April ’23 feature spotlight: New features to supercharge your testing

June 5, 2024Payal Dinodia
April '23 feature spotlight New features to supercharge your testing

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We’re excited to announce our latest release, packed with new features to take your testing to the next level. We built these features with testing efficiency in mind for quality engineering teams delivering quality releases at speed.

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  1. Powerful new API testing capabilities
    .Our brand new API testing interface comes with powerful features that support real-time API response validation, testing of different API methods (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, PATCH), and data-driven API testing. Learn more
  1. Concatenate dynamic test data
    You can now dynamically generate and use multiple different sets of data and concatenate them with Testsigma’s test data concatenation feature. It lets you easily concatenate any base strings with dynamic user properties and run the same test for as many iterations as you need. Building dynamic tests saves you time and reduces the risk of errors. See documentation
  1. Download and white-label PDF reports
    Generate detailed reports for management reporting or your own audit and analysis for each build. With this feature, you can export reports to PDF, complete with test cases, test steps, and screenshots. Plus, you can include your firm’s brand logo to ensure the report follows any copyright and company guidelines. Note: This feature is only available to Enterprise users (See documentation).
  1. Nested Step Groups
    Group the test steps that are generally carried out together, and reuse the group everywhere. For instance, in a data-driven test case, you can iterate over user profiles one by one and perform different actions based on the profile type. By creating nested step groups, you can save time and reduce the risk of errors. Learn more
  1. Disable Test Cases in a Test Plan
    Sometimes, you know that certain test cases are bound to fail due to known existing bugs. To avoid wasting time on these failures, you can now disable test cases that you don’t want to run at the moment. This feature allows you to decouple your results from known failures and gives you more control over your testing. Know more
  1. Enhance test data mid-execution with new NLP
    Our new NLP feature lets you write values to test data profile columns during test case execution. For example, if you’re iterating over a series of SKUs, you can log the price of each SKU from the UI and write it to the desired column for a test data profile. Later, you can use this test data profile in another test case to verify if the prices in another pin code or city are the same. This feature makes it easy to add data from the app being tested to your test data profile or log status for certain actions. Know more

With these newly released updates, we’re continuing to enable teams to set up and scale test automation quickly and without coding skills. 
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If you’d like to see the difference that hassle-free automation can make to your release cycles, let us know.


Start automating your tests 10X Faster in Simple English with Testsigma

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