Top 8 Perfecto Mobile Alternatives For Test Automation

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Perfecto is indeed one of the best options for doing automated tests on mobile devices. However, if you’re looking for Perfecto Mobile alternatives, you’re in the right place.

What is Perfecto?

Perfecto is a leading cloud-based testing platform designed to streamline and enhance the software testing process, particularly for mobile applications. It carries a comprehensive suite of features tailored to address the challenges of modern testing environments, starting with a centralized platform for testing across various devices, browsers, and operating systems.The biggest benefit of using Perfecto lies in its ability to execute real-world testing scenarios. It offers a range of functionalities, including test automation, manual testing, performance testing, and monitoring, all accessible from a single, intuitive interface. With its focus on mobile testing, Perfecto empowers organizations to deliver high-quality mobile applications by simulating diverse user environments and identifying potential issues before they impact end users.

Perfecto features

  • Easily automate tests across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Implement continuous testing practices by integrating Perfecto into your CI/CD pipeline for seamless testing throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Monitor application performance in real time to identify bottlenecks, optimize resource usage, and enhance user experience.
  • Create and execute tests without writing code using Perfecto’s intuitive scriptless testing capabilities.
  •  Perform visual testing to ensure consistent UI/UX across different devices and screen sizes.
  • Access comprehensive analytics and reporting features to track test results, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for test optimization.

Why Do People Choose Perfecto Mobile?

Perfecto Mobile platform lets the mobile app developers test and analyze the mobile applications they develop. The testing progress is carefully tracked, and Perfecto provides a detailed report on the mobile app afterward. 

Perfecto is unique in the sense that it’s a fully functional and complete platform for all sorts of web and mobile applications. Testing is done through real end-users, which means identifying bugs gets much easier.

Perfecto Mobile allows automated testing and lets you integrate with various development tools. Their pricing is relatively decent, and the mobile app is perfect for hierarchical view, parameterized testing, and other relevant tests. 

The Perfecto Mobile cloud comes with a hybrid approach that enables users to do test creation and execution with their mobile devices.

Overall, as a test automation tool for mobile apps, Perfecto Mobile makes scaling automation faster, that too on multiple platforms. This is why many people still go for Perfecto Mobile.

Reasons to Choose Alternatives to Perfecto

The reason for looking for Perfecto mobile alternatives does not rely on the drawbacks of the tool but rather on expanding business and marketing needs.

As your company grows, it requires tools that scale alongside you and integrate with existing or new entrants. Having the option to look for and adopt a new platform with the latest technology should always be your priority.

Even for organizations committed to Perfecto, finding its alternative will only provide you with a bigger view into the web and mobile application testing industry. And having a backup option never hurt anyone.

We made a list of mobile cloud providers that can do both manual and functional testing. Thankfully, we managed to find eight different mobile applications that can put up a good fight against the likes of Perfecto Mobile. While making a list, we considered their automated testing efficiency, integration, deployment, support center, and other notable features. Sadly, there are limited test automation tools that have both web and mobile applications.

But Honestly, Are There Any Good Perfecto Mobile Alternatives for Automated Testing?

Yes, there are. We can’t say there are a lot of decent alternatives, but there are just enough of them.

As we said earlier, there are a lot of great test automation tools. But not all of them have a mobile app feature. Since we’re talking about mobile web apps, it’s a prerequisite for all the software testing tools on our list to run on Android and iOS devices. 

Keeping all that in mind, we have enlisted the following eight automation testing tools to compete with Perfecto Mobile!

  1. Testsigma
  3. Applause
  4. CircleCL
  5. Kobiton
  6. Appium
  7. Experitest
  8. HeadSpin

8 Best Perfecto Mobile Alternatives


Testsigma is a testing platform that has made a name for itself because of its swift test creation, test script reviews, and data-driven testing. 

It is a cloud-based accessible automation platform that is fully AI-driven. Testsigma can work well as a test automation ecosystem because it has Android and iOS apps alongside web apps and API-automated testing.

Perfecto Mobile Alternatives- Testsigma

It doesn’t matter if you’re a skilled coder or not; anyone can use Testsigma since you can write codes in plain English here. With their centralized object repository system, Testsigma maintains all the automation testing well. 

The software testing tool enables users to keep a check on upcoming/pending tasks and lets them integrate with various communication tools like Github, Jira, Slack, Jenkins, etc. 

Testsigma’s cross-browser and cross-device testing in different operating systems makes it an even more appealing option for developers. If you’re looking to automate repetitive processes, then TestSigma can be a solid option!

TestSigma vs Perfecto Mobile: Who’s Better As a Mobile App Testing Platform?

Perfecto Mobile and Testsigma are excellent options as mobile apps testing platforms, as both the tools comprehensively test the apps on real mobile devices. Both of them let their users know about the development process too. However, there are some significant differences between the two.

The Geolocation and live web testing feature is missing in Perfecto Mobile, which is essential in mobile application testing. 

