What features make Testsigma an ideal tool for automated web testing?

April 3, 2024Shruti Sharma
What features make Testsigma an ideal tool for automated web testing?

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The world wide web hosts over 1.7 billion websites today. The reason for this big number is obvious – the web has become the modern marketplace and to be able to get visitors, a place here has become essential.

For an online business, a website becomes the first impression. Customers are bound to judge the quality of your business by the quality of your website. And that is why the below statistic would not seem surprising at all:

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience”

Now that we know, just having a website is not enough and that quality and experience play a major role too, it becomes imperative that you test your website to ensure both of these criteria are met. The one obvious way of ensuring this is via testing. 

If you are a beginner and your website does not have many visitors you could do the testing manually, without any tool. But if you are growing and customers have started encountering issues then you might need to use some automation.

To automate your website, the best way is to do automated web testing. Automated web testing is done with the help of automated web testing tools. Testsigma is one such tool for automated web testing and in this article, we will list down the features that make it an ideal tool for automated web testing.

1. It’s very easy to start your test automation for the web with Testsigma

i. No setup required as it is completely cloud-based
Testsigma is a completely cloud-based automated testing tool. Because of this feature, you just have to signup and you can start with automating your web test cases.

ii. You can start your test case creation quickly as test creation is done in simple English and no programming skills are required: Of the major feature of Testsigma, that makes it an ideal tool for automated web testing is that it requires you to use simple English for test case creation. Thus, it is very easy to learn.

You don’t need to be perfect in any programming language to get started with Testsigma. Thus, if you are looking for a tool that is very easy to start with and does not require heavy skills to start with test automation then Testsigma is the way to go for you.

Testsigma - Reusable test steps

iii. Reusable test steps

When you start automating your tests, you will find out that there are some steps that will be repeated quite often. A great practice that would save you time would be to make those test steps reusable such that you are needed to create them once and use them again and again. Testsigma has a built-in feature like that to save your time.

iv. Support for loops
Even though in real life, your user might never need to do a looped task, there would be times when you would need to use that during test automation. Testsigma is built-in with the support for these complex loops that let you automate complex test steps easily and on time.

2. Tests can be reviewed by other non-technical project stakeholders

Once the tests are created, they are as easy to understand as reading English. Thus, the non-technical members of the team can be included in the test review process.

This ensures that all-around knowledge can be included in the test automation, making it effective. This also helps improve test coverage as well as the quality of testing. 

3. Multiple time-saving features during test maintenance

While performing test automation, there are two activities that take up most of the time – test creation and test maintenance. Having dealt with test creation in the above points, test maintenance is made easy when the tool provides functionalities that help in healing the failing test cases automatically. These are the test cases that are failing because of some recent changes in the UI.

i. Self-healing tests: Testsigma uses an AI-based intelligent engine in the backend that helps the test cases self-heal and saves a good amount of your time that you would have otherwise spent on test maintenance.

Testsigma - Self-healing tests

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ii. Affected resources: Whenever you make a change in your website, there will be some related resources that would be impacted too. Testsigma will help you figure them out automatically.

4. Smart locators
To use a website, a user performs different actions on the elements visible on the UI. To be able to automate them, a tool needs to be able to access these elements easily. These elements are accessed via locators. 

Smart locators

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The tests created from a tool for automated web testing become robust when the locators are robust too. Testsigma has a unique strategy by which a locator or a UI identifier gathers multiple locators for one element. This way it becomes easier for the test cases to keep working even if there are changes in the UI.

5. Supports headless browser automation

Sometimes while test execution, having all the test cases replicated on a real browser can take up a lot of time and create a lot of issues of its own. To remove the hurdle of having UI rendered before the test case can run, there is a solution in the test automation world. Something like magic, where the UI is not in the picture but test cases are still executed, is called headless browser automation. 


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In headless browser automation, test cases are executed on the browser without rendering the UI thus the complexity of UI interactions is minimized and actions are performed quickly.

Testsigma supports headless browser automation and lets you speed up the execution of your test cases easily.

6. Lets you execute your tests on 2000+ real mobile and web browser There is no point in automating your test cases if you are not executing them on all the web browsers that your users are using your website on. If you are supporting your website on the mobile web too (most people do) then you will need to test your website on browsers on mobile devices as well.

Testsigma - Test automation

Testsigma is equipped with different kinds of cloud device labs. These labs host most of the modern and old web browsers and mobile devices. You can easily plug into these device labs and execute your automated tests on them.

7. The UI for test development is very intuitive and guides you throughout the process Just as your website won’t be usable if it is not intuitive for your users, the same is the case for automated testing tools. Understanding that fact, Testsigma has been created with special care and attention given to every module of the tool.

This makes sure that the tool is built while making it highly intuitive and usable. Also, instructions and pointers are provided where ever possible to aid you in smooth and speedy test case creation and execution.

8. Let’s you implement waits in multiple ways so asynchronous loading of web elements is not a problem at all.

Anyone who has ever tried automating a website would know that the first problem that is encountered during test automation is ‘waits’. Even though the actions are automated, the way different elements on a web page load end up creating wait issues – Sometimes, the next expected element does not appear on time while other times it appears too quickly and vanishes – this results in test cases failing.

Testsigma is built-in with multiple kinds of waits. Some waits are implicit such that you don’t need to worry about them. But, if you want to add your own waits, Testsigma gives you the flexibility there.

9. You can do test automation on the web irrespective of what technology was used during web development

Today, the development of a website can be done using multiple programming languages and technologies. Looking for a tool that supports your specific set of development practises is a sensible practice but what if you decide to include some other technologies later?

The solution is that you need to be looking for a tool that supports all technologies you use and is made to include all others that might come up in the future. 

Thus, when you include Testsigma as your test automation tool, you make your test automation future-proof.

10. If you support mobile or you plan to support mobile in future or still do, then Testsigma will let you automate the test cases from the same place. You won’t need to look for new tools.


More than 50% of web traffic is now driven by mobile devices. Sooner or later, you will want to support your website on mobile too. Then, you will need a tool that will support your mobile test cases too.

Testsigma is that tool today. Testsigma lets you automate your test cases for web browsers as well as mobile from the same place.

11. Whenever your test cases fail you can access screenshots, video recording or logs of your failure, making your test debugging very easy and convenient. Where Testsigma ensures that your test creation and maintenance tasks are executed hassle-free, it also ensures that whenever there is a bug you can debug that easily. To support that Testsigma lets you record the execution of all your test cases in the form of screenshots, videos, and logs.

12. If you have already setup CI/CD pipeline, adding Testsigma to it will only be like plug and play.

Testsigma - CI/CD pipeline

If you already have a CI/CD pipeline setup for development, including Testsigma will be very easy.

13. Supports parallel test execution

To save your time on test execution, Testsigma lets you execute your test cases in parallel as well.

14. Can be accessed from anywhere anytime If you have a remote team, then you don’t need to worry at all. Testsigma is built to support all your remote team workflows. You can access all Testsigma tests cases, execution stats reports whenever you need them from anywhere you need to access them at any time.

15. 24×7 support

Last but not the least, Testsigma might be built with all edge cases taken care of, but we know your project is unique. There might be times when you might be stuck and that is why the Testsigma support team would be there to help you out every single time.

The 24×7 support, as a feature for automated web testing tool Testsigma, will save your precious time that you would otherwise have spent in waiting for a solution on a community or for the testers to figure out.

Make your automated web testing easy, convenient and efficient with Testsigma


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