Testsigma Ranked as a High Performer in G2 Spring 2023 Automation Testing Report

Testsigma Ranked as a High Performer in G2 Spring 2023 Automation Testing Report

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Testsigma has made a mark in G2 Spring 2023 report!

We are proud to announce that Testsigma has been recognized as a High Performer in the Grid® Report for Automation Testing and Software Testing categories. G2 acknowledges Testsigma as having high Customer Satisfaction that includes an average rating of more than 90% in Quality of Support, Ease of Use, and Meeting Customer Requirements. This is an amazing feat for Testsigma as ranking was based on direct feedback from our customers, among various other parameters.

Testsigma also secured the High Performer rank in Asia Business Grid®, Asia Pacific Regional Grid®, and Small-Business Grid® reports.

G2 and its High Performer Award  

G2 is a popular peer-to-peer review website and one of the most renowned marketplaces for software that releases review reports every three months. The report assesses software companies based on various parameters, including customer ratings, reviews, and scores given by verified G2 users.  

The High Performer badge in G2 is awarded to enterprises that receive high customer satisfaction ratings from the reviewers in the respective category.  

We are honored by the trust that all of our customers placed in us. It is a testimony to Testsigma’s increasing impact in making the life of fellow testers easier, which helps them drive value for their work. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers. Without your support, this achievement would not have been possible.  

What Makes Testsigma a G2 High Performer?  

Ease of Use: Testsigma stands high in customer satisfaction ratings, with all our users saying that the tool is easy to use and navigate. Our customers trust us with good partnership and ease of administration.   

Customer Satisfaction: With no-code automation and ease of use, Testsigma shines in the customer satisfaction category with quality customer support.  

Implementation: Testsigma supports cloud and on-premises deployment for all automation testing needs.  

Market Presence: We are a rapidly growing company that is seeing high traction of organic customers with good user retention.  

What Customers Said About Testsigma?  

Our users brand us as a ‘one-stop solution for a different platform,’ ‘easy to use,’ ‘user-friendly,’ and ‘the ultimate test automation tool.’  

Here’s what our users said about Testsigma:  

“Testsigma so far fulfills most of the requirements of our team at Fairprice.”

“Excellent tool for automation”  

“Testsigma is an excellent automation tool for rapid automation and reliable test results.”  

“Easily and understandable tool to web automatization”  

“Powerful, tester-friendly open-source platform”  

“It is easy to use, less coding can use for most regressing testing and sanity testing.”  

“Great all-in-one solution for QA teams to start on Test Automation”  

If you’re looking to transition to no-code test automation and simplify your testing efforts, we would love to help you out. Book a free demo with us today, and see how Testsigma makes testing effortless.

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