We are changing the way quality teams do API testing—forever.

May 25, 2024KR
We are changing the way quality teams do API testing-forever.

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of API testing capabilities in Testsigma’s low-code, test automation platform. With this new addition, Testsigma’s customers can now automate APIs along with web, mobile, and desktop applications without the coding expertise that would otherwise be required while using traditional test automation frameworks and solutions.

At Testsigma, everything we build is to democratize software testing. We believe software testing should be a function of curiosity and an empathetic understanding of the user behavior, and not a function of coding knowledge. Plus, we strongly believe that the software testing org should be viewed as the enabler for quality software and amazing customer experience and not a gatekeeper. 

Most of our customers have replaced multiple tools and frameworks with Testsigma’s unified platform for their test automation needs. And one feedback we kept receiving was for the need for API testing capabilities. As we began our research over the last few months, we recognized that automated API testing relies on a broken toolchain. After talking to hundreds of QA leaders across the world, the need was clear – QA leaders needed a solution that would simplify the API testing process and make it more accessible to QA teams. 

We built this, as we build everything – to simplify testing and to make it easier for even non-technical users to create and maintain automated standalone and integrated API tests. Our new interface eliminates the need for multiple tools and scripting knowledge, making it easier than ever to test APIs.

A new API testing experience—without the code

  1. Simplify API Test Creation: The low-code test editor in Testsigma makes it easy to create API tests without needing any coding expertise. Simply enter the endpoint, choose your API method, add your header content, set your status code, and run the test. 
  1. Test Different API Methods: Testsigma allows you to validate APIs using different REST API methods (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, PATCH), providing comprehensive coverage of your APIs.
  1. Validate API Responses in Real-Time: Create API test assertions without writing any script by specifying the expected response of the API. Testsigma will compare the actual response with the expected response to determine the status of the test.
  1. Create Data-Driven API Tests: Create data-driven API tests from multiple data sources, such as XLS, CSV, and databases, saving time and effort. Plus, you can save and reuse test parameters as data profiles and test multiple data sets without making script changes manually. 
  1. Seamless CI/CD Integration: Testsigma integrates seamlessly with your development and delivery toolchain, making it easy to test your APIs as part of your deployment pipeline, ensuring that your APIs are always tested.
  1. Achieve Higher Test Coverage: Integrate API tests along with your Web/Mobile UI tests to validate whether they are working together as expected. Get insights into the coverage and functionality of both GUI and API tests, helping you to identify any issues early in the cycle and fix them quickly.

To learn more about API testing on Testsigma, please visit the documentation page for API testing with Testsigma. If you’d like a demo, you can do so here.

Don’t miss our upcoming Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Testsigma’s product engineering team on 28 April 2023, where you will get an exclusive walkthrough of the latest API testing functionality.


Start automating your tests 5X Faster in Simple English with Testsigma

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