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June 5, 2024Shruti Sharma
Why is Testsigma a perfect solution for automating your cross-browser testing on the cloud?

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Today, there are 1.88 billion websites on the internet and the number is rapidly increasing.

There are 3.8 billion people in the world that own smartphones today – which amounts to 48.16% of the world population.

The internet traffic from mobile (as compared to that from desktops) has also been increasing, and now stands at 56%

internet traffic percent

The point I am trying to make is that if you have a website – it can be accessed from a web browser or a mobile browser. Or if you have a mobile application – it could be installed and used on a wide variety of mobile devices.

Thus, you also need to ensure that your customers get the same experience – albeit a good one – anyway they decide to access your website or mobile application.

How do you do it? You test your application on multiple browsers and mobile devices – including the various versions and operating systems that your users might be on.

Thus, cross-browser testing is crucial, and seeing the number of browsers/devices you will have to execute it on – no easy feat. 

But, there are multiple ways that cross-browser testing can be done:

i. via chrome developer tools

ii. via emulators/simulators

iii. via own device lab 

iv. via device lab on the cloud

The approach that we would talk about in this article is automated cross-browser testing via device lab the cloud because that is what Testsigma supports.

If you’d like to read more about cross-browser testing on the cloud and if you want to know if it is for you – then here is an article for you: Cross-browser testing on the cloud: advantages and disadvantages

There are multiple tools available for cross-browser testing on the cloud, but in this blog, we will talk about the automated cross-browser testing tool Testsigma and answer “Why is Testsigma a perfect solution for automating your cross-browser testing on the cloud?”

Let’s dive in.

17 Reasons Why Testsigma a Perfect Solution for Automating Your Cross Browser Testing on the Cloud

1. Saves cost at so many places because of being on the cloud 

benefits of cloud

Testsigma is a completely cloud-based test automation solution that gives you access to all the test automation needs and device labs on the cloud.

In terms of automated cross-browser testing, the benefits of being on the cloud are:

i. No need to invest in infrastructure

ii. No need to invest in maintaining the infrastructure

iii. The cloud-based services can be accessed any time, from anywhere

iv. You only need to pay according to your usage

v. What you use can be scaled up or down according to your requirements

2. Option to choose multiple labs for test automation.

When on the cloud, one thing you may worry about is the dependency on one cloud lab – what if there were some issues in some of their devices and that created bottlenecks for your testing? With Testsigma, you get the option to connect to the test lab of your choice at any moment.

3. Built-in additional features to provide you ROI as soon as possible

Being on the cloud provides you many benefits, but Testsigma’s benefits don’t end there, rather they begin there. 

Testsigma features

Testsigma has multiple features related to test creation, test maintenance that are designed to save your precious time and resources and thus enable you to achieve that return on your investment that much sooner.

We will discuss these features in the next points.

4. Test cases can be easily created in minutes by anyone in the team. You don’t need to hire additional resources for that.

Testsigma is built with an NLP-enabled approach where test cases are created in simple English. Not only the approach makes test creation very easy to learn and get started with, it also makes it very easy to edit test cases for any needed maintenance work in the future.

Another feature that helps in easy test creation is automatic object recognition.

5. Test case maintenance is easier with added features

A few of the features that help in easy test maintenance are – self-heal, automatic identification of automatic resources, support for reuse via step-groups.

6. Simple or complex test scenarios – create your tests in simple English

There could be some codeless test creation approaches that might not support test creation for complex scenarios but that is not the case with Testsigma.

Testsigma, with its simple English approach and support for looping, structures, different types of waits – lets you even automate complex test scenarios easily. 

7. Also, get your custom features tested easily with the option to add custom code when needed.

Even though complex test cases can be automated in Testsigma, it does not limit you. Testsigma also gives you the option to add custom code to your test cases in JAVA and Selenium.

8. 24×7 support that does not let you suffer

While you are using any service, it is natural that things might not work sometimes. What you need at that time is not to get blocked, or suffer but to have a support team that can understand the issues you are facing and unblocks you as soon as possible. That is how you can keep the processes working for you.

When you start using Testsigma, you get access to a support team that is available 24×7 and tries to keep your processes up and running as soon as possible.

9. No extra setups required

Testsigma is completely cloud-based and that means, we don’t even ask you to install a minor file to your system to get your test creation started.

10. Execute your cross-browser tests in parallel

When you are executing your cross-browser tests on thousands of devices and browsers – it can take a long time, if done sequentially. But with Testsigma, you can schedule your test cases in parallel and drastically reduce the time to complete your test case execution.

11. Automate all your cross-browser, cross-device tests in the same place. 

Another aspect of test case creation with Testsigma, that will benefit you is that you can automate all your cross-browser tests for web and mobile from the same place.

Yes and then execute them from the same place as well. This eliminates your need to include yet another test automation tool for mobile or web into your tools ecosystem and saves your time, effort and money.

12. Extend your tests for APIs, when needed

In addition to the above benefit, when needed – you can expand your test suite to also include API test cases easily.

13. Very intuitive features made for you to speed up

The main motive behind test case creation has been to make test automation easy and approachable for one and all. Another feature that helps Testsigma achieve it is the intuitive UI that is integrated to all its features. The intuitiveness of the UI helps you to speed up your tasks and complete them easily.

14. Easily integrates into your CI/CD pipeline


Another important feature that helps is that Testsigma supports seamless integration into the CI/CD pipeline. Also, it supports most of the popular CI/CD tools so integrating into your current CI/CD processes should be easy.

15. Customize the reports according to your needs

One important aspect of test automation that is often overlooked is reporting. What use will the test execution be if the reporting is not up to the mark? Inefficient reporting can delay action on issues and can eat up on crucial time.

Testsigma has highly customizable reporting that can be customized according to your needs because you know what information will help you the best.

16. Easily manage your tests in the form of test suites, test plans, requirements, priorities – all on the cloud.

And then – even when you are starting or you have an already large suite of automated test cases in Testsigma – it will be an easy task to manage them because you can manage them in multiple ways – test suites, test plans, requirements or priorities.

17. Built-in workflows such that all your team members can contribute to the test automation process – review, collaboration

If you are short on testing resources then Testsigma is an ideal solution for you, because with Testsigma – manual testers can get acquainted with the tool easily and start test creation in minutes.

Your other team members would also be able to pitch in as it would be easier for them to review the test cases and add their inputs to them. This is because Testsigma also supports review workflow for test cases.

Testsigma is giving a 21-day free trial, review the features yourself before you decide to buy


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