Best 10 Kobiton Alternatives List to Look For

May 3, 2024Priyanka
Best 10 Kobiton Alternatives List to Look For

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Software application testing is evolving every day. Software development is nowadays focused on both web and mobile. In comparison with desktop web application testing, mobile application testing is challenging. 

Mobile testing requires device integration to end-to-end testing. Though there are many emulators and simulators available, users might not be able to test all native mobile application features. Running your tests on a real device helps to test end-to-end mobile application features. 

Kobiton is one such tool that supports mobile device testing flawlessly. However, from a company perspective, the Kobiton feature may not be sufficient as it supports only mobile and has other limitations. Hence many people are looking for Kobiton alternatives. In this tutorial, we have curated the list of Kobiton alternatives.

What is Kobiton?

Kotibon is an enterprise tool for mobile testing. It allows you to test the mobile application on real devices, manage your devices, and automate your test cases without writing the scripts. Using Kobiton you can ensure that the mobile application works perfectly and delivers excellent performance and experience.

Reasons to Find Alternatives to Kobiton

There are many reasons to find the Kobiton alternatives. Below are some of the reasons to choose the Kobiton alternatives.

  • Kobiton supports only mobile real devices and doesn’t support desktop web applications.
  • Customization features are limited
  • Most modern devices are not available for testing
  • Sometimes the execution speed becomes slower, and users have experienced the timeout issues which in turn caused the false failures.
  • Some devices have display issues and memory issues

Top 10 Kobiton Alternatives

Testing is a crucial part of any product. Organizations always aim to automate as many scenarios as possible and most importantly organizations expect a stable result, as it helps to reduce manual testing effort. 

Considering Kobiton it has many disadvantages as mentioned in the previous section, hence you might have to look for the best Kobiton alternatives. Below is the curated list of tools that might help you.



Testsigma is an AI-based no-code automation testing platform. It supports scriptless automation. Testsigma supports different types of applications such as mobile, web, API, visual regression, etc. 

Testsigma also allows customization. One of the major advantages of Testsigma is that all your tests such as end-to-end tests, API tests, and mobile tests can be performed on one platform.

Features of Testsigma

  • It supports a lot of real desktop and mobile devices for testing
  • It is a cloud-based tool, no setup is required to use it.
  • It supports different types of testing such as functional, API, end-to-end testing, browser compatibility testing, responsiveness testing, visual testing, etc.
  • Testsigma can be easily integrated with DevOps tools
  • It supports many third-party tools integration 
  • Reports are comprehensive and detailed. These reports can be customized with ease.
  • Testsigma test can be executed on multiple browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge
  • Test artifacts can be accessed from anywhere as these are stored in the cloud
  • Doesn’t require any coding knowledge to automate the test cases.
  • Provides dedicated technical support

Cons of Testsigma

  • As it is a commercial tool, you need to pay for a license
  • Community support is growing

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Sauce Labs


Sauce Labs is a popular enterprise cloud testing tool, it enables testing of both mobile and web applications across browsers, operating systems, and real devices. It speeds up the testing by automatically launching the parallel devices based on the user’s needs.

Features of Sauce Labs

  • Helps in cross-device and cross-browser testing across different platforms
  • It can be integrated easily with existing automation frameworks.
  • Provides front-end performance insight
  • Easy to debug and identify high-impact issues easily
  • The tool can be integrated with CI/CD pipelines easily

Cons of Saucelabs

  • The license cost of heavy
  • Some devices have network and latency issues



LambdaTest is a cloud automation testing platform that provides real devices for mobile testing and web application testing. It helps to test your application across the different operating systems, platforms, and browsers. LambdaTest also provides a lot of real devices which help in ensuring the native application works seamlessly across different platforms.

Features of LambdaTest

  • It can be integrated with many modern automation frameworks such as Cucumber, JUnit, Robot Framework, Cypress, etc.
  • Some of the unique features offered by LambdaTest are camera image captures, app profiling, and automation of mobile gestures
  • It is more affordable compared to other similar tools
  • You can install and test the app through the App Store, Google Play Store, and TestFlight
  • Easy to debug your native apps in real time with device logs, network logs, screenshots

Cons of LambdaTest

  • You need to pay license fee to use LambdaTest
  • Use interface is inconsistent and confusing at times
  • Slow page load times and set up



BrowserStack is a cloud testing platform for mobile and web application testing. It helps to increase the automation coverage, scale, and optimize testing with real devices, cross-browser, accessibility, and visual testing. BrowserStack is used by many large-scale organizations to fulfill their testing needs.

Features of BrowserStack

  • Wide range of real devices to choose from for testing
  • Quick and easy-to-provision devices
  • Supports both web and mobile automation testing
  • Low code automation support
  • Customizable reporting
  • Provides Test debugging and insights feature

Cons of BrowserStack

  • Some users have reported performance issues for mobile devices
  • Difficult to test camera, network, and calling use cases
  • Test reporting has the limitation



Headspin is an AI-powered platform that helps to optimize the application to get the best possible experience. It provides crucial insights into new build performance at the end client level. Headspin is capable of identifying edge case scenarios such as battery drain, slow app launch, slow DNS query, low page content, etc.

Features of Headspin

  • It helps to verify a lot of end-user scenarios including the performance and resource-based use cases
  • It allows you to perform network analysis
  • You can optimize performance and UX through deep analysis
  •  Thousands of tests can be run in parallel without worrying about device availability

Cons of Headspin

  • Headspin is costlier, small organizations may not be able to afford
  • Reports could be better
  • Cannot perform API testing
  • Only 10 days of free trial



TestGrid is a mobile and web testing platform. It provides stable and accurate results for automation tests. It facilitates the execution of manual and automated testing across different platforms.

