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Introducing Crowd Test Automation Platform Beta Program by Testsigma.

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We are E X C I T E D to announce that we’re launching a one of a kind ‘Fully integrated Crowd Test Automation Platform‘!

We invite you to team up with us and together, we are going to make Continuous Testing simple, affordable for every Agile and Continuous Delivery teams of all sizes. Anyone can join and automate real-time apps in just a few minutes.

What is Crowd Testing?

Crowd testing, or crowdsource testing, is a new approach to QA that combines manual efforts with technology. It is instrumental in eliminating issues that come with conventional testing, such as lack of transparency, inadequate testing experience, and complex or unclear testing requirements.

Crowd testing happens outside the vicinity of your organization and includes a set of temporary, individual testers to execute the testing process. It is an effective method of on-demand testers that works faster than in-house testers. That’s because they only have certain requirements to monitor. Additionally, crowdsource testing is an excellent opportunity to test products on real devices by real users to focus on customer experience.

What is Crowd Test Automation Platform by Testsigma?

Quality is enroute to excellence and only gets better with the crowd.
Testsigma’s Crowd Test Automation platform brings together testers and anyone passionate about automation testing and simplifies test automation by reducing the complexities involved. 

Testsigma, our flagship test automation solution includes all the essential elements required for test automation and it doesn’t demand any requisites to get started. You can write your tests in plain English and use our device cloud to execute them.

With a fully loaded scalable Test Lab of 2000+ OS/Browser/Version combos and real mobile devices on the cloud, Testsigma offers integrations with CI/CD tools, bug tracking/reporting tools, collaboration tools and your favorite tools and lets you identify affected tests and potential failures upfront to save execution time & cost.

And to help customers reach the best talent like you, we are creating a Crowdsourced Test Automation platform to bring everyone together. With the help of Testsigma, you can help companies by automating their tests and you will be rewarded for your effort.

All free for you!

You need not pay for the tool or for the resources you use in order to automate tests within the Crowd Test Automation Platform by Testsigma. Just find the right project and the customer on our Crowdsourced platform to work with and gain access to Testsigma and start automating!

Crowdsourced Test Automation platform built to fuel confident testers like you!

A Unified Platform for Web, iOS & Android Apps and API services, Testsigma eliminates the hassles of test automation by offering a test automation ecosystem that lets everyone write automated tests 5X faster using simple English & run tests in parallel on thousands of device/OS/browser combos and physical mobile devices on the cloud as well as on your local machines.

Now integrated with our very own Crowdsourcing platform for confident testers like you to join us and to assist companies using Testsigma to speed up test development!

Join our growing team of automated crowd testers to accomplish the continuous testing mission for the Continuous Delivery and DevOps world.

It’s time you became a test automation expert!
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With a collective brainstorming of AI-driven test automation platform and a big enough pool of potential testers and their exploratory testing skills in highly varied areas, we can ensure an unparalleled customer experience.

You’ll never bottleneck on programming, a lack of enough devices or resources to test with, as Testsigma is a scriptless automation tool and uses simple English to automate the tests and lets you scale up or down on the resources as and when you need them.

By making sure a diverse group of testers inspect a shared project, enterprises can be confident that their software has been thoroughly evaluated by people who were not a part of creating it like end users. This means the testers do not turn a blind eye like testers from within the company would.

Furthermore, Testsigma is flexible enough to add more testers to a big project so that you can work as a team with people of different skill sets and collectively share findings and insights.

Why Crowdsourced Test Automation?

Test Automation is a must today in the Agile/DevOps world and, there’s no denying that. It’s about time we accepted that Manual Testing isn’t enough and that it will eventually become a bottleneck in today’s testing. The article also discusses the challenges in manually testing an application and why there’s still a retreat in automation testing.

And when you decide to shift towards Automation, how do we start?

With so many technologies and programming languages, the manual tester may feel overwhelmed. You may need to get off to a good start by developing an understanding of the technologies that you need to put to use to test and need to start by learning programming and SQL skills for a good start.

Though scriptless automation testing tool like Testsigma would allow for a smooth transition from Manual Testing to Automation Testing, there is still a majority of the companies waiting to shift from manual to automation testing due to the complex test automation process and lack for expertise, that’s what we are trying to solve with Testsigma’s Integrated Test Automation Platform.

A few downsides with the legacy test automation approach are the initial ramp-up time and cost, scaling up or down of resources depending on dynamic business requirements to optimize the cost involved. That’s the purpose behind why crowdsourced testing exists today.

Crowdsourced testing is not a new idea. Companies like uTest, TestBird are examples. There are significant benefits of Crowdsourced testing, however, isn’t a viable solution for automating in Agile/DevOps and Continuous Delivery environments.

