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We Tried 10 Best Headspin Alternatives [in-Depth Comparison 2023]

An automated testing tool is a must-have tool for every developer. Without making the web and mobile apps go through automated tests, you can never be sure how optimized they actually are. 

Now, for checking the web and mobile applications on different real mobile devices and multiple browsers, Headspin is a typical pick for many. But what if we told you that you have nothing to worry about if you do not have access to Headspin?

Yes, in this article, we will talk about 10 Headspin alternatives that provide up-to-the-mark testing frameworks. Also, they have the same or more key features as the Headspin. So, if you are looking for the best alternatives to Headspin, you should stick until the end.

10 Best Headspin Alternatives

We have done head-to-head comparisons and intensive testing on the Headspin competitors. And we have concluded that these are the top 10 alternatives to Headspin that your attention should be on:

1. Testsigma

When it comes to carrying out test automation processes and manual testing of the web and mobile applications, not many work out of the box. However, if you were looking for a platform such as that, you need to prioritize Testsigma the most. It is a feature-rich development tool that will make testing apps an easy task.

Unlike some of the competitors, Testsigma is a low-code platform. That means you will not need that much coding knowledge to carry out the test automation process on this tool. But that is not the only thing that makes this platform stand out from the other competitors.

Testsigma has the support for multiple operating systems. And the users will even have the option to test out their mobile-web apps, windows apps, or Android apps on multiple real devices. Thanks to the native support for Android devices and iOS devices, the testing process will go smoothly as well.

Furthermore, the starting price is pretty much competitive with the competitors. And considering the fact that it allows you to write tests with low-code knowledge, and has native support for iOS devices and other features, the starting price is quite reasonable. Its learning curve is not that steep either.

testsigma dashboard image

Why Choose TestSigma Over Headspin

  • Has support for Linux
  • Features a free version
  • Supports parallel execution

2. Kobiton

What if we told you that an automated testing platform allows unlimited users at the starting price? Do not believe us? You need to take a look at this test platform.

At its core, Kobiton is a comprehensive mobile testing platform that will help you to accelerate your app delivery timeline. This testing platform provides centralized testing history along with insights for all of your tests. Those two will improve the collaboration among your team member.

Furthermore, your product teams will also be capable of getting access to in-demand mobile devices. Its cloud-based platform drives iOS and Android mobile applications without any hiccups. Also, its artificial intelligence is pretty advanced. For that reason, users can scale the quality of the mobile application pretty easily.

On that note, the starting price offers access to unlimited users. And if you are skeptical regarding the platform, you can even opt for a free demo. This free demo will give you a taste of what the testing platform can actually bring to the table. Overall, it is a great pick for the best Headspin alternatives.

kobiton dashboard image

Why Choose Kobiton Over Headspin

  • Offers a free trial and has a free version available
  • Provides option for in-person training
  • Has Unicode compliance

3. Magnolia

One of the fastest ways to launch your web and mobile app to world-class digital experiences is through Magnolia. It is an API-based software that has the ability to get integrated into any business. And even while you integrate this software into the front-end framework, it will still deliver content to any device and screen.

However, what really makes this software stand out from the other alternatives is that it lets users re-use data. Both editors and authors can take full advantage of that feature and utilize the traits of this software to test things out seamlessly. Even the interface of the software is pretty sleek. So, carrying out test tasks will be a breeze.

On that note, you will be capable of using the powerful interface and personalizing your web content accordingly. It will allow you to fully customize your web application and make it look how you want it to look. The same thing is applicable to mobile web applications. You can perfect your project for every device.

magnolia image

Why Choose Magnolia Over Headspin

  • Has a free version available
  • Provides in-person training
  • Features parameterized testing and security testing 

4. Expresia

Wouldn’t it be great if you get your hands on an extensible Restful API that will make you get an integrated and independent workflow? Well, if you have that criterion, Expresia should be on your digital experience AI platform list.

The first thing that makes this platform stand out the most is that it offers the ability to connect third-party APIs. You will be capable of creating a powerful and large-scale parallel testing environment by doing so. And it will enable you to create fully-fledged cloud-based automated tests that will boost your productivity.

Another thing that makes this cloud-based platform get in this list of the best Headspin alternatives is its flexibility. It has data-driven content playlists, which will let you customize your content’s behavior and looks. The software will basically provide you with the superpowers of a full-stack developer.

Moreover, as this software offers the option to run parallel testing, you can test your mobile and web app without facing that much of limitations. Also, let us not forget that the software has a free-demo option available. You can take full advantage of that and test things out for free.

Expresia dashboard image

Why Choose Expresia Over Headspin

  • Only available as a SaaS
  • Specifically for developers, marketers, and agencies
  • Offers the ability to connect to third-party APIs

5. Visual Studio App Center

There are loads of developers that are not relying on private distributions. Instead, they are opting for Microsoft Intune, Apple App Store, or Google Play. And most of them rely on Visual Studio App Center. Want to know why? Continue reading!

This testing platform is not like the companies that promise a lot of things but ends up underdelivering the customers. Instead, the testing platform offers a lot to the users with a lower starting price than most other platforms. Basically, you will be capable of building and running tests in the same place for every platform.

