation testers. This will serve as a guide to you and them too. Also, please do not forget to come back to this blog after 4-5 months when you are prepared to embark on a test automation journey, and leave a comment for me to share your experience of becoming an automation tester. 

I would be happy to hear all your success stories. Good Luck! 

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