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Cross Browser Testing Alternatives

The Best Cross Browser Testing Alternatives in 2022

There are plenty of cloud-based software testing platforms that give you real test environments to test your website or apps against multiple browser/OS/device combinations. One such platform is Cross Browser Testing. 

Finding an alternative to Cross Browser Testing is finding a test lab that simply does it better. 

In today’s article, you’ll get to know about Testsigma alongside four other cross-browser testing alternatives that can meet your organization’s specific needs –

  • Testsigma 
  • Testim 
  • Ranorex Studio
  • Perfecto
  • LambdaTest  

Why You Need a Standalone Tool to Perform Cross Browser Testing 

Among all non-functional tests, cross-browser testing is the one that takes the most time and effort. So, it makes sense to have an individual platform tailor-made for this purpose. 

A multi-browser testing tool helps with compatibility testing at scale – without requiring infrastructure setup from your end. It will help you troubleshoot bugs in your website and apps when visited through a variety of real devices and browsers. 

Compatibility testing 

Cross Browser testing tools that support code-less scripting make this process a lot easier for non-programmers. For example, the leading software products allow you to write your script in English and can help create browser agnostic tests so you don’t have to account for individual webdriver implementation differences in popular browsers before writing or executing your tests. 


When you test locally hosted apps across different browsers on a cloud based testing platform, there’s always the issue of speed of execution. For a large enterprise, you can expect a complex test scenario to take hours. This issue is common to all popular cloud based testing platforms.

Scalability and Management 

Let’s say you have a flourishing online business. Before launching and updating your mobile app or website, you want to see how they appear on real devices. The reason why a cross-browser testing platform is so necessary is that it’s scalable, which means it can support your growing user base.  Additionally, these tools allow you to leverage a flexible system that can manage large-scale cross browser tests. 

Real user scenarios and devices

These are trusted platforms for checking your website’s compatibility, navigation, and user interface on real devices. A test suite will have thousands of desktop/mobile browser and operating system combinations in the Cloud. 

Testing tools like Sauce Labs actually provide new versions of test environments within two days of release. This is to ensure that users logging in from real browsers and devices have a satisfying experience with your web apps.

A Multitude of Options 

Nearly all cross-browser testing systems offer tests such as performance testing, responsive testing, localization testing, visual testing, etc. 

Top Cross Browser Testing Tools to Try for Your Website  

Here, we reviewed the internet’s best-rated cross-browser testing suites along with our very own – Testsigma. Keep reading to find the best alternative for functional and non-functional testing strategies in 2022. 

1. Testsigma 

Testsigma is a complete no-code open source test automation platform for Devs & QAs.

If you run cross browser tests on a wide scale and often, Testsigma is your number one option. Most online test suites fail to work with basic browser extensions, let alone the major browsers. Here, the number of supported browsers to try for your web applications is insane. You also get the full extent of functional and non-functional test strategies. 

TestSigma dashboard

As software testers, we know exactly how much effort it takes to perfect compatibility testing. Testsigma is a Cloud-based automated testing ecosystem. It allows you to write browser and platform agnostic functional and UI tests in plain English and run them on built-in test lab of 2000+ browsers and real mobile devices. TestSigma Layout

Testsigma dashboard is comprehensive, customizable, and hierarchical. It arranges your build information to accommodate parallel runs across different devices. This gives you instant insight into compatibility test results while reducing build time from days to minutes. Based on these automated browser tests, Testsigma also gives clear debugging guidelines containing the errors in each device/browser version for every test step.

Testsigma also has built-in advanced visual testing that helps you deliver picture-perfect UI on different operating systems and browsers.  It provides test logs, continuous testing, and 2000+ device/browser coverage. TestSigma

Testsigma also integrates with Jenkins, CircleCI, Slack, GitHub, Jira, Microsoft Teams, BrowserStack, LambdaTest, Google Chat, Trello, and other popular apps and plugins. Not only does it guarantee continuous delivery, but it also provides powerful debugging tools.

It takes a shift-left approach, so you can start checking browser compatibility straight from the beginning of the sprint. 

Testsigma Summary

You may like this app if you –

  • Need to check browser compatibility quickly  
  • Want comprehensive test reports and robust debugging tools 
  • Don’t have enough resources to create programmatic test scripts
  • Are looking for mobile devices and virtual machines to test your app 
  • Your QA and DevOps teams want to systematize the workload  
  • Need to develop many execution configurations for parallel testing 
  • Want to use your own emulators or simulators and need a single place to manage and run tests on them, without code.

2. Testim.io

Testim is a test automation tool for running end-to-end tests on multiple browsers. This platform allows people to run all kinds of tests – be it coded, codeless, or both. Testim Suite

Our Experience with Testim 

Testim comes with a lot of features, some absolutely necessary, some not. Users are particularly excited about their speed, as they claim themselves to be a super-fast test automation platform. But that’s not the sole reason why Testim is so popular – they have other crucial features as well.

The basic features like the bug tracker, screenshot capture, test editor, etc. are favorites. Its advanced features like parameterized testing, requirements-based testing, and parallel execution also make the tool invaluable. From their CI/CD connection to test script reviews, Testim turns out to be a very efficient test automation tool.


