Are you tired of spending hours on end creating functional test automation scripts? Do you wish there was a faster and more efficient way to create and execute these tests? Look no further because we have the solution!

Inside this ebook, you'll find:

  • Understanding Low-Code Test Automation: Dive deep into the world of Low-Code and explore why it's the key to accelerating your functional test automation.
  • The Resounding Impact of Low-Code Test Automation: Learn about the transformative effects on your testing efficiency and overall software quality.
  • A Step by Step Guide to Automated Functional Testing: Master the process from planning to execution with detailed insights into each phase.
  • Planning: Explore test identification, test suit selection, test environment setup, test data generation, and more.
  • Test Case Creation: Delve into test scenario definition, refining test steps, parallel tests, parameterization, creating a test case, and integration points.
  • Test Execution: Understand the test execution process, implementing breakpoints, result analysis, and validation & defect reporting.
  • Test Management: Learn about test metrics, reporting and communication, test maintenance, peer review, and test versioning.
  • Overcoming Hurdles with Low-Code Automation: Tackle common challenges like test flakiness, test failures, data issues, and environment problems.
  • Best Practices for E2E Low-Code Test Automation: Explore mobile app testing, web app testing, API testing, and discover best practices for each.
  • ROI with Low-Code Test Automation: A Closer Look: Understand the tangible benefits, including reduced test debt, resource efficiency, and cost savings.

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