Features of TestGrid

  • You can test real-world scenarios such as network strength, battery life, and lighting conditions.
  • Flexible to scale up and down based on requirements
  • You can perform API testing using TestGrid
  • Easy to Identify bugs early and resolve them.
  • Automate different platforms, including mobile, web, IoT, and custom hardware using a single tool

Cons of TestGrid

  • Technical support is not that great and on time
  • Lacks documentation
  • Cannot add the devices instantly
  • Adding more devices is time time-consuming process



Perfecto is a mobile testing platform that helps to automate any complex mobile apps using record and playback features. It makes it easy to perform root cause analysis by providing detailed logs and other useful debugging features.

Features of Perfecto

  • ML-based feature to identify the issues
  • Provides unique features such as  interactive testing, mWeb testing, and API testing
  • Easy to integrate Jira, IntelliJ, Appium etc.
  • Supports many useful features such as  visual creation, intelligent reporting and debugging, and automatic device cleanup

Cons of Perfecto

  • Automating native device features such as camera, and touch ID is difficult
  • Mobile device response time is considerably slow
  • It is commercial software so license cost is involved in using it

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca

Tosca Mobile is an automation testing platform for mobile apps. It supports a variety of features on its platform. It supports end-to-end testing, real devices, emulators and simulators, and cross-platform testing.

Features of Tosca

  • Easy to configure and set up an Android or iOS device
  • Supports testing of native, hybrid, and web mobile applications across any type of devices, and operating systems.
  • Provides cloud-based real-device testing
  • Supports codeless test automation
  • You can combine mobile app tests with your web, desktop, and packaged apps

Cons of Tosca

  • Costlier compared to similar tools, not budget-friendly for small-scale organizations
  • The tool has performance issues, it may demand more computing resources to use

Katalon Studio

Katalon studio

Katalon Studio is a cross-application testing platform, that allows to perform desktop, mobile, and web application testing in one platform. Katalon supports different platforms and it comes with a visual IDE that makes tester life easier.

Pros of Katalon Studio

  • Supports both iOS and Android platforms
  • Testing can be done on emulators or real devices
  • Supports recording and playback feature
  • It provides an intelligent spy feature to detect and store the UI elements

Cons of Katalon Studio

  • License price is costlier
  • Community support is low
  • The tool has performance issues with lower configuration systems
  • Supports Groovy scripting, so the learning curve is high

Testim Mobile

Testim Mobile

Testim is a popular mobile app testing platform, which is not part of Tricentis. It offers a wide variety of testing solutions such as UI testing and Mobile testing. As it is a cloud-based testing platform it doesn’t require any setup and maintenance of tools.

Features of Testim Mobile

  • Offers a variety of devices and configurations
  • Stable test results
  • Tests can be created and executed in the cloud
  • It can be easily integrated into third-party tools
  • Easy to debug

Cons of Testim Mobile

  • Supports only UI-based testing
  • API testing is not supported
  • Community support is less

Ranorex Studio

Ranorex studio

Ranorex is a popular tool for automation testing. It supports desktop, web, and mobile automation. It comes with enhanced compatibility for React native applications. Ranorex Studio is at an enterprise level. May not be suitable for small organizations.

Features of Ranorex

  • Supports record and playback, scripting, or both
  • Supports real device testing
  • You can perform end-to-end testing on all different platforms
  • Easy to integrate with popular CI/CD systems.

Cons of Ranorex

  • License is costlier and not suitable for small organizations
  • Users observed performance issues, at times.
  • The test development platform is available only on Windows
  • Best Kobiton Alternatives for Small Businesses

Best Kobiton Alternatives for Small Businesses

One of the factors that can impact choosing the tool is the cost of the license and organization size. Considering the small business the cost is the primary requirement, as the tool should fit into the allocated budget. Below are some of the best Kobiton alternatives for small businesses.


Testsigma pricing is budget-friendly, and it requires less maintenance. Furthermore, If you purchase Testsigma it can fulfill all your testing needs. One platform can be used for mobile, web, API, and visual testing.


Testim is a popular mobile testing solution, owned by Tricentis. Testim also offers both mobile and desktop web testing. This can be another choice if you are looking for a Kobiton alternative.


BrowserStack can fit into any type of organization, they have different types of pricing options. BrowserStack also offers codeless automation, manual testing, and real device support.

How to choose the right Alternatives to Kobiton?

There are many factors you need to look into while choosing the Kobiton alternatives. Below are some of the general suggestions to look for.

  • Consider the pricing of the application
  • Technical support plays a crucial role, if you are stuck in any type of problem you should be able to quickly resolve
  • Types of platforms supported. Tools may support only Android iOS or both. Based on your requirement choose the best fit.
  • No-code vs code-based automation, No-code automation tools will have less learning curve and are easy to maintain. Code-based automation tools are more customizable however they require a lot of learning.
  • Complexity of setup and ease of use
  • Long term support

Which is the best Kobiton Alternative?

Considering all other alternatives to Kobiton, Testsigma is the nearest and best alternative for Kobiton. It supports most of the features supported by Kobiton and further, it supports many other features. Testsigma is a budget-friendly tool.

Testsigma can fulfill all of your testing needs, not just mobile testing, you can also perform web, API, visual regression, and many other types of testing. Testsigma is tester-friendly as it provides a lot of helpful logs and makes it easy to analyze them.


Modern application development is shifting towards a mobile-first approach, the majority of organizations will provide both web and mobile-based applications. Kobiton is a popular mobile testing platform. However, it doesn’t support other testing needs like desktop web testing, API testing, etc. 

Organizations that are keener towards automation of both web and mobile are looking for alternatives to Kobiton to fulfill their testing needs. Testsigma is one such tool that supports all different types of testing in a single platform. However, the best tool can only be chosen after carefully evaluating your testing requirements.


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