july 23- feature roundup

July ’23 Product Digest: The latest on Testsigma

We’re excited to bring you some amazing new features in this month’s release. From desktop application recording to on-demand partial test runs and seamless integrations with popular CI/CD tools, we are introducing new features and capabilities to enhance your test automation and streamline your QA processes. 

Let’s dive in:

1. Rapidly automate Windows desktop app testing with our Desktop Recorder: Our new desktop recorder allows you to record and generate test cases for Windows apps and effortlessly add new UI elements to your Windows projects.

2. Test hotfixes quickly with partial test plan execution: No need to re-run entire test plans after hotfixes. With Testsigma, you can now execute partial runs of test plans or test plan subsets for when you need quick results for that bug fix on release days.

3. Build automation made easy with Jenkins Integration: Integrate Testsigma into your CI/CD pipeline for smooth build automation and continuous testing. Our Jenkins integration allows you to run tests and get results at every merge without leaving your pipeline. 

4. Unify your test reporting with Azure DevOps Integration: Report and maintain your tests in a single place with Azure DevOps integration. Access all your test reports and results from your Azure DevOps dashboard. Push bugs, epics, tasks, or stories directly from Testsigma while testing, streamlining your workflow.

Stay tuned for more updates from our Product Team. And if you haven’t yet, try Testsigma for free and see the difference it makes to your SDLC and release quality.

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