Testim’s troubleshooting support is also commendable. If your test somehow fails, they’ll use their advanced root-cause analysis tool to analyze and find out the error in the test. 

Testim Summary

This software is right for you if you-

  • Want super-fast test automation with advanced AI and parallel technology
  • Need to run an advanced root cause analysis tool for finding issues in failed tests
  • Need a fast, exceptional bug tracker for fast debugging
  • Have a complex CI/CD connection and parameterized testing enabled
  • Want to run JavaScript or Appium tests in both codeless and coded language

3. Ranorex Studio 

This is a one-of-a-kind platform for discovering problems in your layout, finding JavaScript errors, and testing your entire website. The best thing about Ranorex Studio is that it’s a business-oriented test lab. It’s capable of running high volumes of tests within a short time – making cross-browser testing fast and efficient.

Additionally, you can test any web page behind a login field or authentication. Ranorex works perfectly with dynamic pages and has the most number of browsers and operating systems. However, the pricing of this test lab is way above the budget of small enterprises and startups. 

Ranorex Studio dashboard

With its strong cross-browser suite and supporting tests, you can easily identify scripting errors and accessibility issues in your mobile application. And it doesn’t matter if you have complex HTML and JavaScript code on your site. Each time it scans a page, it compiles any existing error in your test script one by one. From API testing to bug tracking, there’s hardly a test strategy Ranorex doesn’t have in its system. It has powerful collaboration suites, a drag-and-drop scripting tool, and a user-friendly hierarchical view. 

Most importantly, Ranorex is easy to learn for creating different tests – both functional and non-functional. It recognizes a wide variety of test elements, has its own maintenance mode, and supports web and mobile apps from your cross-browsing checklist.

Ranorex offers workflow management, custom reports, data visualization, third-party integrations, and advanced statistics to win over medium to large enterprises. At $2890 a month, it doesn’t have a free plan, whereas most top-rated testing tools do. 

Ranorex Studio Summary 

You can consider this software if you –

  • Want to run automated and manual tests on real browsers 
  • have a project that has a combination of old and new Java elements along with C++ 
  • Know a fair bit of coding but feel more comfortable going codeless 

4. Perfecto 

If you care about fast execution, intelligent reporting, and automation frameworks, Perfecto is what you’re looking for. With numerous plugins and integrations, Perfecto takes cross-browser testing to a new level. It provides the same output as a manual tester which is important for debugging software and ensuring a better end-user experience. You can access all new and old browser versions and obtain faster feedback. 

Perfecto layout

It’s fairly easy to perform visual testing – thanks to the unchallenging interface.  If you miss a decent device/browser combination in your current lab, you can opt for Perfecto to increase your test coverage. You can also do live interactive testing on iOS mobile browsers. 

Perfecto is one of the few testing tools that offer multiple versions of different operating systems and browser extensions under one roof. If you want to run non-functional tests but have no prior experience outside your virtual lab, you’ll like Perfecto. The platform caters to your individual IT requirements and makes mobile testing easy to perform, even for a non-specialist. Perfecto can help your organization automate complex IT procedures apart from the run-of-the-mill mobile testing at $300/month subscription.  

Perfecto Summary

You can consider Perfecto if you-

  • Want to test your application on iOS and Android devices 
  • Are looking for a software that allows testing on mobile and desktop browsers
  • The team wants to level up with Selenium automation testing
  • Need to run parallel testing and analyze the results in real-time
  • Need a scalable testing framework to test your web pages

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5. LambdaTest 

Finally, a software that can topple your local execution speeds. LambdaTest is a cloud-based software testing tool offering high speeds, online browser testing, native app testing, and a graphical regression cloud. 

LambdaTest flaunts quality resources when it comes to cross-browser and API testing. It has a learning hub exclusive to its subscribers containing E2E guides on Selenium, Cypress, Appium, and JavaScript tests.

LambdaTest automated screenshots

LambdaTest allows you to speed up every step of the test cycle, shifting focus from a tedious development routine to full-blown innovation. The cross-browser tests here are both live and interactive. You can get a hold of local and publicly hosted websites on more than 3 thousand iOS and Android devices. All of them run on real mobile and desktop browsers, with no emulator whatsoever.  

LambdaTest’s cloud framework is a perfect substitute for your physical lab, if not more advanced and better. The fact that LambdaTest added the emulator/simulator of recently launched browser versions is surely a win. Apart from being a user-friendly testing tool for coders, LambdaTest is a powerful platform for live testing and debugging any website. It works for all the major browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.  

LambdaTest Summary

This app is right for you if you-

  • Exclusively require cross-browser test creation and debugging  
  • Want to test your web app on multiple browsers and an online Selenium grid
  • Looking for a solid Cloud infrastructure along with a GUI app and debugger
  • Need to automate tests on a large scale without intensive development efforts
  • You could use 3000+ real mobile devices and browsers for checking your app’s compatibility with different sources

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The Best Cross-Browser Testing Tools: Our Thoughts  

If you’re looking for a budget test lab on cloud to eliminate the hassle of test infra, you can try LambdaTest or Perfecto. If you want to simplify your entire QA process, including test automation, end to end, give Testsigma a shot. 

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