Launch of Visual testing

Introducing Automated Visual Testing: Run Visual and Functional Tests Parallelly

We’re excited to announce the addition of visual test automation capabilities to Testsigma’s low-code platform. With this newest addition, quality teams are empowered to test the accuracy of visual elements with precision and deliver great user experiences at an unmatched scale and speed.

Empowering QA teams and democratizing software testing is at the core of what we do at Testsigma. Over time, we have realized that in QA, many teams hyperfocus on functionality—how the elements interact with the user—and often overlook how the elements render across various browsers and devices. The result – a poor customer experience and lost revenue.

Adding to it, the complexities of modern web design make it difficult to automate visual verifications with traditional tools and frameworks. They struggle to handle dynamic elements and responsive designs, often leading to false negatives and false positives in testing results. Manually verifying the UI is also error-prone and unscalable, leading to longer test cycles and eating into your release pace and quality. 

To address these quality concerns and make visual testing as seamless as testing functionality and APIs, we are introducing low-code automated visual testing in Testsigma. Here are some of the highlights the new feature brings to the table:

  • Create visual tests effortlessly, without any code: Author automated tests using plain English statements with Testsigma. Or record user actions that are automatically converted into plain English test steps. Add visual validations for the required test steps with a click of a button.
  • View and debug visual errors in a user-friendly interface: With clear visualization of the base image, reference image, and highlighted differences, you can easily analyze and rectify any design-related problems to maintain a consistent visual experience.
  • Run visual regression tests across 3000+ platforms and browsers: Automate visual testing for mobile and web apps and ensure visual uniformity across 3000+ platforms, devices, and browsers with Testsigma’s cloud test lab. 
  • Run functional and visual tests simultaneously: Run functional and visual tests in parallel without any additional effort. Cover both end-to-end scenarios and visual regressions to maximize coverage and save time covering the tests.  

Automated visual testing is available to all Testsigma users across all plans. To learn more, click here.

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar with Testsigma’s product engineering team on 29 June 2023, where you will get an exclusive walkthrough of the latest visual testing functionality.

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