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5 features that make Testsigma the best cross browser compatibility testing tool

5 features that make Testsigma the best cross browser compatibility testing tool

Cross Browser Testing is adopted by developers in order to ensure that an application works as intended across all combinations of devices and browsers. This will help developers to reveal issues that might have been left ignored or uncovered otherwise.

Each browser comes with an exceptional blend of web support but also has certain drawbacks. Hence, it’s of utmost importance that you test your application’s mettle on all combinations of devices and browsers to provide your users with a seamless experience. 

To ensure continuous delivery, it’s very important that developers adopt automated Cross Browser Testing methodologies over manual testing. They should choose such tools that seem to fit well according to their application’s end to end testing requirements. 

Testsigma allows you to perform scriptless Cross Browser Compatibility Testing on 1000+ real desktop and mobile browsers all packed into a unified platform. It simplifies the job by managing multiple browser environments, allowing you to use the cloud infrastructure for running parallel browser sessions on multiple platforms and devices.

With Testsigma, you can perform cross browser compatibility tests on thousands of real devices and browsers available on the cloud infrastructure and automate test flows across multiple platforms, browsers versions and devices. 

Let’s take a sneak-peak at some of the features of Testsigma tool that makes it the best cross browser compatibility testing tool you will ever come across.

Immediate Access to Thousands of Environments

Testsigma allows you to run your tests on 1000+ real desktops and mobile browser versions. It provides you with a unified framework supporting multiple web browser versions and mobile devices, creating a secure and extendable continuous testing platform. It frees you from the installation and license hassles of OS, Softwares, platforms, etc. All of these are available on the cloud and can be accessible on the go.

While you are creating your Test Plan, you have a list of all the different OS platforms and browser versions to choose from. You can also set the screen resolutions.

Integrate into the CI/CD Pipeline

The best practices of modern development such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery requires frequent execution of Test Cases. In case of a change in a certain UI component, effortless retesting of all the affected test cases needs to be ensured. 

Thus, a tool which provides easy integrations to CI/CD pipelines along with easy cross browser test execution would be a boon for the developers. This would improve the overall workflow.

Testsigma provides continuous integration for agile and DevOps teams. It uses shift-left approach and provides seamless integrations with all the popular CI/CD tools. Testsigma provides a robust API which helps developers to manage and trigger the Test Case Executions. It easily integrates with the popular third-party CI tools such as GitLab, Jenkins, AWS, etc.

 In-Sprint Compatibility Test Automation

The Agile and DevOps practices do not allow a lot of time for test creation between the development of code and product release. The UI automation still lags behind the sprint. In order to guarantee test coverage, you may need to depend on manual testing practices which is quite a hefty task given different browser compatibility and the ever increasing daily releases of new and innovative UI components. 

With Testsigma, you can start the Test Case development before the front-end UI is created, enabling you to start automating your tests towards the left end of the sprint, closer to the design phase of the development lifecycle. Thus, in-sprint test automation can be executed better with Testsigma.

Increased Cross-Browser Coverage using Parallel Execution

Using Testsigma, you can run cross browser compatibility tests on multiple browsers at a time by performing parallel execution of Test Suites. This substantially increases your cross-browser coverage. This means that you can now perform your tests on multiple devices and browsers within a fraction of time. With a broad selection of browser versions and OS platforms, you can ensure that all the UI Components in your application go through rigorous tests before entering the production code.

With parallel execution of test cases, you can execute your test suites continually in a wider compatibility range.  You now don’t need to think twice and limit yourself against testing on only the popular browsers or OS versions. Thus, you can now attain a better coverage. 

Comprehensive Reports for Individual Configurations 

With Comprehensive Test Reports, Text Logs, Screenshots, Video Recordings, Debugging tools, etc. all packed in the same tool, it helps you to analyze your test results faster. You can easily drill down the test results to get to the point of failure and file a bug into integrated bug platforms. 

Testsigma allows you to create customizable reports as per the user requirements and let’s you access reports for individual test environments so that you can locate the root cause of failure much faster than any other tool. 

For Cross Browser Tests, you can get individual reports for all the combinations of browsers and OS environments on which you perform your tests.

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To Conclude

Testsigma is truly built for all your testing requirements and cross browser compatibility testing is only one of them. With an automated tool like Testsigma, you can be confident that your test suites can easily run across 1000s of device and Browser configurations in parallel. It lets you run your scriptless tests on multiple OS/Browser combinations and offers seamless integrations with CI/CD tools.

It provides features such as functional and visual testing, scalability, third party integrations, parallel testing, reporting and an excellent support team, all of which when combined, creates an excellent Cross Browser Compatibility Testing tool.

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