Moreover, Perfecto doesn’t have a freemium option as Testsigma does, and the pricing is also significantly higher than the latter. Keeping all things in mind, we believe Testsigma should get the edge over Perfecto. 


ACCELQ is one of those rate continuous testing platforms that doesn’t require coding knowledge – you get to comprehensively test your mobile apps or do software testing without learning the coding language. 

It is a very effective testing platform that is available on both web and mobile devices. One of the reasons why ACCELQ is very popular among different IT teams is that it makes the whole process of automated testing very simple and easy.

Perfecto Mobile Alternatives - ACCELQ

Apart from the fact that you don’t have to learn multiple programming languages to use ACCELQ, it’s also a fantastic choice as an API automation tool. 

This cloud-based and browser-based platform features the ACCELQ universe, where you can create a digital ecosystem with all your devices. ACCELQ is also widely known as a super-fast testing platform that can increase test coverage in a short time.

ACCELQ vs Perfecto Mobile: How Do They Stack Up?

If we consider the price point, ACCELQ already gets a headstart as their monthly cost is half of what Perfecto will cost you, and it has both the free version and free trial feature, unlike Perfecto. 

When it comes to testing automation, they have similar features, to be honest. However, Perfecto doesn’t have Mac or Windows compatibility; ACCELQ does.

Perfecto Mobile also lacks the overall customer support service. ACCELQ has a knowledge base, FAQs, and forums alongside the usual help desk and live chat features. 

However, Perfecto Mobile only has a phone service, live chat, and help desk – another sector where ACCELQ triumphs. Perfecto Mobile is simply a bit behind ACCELQ in overall performance.


Applause is a crowd-sourced automation tool that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. What makes them special is that they make automated testing very simple and easy. 

So far, Applause has provided different brands with software testing and mobile application testing features. Their feedback and reports are very detailed and efficient.

Perfecto Mobile Alternatives- Applause

The company’s approach towards testing coverage is praiseworthy, as they tend to eliminate all the limitations revolving around offshoring, mobile apps, websites, and whatnot. Applause doesn’t have any free trial or free version, so that’s a bit of a bummer. However, their performances speak for themselves!

Applause vs Perfecto Mobile: Who Stands Out?

Let’s be honest, Applause doesn’t have as many features as Perfecto Mobile. It doesn’t have a version control system, remote access or cloud services. 

Applause is not feasible for desktops either; it is solely an online platform for Android and iOS apps. However, it’s still an excellent option for automated testing.

Comparing test automation’s abilities of Applause and Perfecto Mobile, they are both quite effective. However, considering other features, Perfecto is a better option than Applause. 


When it comes to CI/CD (Continuous integration/continuous delivery), not many test automation tools come close to CircleCI. It is among the most-used DevOps tools and claims to process over two million tests regularly. 

CircleCI is unique in its coding and engineering process. Creating test scripts is relatively easy with them.

Perfecto Mobile Alternatives- CircleCI

Famous companies and organizations like Coinbase, Spotify, Stitch Fix, Buzzfeed, and others take their help to enhance their productivity and get better test coverage. With CircleCI, refactor tests or UI testing can be done seamlessly!

CircleCI vs Perfecto Mobile: Are There Any Similarities?

With a free version and free trial feature – CircleCL already sounds like a cost-efficient test automation tool! What’s more – CircleCL costs only $30 a month compared to Perfecto Mobile’s $300 per month! 

That being said, there are certain similarities between the two testing platforms. Both of them have security testing and support parallel execution. 

But that’s about it. CircleCI gets another edge over Perfecto Mobile as it is compatible with any operating system, whereas the latter is only available on mobile devices. 

Moreover, CircleCL, as an online platform, has a much more effective customer support system compared to Perfecto. Keeping everything in mind, CircleCI is a better alternative to Perfecto Mobile.

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Kobiton is entirely a mobile app testing platform. If you’re looking for a platform that works with automated tests on mobile devices, Kobiton is the one for you. 

This tool helps monitor app health, real device testing, and app maintenance. By using real device testing, users get to access their own mobile devices through the cloud. This makes the whole automation process easy.

Kobiton dashboard

Even if you don’t prefer to use your physical devices, their cloud services are enough for you to write tests and perform them on your app. Kobiton will give you a real-time analysis of your app’s performance with logs, charts, screenshots, and videos. 

Kobiton’s app testing tool is one of the smartest ones in the world as it gives highly accurate results by testing web apps and mobile apps. 

Kobiton vs Perfecto Mobile: How Are They Different?

Kobiton is already an effective alternative to Perfecto as it tests both mobile and web applications. Perfecto is one of the oldest in the cross-browser testing process, but they’ve slowed down a bit in recent times. Perfecto has lagged immensely from writing test scripts to visual testing mobile applications.

This is where Kobiton came in with their scriptless automation, visual and functional testing, and offered a flexible device deployment. While Kobiton isn’t perfect, we have to say that as a more modern and effective tool for automated tests – Kobiton is a good alternative to Perfecto. 

