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5 Best qTest Alternatives [In-Depth Comparison]

Software testing tools have become a necessity when it comes to scaling software delivery. qTest is the first option that comes to mind when you’re starting off. It’s an affordable and easy-to-use cloud-based automation solution. But what if it’s not the right fit for you? Not to worry – there are plenty of great options, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Here we’ll look at some of the best qTest alternatives available today. So, read on to find the right one for you!

Why Do People Choose qTest?

Tricentis qTest is a modern automated testing software that lets you put your business processes to the test. This powerful solution gives in-depth reports to help you pinpoint bugs and make quick fixes to your test case. 

When it comes to testing speeds, it’s one of the fastest cloud-based automation testing tools out there. The UI is designed to help you navigate the planning and execution of tests. 

The tool is so flexible that it can scale alongside your enterprise. It supports almost every browser, enabling your business to take full advantage of its utilities.

The Top qTest Alternatives

We have taken the time to review some of the best options to give you a list of our top 5 picks.


The first best qTest alternative on our list is Testsigma, a testing extension that enables teams to collaborate on projects seamlessly. The testing automation tool has unique reporting feature that lets you create customized reports, take screenshots, and record videos of test execution, which can be viewed by all project participants in real time.

testsigma onboarding dashboard

Testsigma vs Tricentis qTest

Though Tricentics qTest allows project participants to collaborate on each test suite, Testsigma can be the more efficient software. As a result, even with slow internet speeds, Testsigma could deliver reports and test results faster.

While both these testing automation tools offer built-in JIRA sync, Testsigma does a lot more in terms of integration with other software and systems. Its complete REST-API allows effortless integration with third-party systems, DevOps, and test automation. 

Key Features

  • Efficient testing suite that delivers fast results
  • Unique reporting method allows participants to use screenshots and video clips
  • Real-time collaboration keeps all members aligned with the latest bugs and reports
Try Testsigma Open Source: View GitHub repo


When it comes to alternatives, a close second is the Kualitee test management tool. The tool offers both manual and automated testing controls, giving you more flexibility over each test case. 

The tool lets you get to the bottom of your defect logs and traces back to the errors you might have made. This allows quick bug fixes to get your test up and running again. You can also choose to export the reports in a range of selected formats. This is one of the top competitors in mobile app testing.


Kualitee vs Tricentis qTest

When comparing the two, Kualitee seems to be the perfect alternative for small teams to hop on a project. They have a set community plan which is accessible for free to users. 

This community plan helps you understand how it works during the initial test case input stages. On the other hand, qTest is free to use for 14 days, after which you need to purchase pay per year to use the tool.

Furthermore, we loved the Kualitee app that lets you set manual tests and edit them on the go. Since all your logs are saved to the cloud instantly, you can practically test out your cases from anywhere in the world. qTest does have an offline testing app, but it isn’t as user-friendly and detailed. 

Key Features

  • Free community plan for small groups
  • Mobile app allows testing activities on-the-go
  • In-app bug reporting system optimizes mobile app testing
  • Easy transition of testing assets from previous tools

Test Rail

Another top test automation solution that competes well with Tricentis qTest is TestRail. It is a test case and management tool that helps bring all your automated and manual testing needs into an organized format. 

Using the easy-to-use web UI, QA teams can create test cases, manage them and coordinate all your plans in one place.

The tool solely focuses on test management and provides an efficient workflow. It also integrates well with JIRA and Jenkins, so you should have no trouble creating complicated test cases. 

qTest Alternatives- Test Rail

TestRail vs Tricentis qTest

The web interface is simple and ergonomic, allowing easy navigation and quick test runs. The categorized menu and in-depth reports will give you a clear view of your test results. 

However, it does not come with document management and defect tools, so you will need to purchase them separately from other vendors.

Nowadays, most test management suites come with a lot of additional tools such as defects, requirements, and document management. TestRail is perfect for organizations solely focused on a test management tool minus all the extra stuff. It is also more budget-friendly than qTest. 

Key Features

  • Detailed test case execution, control, and monitoring
  • Modern, easy-to-use web user-interface 
  • Seamlessly integrates with JIRA and Jenkins
  • Offers real-time test case progress tracking

Zephyr E

Among testing tools, Zephyr has been making quite the name for itself. Their software testing and management solutions are used in over 100 countries by millions of users.

The company offers robust end-to-end solutions that help organizations make proper use of DevOps, automation, and analytics tools. Zephyr’s model is highly scalable and provides long-term support for companies and teams globally.

qTest Alternatives - Zephyr E

Zephyr E vs Tricentis qTest

Zephyr offers similar testing automation, analytics, and DevOps tools as Tricentis qTest. However, its ability to link bugs to an execution process along with detailed traceability reports is what sets it apart. 

qTest also offers in-depth bug testing and traceability, but Zephyr’s UI is easier to go around, saving QA engineers time and effort.

Moreover, they tend to respond quickly to their hardworking support team. While the tool features a JIRA dashboard that should be fairly easy to use, certain bugs can pop up. Their team works quickly to analyze and solve any problems you report, which in turn makes the software better for the next person.

Key Features

  • In-depth traceability reports to link bugs from test cases
  • Integrates with other software easily due to extensive API and plugins support
  • Features a sleek and user-friendly JIRA dashboard
  • Makes collaboration between team members easy with document sharing capabilities
Check Out – Zephyr alternatives


One of the top alternatives to the qTest testing platform is GitHub. On Capterra, they managed to secure the top performer award for Issue Tracking Software

They are the perfect option not only for small teams but also for large companies who don’t want to spend thousands on a testing tool. GitHub offers testing and collaboration tools, monitoring test cases, reporting and analytics, and third-party software integrations.

qTest Alternatives - GitHub

GitHub vs Tricentis qTest

Compared to Tricentis qTest, GitHub’s testing platform is simpler to use and quite handy when it comes to collaborating with teams. The detailed reporting system helps set deadlines and monitor and track individual testing progress while keeping everybody in line with the bigger picture.

In addition, GitHub offers deployment of their services on the cloud, SaaS, or any web-based devices. Besides, they offer Windows and Mac support like qTest with additional assistance for browsers on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Key Features

  • Offers real-time progress checking for separate projects
  • Provides training videos for beginners
  • Features in-depth analytics reports and project management
  • Integrates well with other third-party software

Final Words

After thoroughly testing our options, it is safe to conclude that Testsigma is the best qTest alternative. The tool is super easy to use and allows importing previous test assets from other software. 

Picking the right test automation tool will depend on your budget and priorities. Nonetheless, all the alternatives listed above are efficient and should provide satisfactory service.

Test automation made easy

Start your smart continuous testing journey today with Testsigma.



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