It is available as a cloud-based testing solution and a dedicated program for Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows. Now that is something that most of the other alternatives fail to deliver. And even if you are running a full-fledged company, this testing platform will offer you everything you will need to ensure quality.

Furthermore, you will even have the option to run unit tests automatically. That will surely enhance your test automation process and ensure that your web and mobile application is up to the mark.

mobile azure dashboard image

Why Choose Visual Studio App Center Over Headspin

  • Has support for mobile platforms
  • Specifically for app developers
  • Features mobile app testing and app development features

6. Katalium

On the lookout for platforms that will enable you to handle test automation projects with the power of selenium grid and TestNG? Well, Katalium, from Katalon Studio, is what you have been looking for all this time!

The Selenium-based testing platform offers all the tools that automation engineers and testers would need to ensure their projects’ quality. There is a wide range of built-in features in the test automation platform. Those will help you run tests and ensure proper quality on each of those tests.

On that note, the built-in tools provide the simplicity that a lot of other automated testing platforms can not offer. For that reason, you might not struggle that much to deal with this cloud-based platform. Also, as the framework is pretty lightweight, users can have easy access to the tolls that it has to offer.

katalon dashboard image

Why Choose Katalium Over Headspin

  • Integrates the power of selenium grid and TestNG
  • Specifically for automation engineers and testers 
  • Has tons of easy-to-use tools

7. Appium

There are not that many open-source and free alternatives to Headspin. However, Appium should be at the top of your consideration if you are looking for one.

Using this WebDriver protocol, you will be capable of driving tests on the new version of Android and iOS. And the fact that it utilizes real devices will provide you with accurate results for all of the tests. For that reason, a lot of companies are relying on this testing platform instead of the others.

The testing platform can also automate any mobile app in any language. That will surely amp up your development pace and allow you to deliver quality products to your customers. Also, as Appium tests are light in weight, the dev teams of your company will be capable of enhancing their overall productivity.

appium dashboard image

Why Choose Appium Over Headspin

  • Has support for mobile platforms
  • Can be integrated into MOZARK, CloudBeat, and Codemagic
  • Offers lightweight test options

8. CrossBrowserTesting

Developers are always about ensuring quality and making the experience perfect for the customers. Whether for mobile browsers or desktop browsers, the dev team is always about tailoring the experience to the finest, right? Well, CrossBrowserTesting can play a crucial role in this case.

With this automation platform, you will no longer need to rely on Device Lab or VMs. This data-driven automation platform has 2050 plus real devices and browsers. And you will have total access to all of them. Driving manual and selenium tests on a cloud-based testing platform will become a breeze with its interface.

Furthermore, users of this testing platform can easily validate locally or public-hosted web and mobile apps on different browsers. The tools of this data-driven platform will make it easy to get complete compatibility with tons of devices. You can also test your app with real mobile devices with swiping and scrolling actions.

cross browser testing by smartbear dashboard image

Why Choose CrossBrowserTesting Over Headspin

  • Has more than 2050 real devices for tests
  • Can validate locally or public-hosted apps
  • Compatible with different mobile devices

9. Mixpanel

Doesn’t a free-trial option from an automation testing platform that different big companies rely on? MixPanel, based in San Francisco, is offering exactly that! And the cherry on the top is that the starting price is highly competitive in comparison with other platforms.

So, what does this development tool has to offer? Well, the mission of this automation tool is to increase your rate of innovation. To do so, it brings testing tools for both large-scale and small-scale projects. Those will help your team in every step of the development. You can test your mobile and web app to the level max.

The automation tool hosts loads of different data analysis features. Thanks to that, you can test your product to the level max with this software. Eventually, you will be capable of providing your customers with a product that will enhance their overall experience. And if you are still skeptical, remember, it has a free trial.

mixpanel dashboard image

Why Choose Mixpanel Over Headspin

  • Features support for mobile platforms
  • Has 24/7 live support
  • Offers a free version

10. PostHog

We have got an automation platform that will take your web and mobile application testing to the next level. Yes, we are talking about PostHog. Other than just boasting a free-demo option, this automation software offers a lot. 

The software will basically make you understand the needs of your users better. It will take into the data and provide you with an app-testing environment that will test your web app and mobile app properly. You will even be capable of understanding how the traffic is flowing through your mobile application with this software.

This test automation software provides full analytics UX and analyzes funnels and trends. Unlike some of the other alternatives, you will be capable of visualizing the retention and trend of your app through this software. It will even let you have easy access to tools that will help you to optimize web and mobile apps.

posthog dashboard image

Why Choose PostHog Over Headspin

  • Supports iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms
  • Has a free version available
  • Can be integrated with Gatsby and Airbyte

Final Words

Headspin is the first Digital Experience AI platform that combines test automation, global device infrastructure, and machine learning-drive performance all in one place. But, as you can see from our reviews for the Headspin alternatives, you will not be missing out on the features that much if you pick an alternative.

Nonetheless, if you do not want to skimp one bit, you should opt for Testsigma. It is one of the alternatives that will not let you and your team down when it comes to automated testing tasks. It even has the kind of the same global device infrastructure traits as Headspin.

Test automation made easy

Start your smart continuous testing journey today with Testsigma.



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