Downsides of Crowdsourced Testing Platforms

A few downsides of existing Crowdsourced testing platforms are:

  • a lack of integrated platform to automate testing with shared resources for all the stakeholders – including SMEs, QAs, automation engineers in the product quality
  • less or no automated regression testing and not supportive of Shift-Left testing
  • usage of outdated tools, nonuniform reporting with not enough logs to back the findings
  • and a lack of enough feedback on your work and, on your progress.

This limits Crowdsourced testing to mere functionality testing which is not sufficient to meet the continuous delivery demands of today. Retrospecting Crowdsourced testing and its many benefits, Testsigma’s Crowd Test Automation Platform is incorporated with a test automation ecosystem to address the test automation requirements for companies.

Testsigma is offering a platform that lets one shift from Crowdsourced testing to Crowd Test Automation with full benefits of crowdsourced testing and test automation.

The result, a fully functional Crowdsourced Smart Test Automation Platform.

Who Uses Crowdsourced Testing?

For everyone who loves to test. Test Automation is not complex like it used to be!
With Testsigma, you can automate complex tests in simple English and you can reach out to us anytime and we do not need specific devices. We have them all for you in our cloud lab. If you’d like to learn Testing, we are happy to teach you. Just let us know in the chat section or reach out to our support team and, we’ll be with you.

If you are new to testing or new to Automation Testing, we got your back! We will be with you, supervising your tasks, suggesting workarounds and giving you training sessions when you need them. Hit the chat button to discuss.

Crowdsourced vs Outsourced Testing—What’s the Difference?

Crowdsourcing refers to individual testers from around the globe checking your product for consistency and discrepancies. They are not experienced QAs that know the ins and outs of the product. They simply mimic the user behavior to see if the application is stable for a user-run environment and ready for release.

On the other hand, outsourced means that a third party is performing all the testing processes for you. It is not made up of random individuals sitting around the globe but consists of professionals that have knowledge about the product and the testing practice.

Some other differences between crowdsourced vs outsourced testing are:

  • The former is a test managed by individuals, while the latter is more coordinated
  • Crowdsourcing is an around-the-clock testing process, and outsourcing is limited to one timezone
  • With crowd testing, your data might have confidentiality issues. But with outsourcing, your data is considered safe with the professional testers.

What is the Process of Crowdsourced Testing?

At its basic, crowdsource testing consists of 5 steps that you must follow. These stages outline the project’s goal, help you set a budget, and let you choose if you wish to work with these testers directly or indirectly.

  • The Preparation Phase: Define your business needs, and project goals, decide on a budget, design test cases, and source the necessary skills.
  • The Initiation Phase: Start with defining the test cases, setting up the production environment, and hiring crowd testers.
  • The Execution Phase: Begin with the testing process across multiple devices and have a team of supervisors to assist and check up on the process frequently.
  • The Evaluation Phase: Verify the results and prepare for delivering the final product along with process testers’ payment.
  • The Last Phase: Close the test cycle for this project and showcase the full project/product with all the proper functionalities to the user or your clients.

Why Crowdsourced Testing will Benefit Your Organization?

Join the Crowd.

All you need to do is Sign up for free, verify your account and apply for proposals as they come, and start writing automated tests easily using plain English that is readable. Testsigma’s Crowdsourced Test Automation tool lets you get started with test automation right away without having to worry about the devices you own to test. We have it all for you!

Run and view detailed reports with videos and logs that complement your test run and file a bug easily. Integrate with your favorite tools and stay current with all testing methodologies.

Check out this sample Web application automated using Testsigma

Our team, along with our customers, has grown. We’re excited to launch Tetsigma’s Crowd Testing platform for a fully managed test automation for Web, Mobile apps and API services, and it’s now available in beta.

We can’t wait to see how you amaze us with quality.

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We can’t wait to see how you amaze us with quality.
Sign up for Beta

Testsigma welcomes feedback on our platform. If you have a recommendation on how we can improve the product, please submit your suggestions with us. We are actively working to improve, our team will be reading all of your feedback.

Be an early bird. Let’s roll it out together! 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why do we do crowd testing?

Crowd testing is an efficient way to maximize profit, all the while delivering a bug-free product to the clients. It resembles real-life conditions and offers quick and accurate resolution for fixing.

What is crowd beta testing?

Crowd beta testing is providing your products to real people across the globe to check for possible bugs and issues. It helps you to discover how your product works in real-life conditions under such a load.

Which is the best crowd testing platform?

There are many crowd testing platforms that offer a multitude of features to business owners as well as testers. Some are code-based, and others are codeless. Testsigma is the no-code crowd testing platform that helps you to execute tasks properly and communicate better.

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