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The best thing about Appium? It’s free. Yes, it’s a completely free, open-source platform for test automation that can be used by both hybrid and native apps. 

Through the Selenium WebDriver protocol, Appium allows users to work with most programming languages including JavaScript, C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

Appium dashboard

This open-source platform supports cross-platform and cross-browser testing and is compatible with different operating systems like Windows or Mac. Appium uses the WebDriver protocol to work with Android and iOS devices. 

It doesn’t require any source-code access and has cross-platform features like script development. Although it’s more suitable for automation testing in mobile applications, the desktop application isn’t too bad either. 

Appium vs Perfecto Mobile: Who’s Better for Mobile Apps?

If we compare Appium and Perfecto, the first thing that comes into mind is that one is free, and the other isn’t. 

It gives a huge boost to Appium, as new developers or trainee developers will want a platform that costs as little as possible. That being said, Appium doesn’t quite have as many features as Perfecto Mobile.

Keeping everything in mind regarding manual testing or performance testing – Appium is neck-to-neck with Perfecto Mobile. We can call it a tie. 


Experitest is another mobile and web app testing tool that supports automation testing. They’re widely known for their error-free continuous testing service. 

Many mobile app developers use their service because it is reliable and cost-effective for testing mobile apps. Experitest allows its users to conduct several different tests on web and mobile devices.

Experitest dashboard

To date, Experitest has done automated and manual testing on around 2000+ web and mobile browsers. It allows you to automate your tests using Selenium. 

You can also do cross-browser and cross-device testing using this tool. The best part about this platform is that it allows you to perform large-scale parallel tests on different browsers using the Selenium grid. Besides, it will help you to integrate with CI environments. 

Experitest vs. Perfecto Mobile: Are They Alike?

Experitest and Perfecto Mobile are both fantastic options when it comes to automated testing. However, to get enterprise-grade visibility, scalability, and security, Experitest should be your pick. 

If you have a large or medium organization that requires automated test cases every once in a while, then Experitest would be a better option than Perfecto.


HeadSpin is a relatively new company, but with its cloud-hosted infrastructure and data-driven analysis, the tool has become a popular choice to test apps in web browsers and android smartphones. 

From continuous testing to cross-browser testing – HeadSpin does it all. Its mobile application enables app developers to test and find bugs in the most efficient way possible. 

HeadSpin rose to fame with its excellent analytical abilities. It can also test and monitor web and mobile applications proactively and in real-time. The AI engine of HeadSpin helps it perform visual testing, unit tests, and many other testings. 

It has no proprietary test framework, so you can easily say no to manual scripting and join the automated testing era!

HeadSpin dashboard

HeadSpin vs. Perfecto Mobile: Who Wins?

We’ll be totally honest here. If we consider overall performance as a testing platform, HeadSpin is way ahead of Perfecto Mobile. It’s faster, more secure, and definitely an easier tool to use than Perfecto. 

The location testing feature of Headspin is way more advanced and effective than Perfecto, and the fact that Perfecto can turn a bit slow at times gives HeadSpin the ultimate edge. 

It’s safe to say that when it comes to testing different apps on Android or iOS devices, HeadSpin is a better alternative to Perfecto Mobile. 


A testing platform to replace something as famous as Perfecto Mobile is no easy deal. There are different options available, but are they truly better or equal to Perfecto?

We believe that we have found at least one such platform that is significantly better than Perfecto Mobile. After thorough research, our best alternative to Perfecto Mobile is Testsigma. They’re one of the world’s best mobile app testing platforms and should be more than enough to replace Perfecto.

Which is the Best Perfecto Alternative?

There’s no right answer because there’s no one-size-fits-all option. You select the QA automation tool that aligns with your business objectives and requirements.

For instance, as a Perfecto mobile alternative, Testsigma stands out in ease of use and end-to-end testing features for automated web applications testing and mobile application testing with its low-code approach to writing test cases. When it comes to cost, Perfecto does not offer a free or trial version, whereas ACCELQ and CircleCL are more cost-effective options.

Compared to Perfecto, Applause is one tool that trails Perfecto and lacks a few features. Other than that, all the other listed options are at par with the tool and provide almost similar, if not more, support for mobile testing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Perfecto use real devices?

Perfecto employs real devices for testing, providing testers with access to a diverse range of physical devices encompassing various manufacturers, models, and operating systems. This enables testers to execute tests in real-world environments.

By leveraging real devices, Perfecto ensures thorough testing coverage across different device configurations, network conditions, and usage scenarios, ultimately leading to more reliable and user-friendly applications.

Is Perfecto a simulator?

Perfecto is not a simulator; it is a comprehensive cloud-based testing platform that offers access to real devices for testing purposes. Unlike simulators, which simulate device environments, Perfecto provides testers with actual physical devices, allowing them to perform testing in authentic user conditions.


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