August ’23 Product Digest The latest on Testsigma

August ’23 Product Digest: The latest on Testsigma

In this month’s release, our product team has packed some cool new features like GraphQL support, native AWS integration, and testing capabilities to better simulate real-world usage conditions in an effort to continue to revolutionize your testing experience. 

Let’s dive into the details:

  1. Optimized GraphQL testing (Beta): Say goodbye to overfetching and underfetching. Testsigma’s support for GraphQL simplifies testing while enhancing accuracy. It lets you request multiple resources in a single query call, reducing back-and-forth between your app and the server. This optimization not only saves time but also minimizes bandwidth usage.
  1. Native AWS Integration: Seamlessly merge your testing and deployment efforts with our AWS integration. Our native integration allows you to trigger Testsigma Test plans within your CI/CD pipeline, ensuring a smooth workflow based on Test Plan Results.
  1. Network Throttling: Experience your website’s performance under real-world conditions of limited bandwidths and network speeds. Simulate scenarios with low network speeds and analyze your website’s performance to ensure optimal user experience, even in challenging network environments.
  1. Geolocation Testing: Accurate and contextually relevant translations, culturally appropriate content, functional adaptability and more, localization features enable you to address diverse user preferences and languages. With our Geolocation testing capabilities, you can effortlessly test these features for your web and mobile apps, ensuring quality releases for users across the globe. 

Stay tuned for more updates from our Product Team. And if you haven’t experienced the effect that Testsigma can have on your release velocity, try it for free.

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